How To Port Bsnl To Airtel

Learn how to port BSNL to Airtel following the guidelines in this post.

Most telecommunications companies are now able to migrate from one carrier to another without altering their phone numbers, thanks to the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) mobile service.

These days, everybody wants to use the fastest and most reliable network to enjoy enhanced 4G and HD voice calling. Therefore, if you’re considering porting your BSNL number to Airtel, then you have made the right decision because Airtel offers its customers a wide range of services.

Porting From BSNL to Airtel Today

In this article, we’ll explain how to switch from BSNL to Airtel. Sometimes, customers of a particular telecommunications network choose to switch for a variety of reasons.

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You can, however, port your BSNL number to Airtel by following a certain method.

Users can simply consult this post if you’re seeking guidance on how to port your BSNL number to Airtel.

One of the features offered to customers is mobile number portability, which allows them to quickly migrate from one mobile phone network to any other chosen mobile network without having to change their mobile number.

If you’re looking for a way to transfer your BSNL service to Airtel, this article is for you. Simply follow the instructions below to do so.

Guiding Steps On How To Port BSNL To Airtel

To begin, launch your BSNL sim phone’s messaging app.

  1. Use the UUD code 1900 to begin a new session. It is a USSD code that will enable the transfer of your BSN to Airtel.
  2. Type “Port” and give space, followed by your mobile phone number, and then click Send.
  3. Because the port is case-sensitive, make sure it’s typed in capital letters.
  4. When you send the message as directed, you will receive a second text message containing the specific porting code in response to your request.
  5. The notification will also provide the date and time of expiration.
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  • After obtaining the UPC code, you have to go to your local Airtel store to complete the other necessities.
  • Bring all necessary identification and proof of residency with you when you visit your local Airtel store. Your driver’s license and utility bill are among these credentials.
  • When you go to the Airtel store outlet, the Airtel customer representative will request your additional contact number, including the proof of address and the reference number code that you already obtained.

More Steps to Port BSNL to Airtel

  • At a certain time, you will also obtain the one-time passcode that is necessary for the operation.
  • The Airtel employee in the Airtel store will help you choose a recharge package for your Airtel sim card.
  • The Airtel representative will also hand you a form that contains all of your individual information, including your name, address, mobile number, email, and pin code.
  • You must subscribe to the recharge package after submitting all paperwork and other requirements.
  • Your BSNL will actively port to Airtel after all the necessary procedures have been completed, although it may take approximately 48 hours.
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Activating an Airtel Sim After Porting

Make sure you are qualified to port your BSNL to Airtel and that you’ve got a verified UPC code. Additionally, we have listed above the ID and documents that are required for MNP or ports.

You can activate your Airtel number with the aid of Airtel’s Airtel authentication number, 59059. Whether you’re a regular MNP user or not When you fully access Airtel’s connection while using a ported Airtel sim card after porting your BSNL number to Airtel, to enable the process of submitting documents, details, or verification, dial 59059.

BSNL Sim Port to Airtel

Whether you are busy at work or in the office, Airtel offers services for home delivery. Simply complete the 2-minute MNP application procedure on the official Airtel website to get the service you need.

You must obtain or save a UPC code first because it will assist you with MNP KYC and online filing procedures. After that, a customer service person will send your Airtel number to you.


I sincerely hope that this article will be helpful to you and provide the information you need. In this article, we discussed the necessary guide regarding how to port BSNL to Airtel in very simple steps.

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The procedures for porting BSNL to Airtel online have been discussed, and the above-mentioned approach is simple to use. Thanks for reading.

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