Airtel Family And Friends Code & AWOOF Bonus 2023

Before you lay your hands on any Airtel Family and friends code, read this guide.

I know you may have several questions consigning the FAF service, I’ve explained everything to your understanding and I know it’s what you ever wanted.   Continue reading…  

About Airtel Family And Friends Migration Code

In short, it is known as FAF which was provided by Airtel Nigeria for all prepaid users to make calls at a discounted rate.

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This is not created for no reason or one of those airtel amazing airtime and data offer on smartconnect or related.

Instead, it was launched to make connecting with close, loved ones easier thus at low call charges. This is not a tariff plan and it has never been stated amongst one of the existing tariff plans on Airtel Network.

Many people into this plan huge airtime benefits it brings. That is, it saves you more money instead of calling with the default call rates for any random person on the line.

airtel family and friends code

Benefits Of Airtel Family And Friends

Here are the common benefits of Airtel FAF:

  • You are allowed to add your family and friends’ numbers to get different call rates on recharge.
  • You are not given an expiry date (i.e you can leave registered numbers on the list for a long time).
  • No fixed law. You can always view the contacts you added, remove old numbers and even add new numbers using the FAF code.
  • Family and friends services are available to all prepaid customers and you don’t have to migrate to any tariff plan to enjoy this offer, it accepts all Airtel plans.
  • You don’t need any BIG recommendation, all you need is a registered and active Airtel Sim card inserted on your device.

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How To Migrate To Airtel Family And Friends Plan 

If you’re among those asking how to migrate to the FAF plan, let me make it clear to you.

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As I explained earlier, FAF is not a tariff plan, it’s just a new service added to make it easier for users to connect with loved ones with a discounted call rate.

Again, you are not migrating to family and friends. You can partake in this service and enjoy its benefits on any tariff plan you are in.

So don’t get the migration code process wrong, that’s what it is.

Now, follow the below guides to add, delete, and view contacts on Airtel Family and Friends.

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Airtel Family And Friends Code To Add Numbers Easily

This is it. At this point, you are allowed to add the first which you will be charged a registration fee of N50 to add more numbers to the list.

Hope you understand? See how to add numbers easily:

  • Simply dial *311*2*Phone Number#. For example, if I’m to include 08012345678 to my list, I’ll just dial *311*2*08012345678# to add the number. airtel family and friends add numbers code
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And just immediately after dialing the code alongside the particular phone number, you will receive a confirmation message from Airtel telling how successful the operation was.

Now, after adding all these numbers to FAF, you may want to view the list of numbers you’ve added to make sure you did your job right.

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How To View Your Registered Phone Numbers

Here is how to check family and friends on Airtel:

  • Simply dial *311*4# to see all the numbers you registered on the faf list. airtel family and friends view numbers code

Now, you may not see the full list. In this case, you should try adding the numbers you didn’t find.

Also, if you added up to five (5) numbers on the list, you’ll be charged 50naira to register more numbers as FAF.

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How To Delete Numbers From Airtel Family And Friends

What if you mistakenly register a wrong number on the list, you may consider removing it to free up space for your desired contact to enter.

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And below guide shows you how to delete numbers on FAF:

  • Simply dial *311*3*Phone Numbers# to delete a number.

For example, if I want to delete 08012345678 from the list, I’ll just dial *311*3*08012345678# to remove it from the added contacts.

After this, you will receive a message from Airtel telling you the result of your last operation whether successful or not, then you’ll know the next step to take either to try again or start calling your loved ones at lower rates.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I’ve answered all the possible questions you may be asking consigning or related to this article.

Can I Add Family And Friends To Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan?

  • Yes. In fact, I wrote a different article about that.

You can see how to add FAF on Smartconnect today. You can also watch the short video guide below to get it done fast:

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How Do I Remove A Number From Airtel And Friends?

  • Simply dial *311*3*08012345678# to remove any number from your FAF list. airtel family and friends remove number code

You will receive a confirmation message from Airtel after this action.

How Can I Remove FAF From Airtel?

Scroll back up, I already gave the shortcode to remove contacts you added on Airtel FAF.

You can also check out the top question on (FAQs), I already answered the question.

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How Can I Add Family Member In Airtel Free Share?

Follow the below step correctly:

  • Download the My Airtel App if you don’t have it installed on your phone.
  • Now install and open the app.
  • Log in with your Airtel Number and verify OTP.
  • After successful verification, tap the menu at the left then select the “Family Share” option.
  • You can now add your family members to the plan.
  • After adding these numbers, ask the beneficiaries to verify the request through SMS.
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You can now share airtime, data, and other benefits with family members.

Do You Have Any Problem? Call The Airtel Customer Care Number Here…

How Can I Add Family And Friends On Glo Network?

  • Simply dial *101*1*Phone Number#. For example, to add 08012345678, dial *101*1*08012345678# to add the number on Glo FAF.
  • Reply “1” to confirm your request when you are asked.
  • Repeat this action to add more numbers to Glo Family and Friends.


This is all you have to know about the Airtel Family And friends code.

Now, it’s over to you.

What do you think?

Are you going to start adding the number of your loved ones to the list or keep staring? Lol. ?

Enjoy the Airtel FAF service today.

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