How to Port Jio to Airtel

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Many service providers influence their customers through bonuses and extra airtime. Yes, they also give data because of competitors and competitions around them. The aim is to retain their customers.

Most customers change their service provider because of their inadequacies in terms of services and poor network connectivity and coverage.

Remember, we are in a digitalized era where mobile number portability grants users the right to transfer their network supplier to any other network provider of their choice without changing their mobile number. That means Jio users can also change their service to Airtel.

Port Jio To Airtel

To begin with, send an SMS to your service provider requesting that you port to Airtel. Tap the messaging app on your phone, dial 1900, and then enter your phone number. Make sure the port is in block letters and there must be a space before your mobile number.

Make sure you have airtime on your device. Because once it gets delivered successfully, you will receive a message with a unique porting code. The process needs patience because if you want to get the result, you have to continue till everything is perfect.

Once you get a message from the unique porting code, immediately visit any Airtel store around you. When you get to the Airtel office, you will need to ask the customer service unit to help you with the process. Make sure you give them the detailed information they need.

They may ask for a document. Once your document is legit and verified, you will be asked to pay for a fee called portability fee. Once this process is successfully completed, you will be given a new Airtel SIM card.

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How Long Do It Take To Port From Jio To Airtel?

Someone may be asking this question: how long does it take to port Jio to Airtel?

The porting process typically takes five to seven (7) business days. However, you can continue to use Jio’s existing prepaid and postpaid services.

To avoid confusion, please note that once this porting process is successfully completed, your SIM card will stop working.

This happens because you will have to insert the SIM card you ported. Your connectivity will be back to normal.

Knowing When The Porting Process Is Completed

You will receive an SMS on the alternate mobile number you provided before your Jio to Airtel port is successful.

You will be notified through an SMS after the success of the port that includes a verification code. Once you insert the new Airtel sim card, you will need to dial “59059”. This is to verify the Tele-verification code and confirm the success of the process.

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There are some documents you will need to take to the Airtel office nearest to you. Yes, to complete the porting process.

how to port jio to airtel

The Documents Required To Jio To Airtel

You will need a driver’s license, proof of your recent address, a Pan card, a voter’s ID, and a passport photograph to complete the process. Once you have this document, the rest of the verification is carried out on the mobile application.

Before the verification process, the mobile user must submit all the physical copies needed. Also, fill out a physical portability form. You will also have to provide biometric verification for the verification process to be completed.

People Who Are Eligible To Port From Jio To Airtel

There is one condition you must meet to port Jio to Airtel using the Mobile Number portability service. The existing SIM card must have been used for at least 90 days.

But if the mobile number has been ported to the current telecommunication network and you still desire to make a duplicate porting request, it will not be successful. Because you will not receive the Unique Porting Code (UPC) support for your request.

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What is UPC?

A Unique Porting Code is a verification code that you receive once you file a porting request using the Mobile Number Portability service.

It is only used by the customer service unit to verify your portability request and give you a new SIM card with your existing mobile number. Note that every unique porting code has an expiration date once it has been exhausted.

The Validity Of The Unique Porting Code

A unique porting code is only valid for five days from the application date.

The operating system where you go through the porting process completely ports your mobile number to another network entirely. The porting code can be used only once, after which you can request another code if you wish to repeat the process.


Postpaid and prepaid users can send a porting request, but there is an exception here. The Airtel network does not allow mobile users to port in new prepaid connections.

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This happens because before a prepaid connection on Airtel, it is compulsory for the airtel user or the mobile user to use the Airtel post-paid service for three months. Once these three months are completed, then you can switch the connection from prepaid to postpaid.

I hope I have been able to explain how to port Jio to Airtel.

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