How to Migrate from MTN Pulse to Normal 2023

Learn how to Migrate from MTN Pulse to Normal with the guidelines in today’s post. Get the code to opt out or migrate away from MTN Pulse.

Following the first 60 seconds of the day at 29.70k/sec, MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan that enables you to make calls ACROSS ALL local networks in Nigeria at a FLAT cost of 12.39k/sec.

When using MTN Pulse, “You Talk more, Laugh more, and Love more.”

Scroll slowly to learn how to migrate from iPulse to Default tariff plan on MTN.


Migrating From MTN Pulse To Normal

Before you consider moving from MTN Pulse tariff plan to normal or the default package, learn a few things about the iPulse plan.

iPulse comes with a lot of data benefits. Yes, if you’re familiar with this tariff plan, you should know this by now.

Along with the data benefit, you also receive calls across ALL local networks at a flat cost of 12.39k/sec after paying N17.82 on the first 60-second call of the day.

The MTN Pulse Special Data Bundles include the Pulse Nightlife Bundles, a 1.5GB Weekly Data Plan, and a 750MB 3-Day Data Plan.

A 250MB Pulse Nightlife package costs N25, and a 500MB bundle costs N55 (up to 2GB).

But that’s not the case right, you want to migrate from MTN Pulse to Normal. No worries, that’s our main focus in today’s post.


How to Migrate from MTN Pulse to Normal

This section uncovers the working tips and guidelines to help you switch from iPulse to normal or the default tariff plan on MTN.

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Now, here’s the thing:

There’s no such thing as migrating from MTN Pulse to Normal. The right question should be; ‘How can I migrate from MTN Pulse to another tariff plan on MTN?’.

If that’s the case, then follow the guideline below to learn how to migrate from iPulse to the default MTN tariff package.

What Is The Normal or Default MTN Tariff Plan

At the time of writing this article, the default Tariff plan is MTN Yafun Yafun. Yes, this mean that if you register and activate a new sim care today, you’ll be automatically migrated to Yafun Yafun package.

Now, to migrate from MTN Pulse to Normal, it means you want to migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun.

If you don’t like yafun yafun, you can check out the list of mtn tariff plans here and their migration codes…

That said, let’s proceed…


Code To Migrate from MTN Pulse to Normal

First of all, decide on the tariff plan you want to migrate to. Below are some amazing tariff plans you may like on MTN:

  • MTN Beta Talk: If you recharge with BetaTalk, you’ll receive a 300% airtime bonus and an extra 200% data bonus on EVERY recharge of less than N100, while those who reload with BT receive 20MB or more in addition to the 300% airtime benefit.
  • MTN XtraVALUE: After signing up for any XtraValue Bundle plan, XV awards you with airtime for national SMS and calls, international calls to some specific locations, and amounts of data for browsing.
  • MTN mPulse: Earn FREE 200 airtime on your birthday. Get FREE 30MB  on your initial visit to the mPulse website. Nigerian networks are being called at a rate of 16.90 kbps (or 10.1 Mbps). Transfer of airtime or data on mPulse from a parent to a child.
  • MTN Yafun Yafun: Get 700% airtime bonus for new clients on each recharge. Additionally, you receive a 100% bonus on any data purchases made under this tariff plan. There’s more…
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Some More…

  • MTN Awuf4U: Customers who recharge using a special code will receive a 500% airtime bonus on all recharges of N100 or more or a 350% airtime bonus on all recharges of N1 to N99.
  • XtraSpecial prepaid: With the XtraSpecial Prepaid tariff, you can make calls to all Nigerian networks and eleven particular foreign countries for a flat fee of 15.36 kobo per second starting at the first second.
  • XtraSpecial Postpaid: MTN XtraSpecial Postpaid is a unique tariff package that enables you to immediately benefit from a FLAT rate of 13.33 kobo per second for calls between MTN and MTN, MTN and other networks, and 10 certain foreign destinations without a daily or monthly subscription or access cost.

After that, just dial the migration code to proceed. Yes, you can also follow the step-by-step method below to migrate from MTN Pulse to a new tariff plan entirely:

  • Open your Phone Caller app and simply dial *123#.
  • Now, choose ‘Tariff Plans’ from the options provided.
  • Select your favorite tariff plan from the list.
  • Finally, confirm your migration.
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FAQs – How to Migrate from MTN Pulse to Normal 

How can I migrate out from MTN Pulse?

To migrate out from MTN Pulse, migrate to another tariff plan on MTN. That’s all.


How can I migrate to MTN normal plan?

Follow the guideline below:

  • Open your Phone Caller app and simply dial *123#.
  • Now, choose ‘Tariff Plans‘ from the options provided.
  • Select any tariff plan from the list.
  • Finally, confirm your migration.


How do I cancel my mPulse account?

To cancel your mPulse account, just opt in to a new tariff package on MTN and the mPulse account will be gone.

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What is MTN Pulse migration code?

The MTN Pulse migration code is *406*1#. Yes, can dial *123*2*2# to migrate to MTN Pulse.

However, if you opt-in via the Messaging app on your phone. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Open your Phone Messaging app 
  • Compose a new message.
  • Type-in 406 and send it to 131.
  • Wait for the result.

You’ll get a confirmation message from MTN telling you whether the operation is successful or not.


Have You Migrated To Normal?

We may say that MTN did an extremely good job with Pulse. MTN Pulse was inadvertently created for those of you who adore low call rates and data bonus.

Well, desires changes and people lose interest in the thing they use to be interested in. I hope this post on how to migrate from MTN Pulse to Normal helps you.

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