How to Port Jio to Airtel Without Sending SMS

Learn How to Port Jio to Airtel Without Sending SMS on your phone. If you’re struggling to port from JIO to Airtel without having to send a message, then this post is for you.

The network service known as Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has been welcomed by subscribers since it was launched. The procedure to switch users from one network operator to another is fairly simple, and it is quite amazing for customers to do so.

In this article, I will explore how to port Jio to Airtel without sending an SMS.

Porting Jio to Airtel Without Sending SMS

Subscribers have concerns, and this can occasionally disrupt the network operation. Sending text messages is one of the most frequent challenges that customers encounter today.

Since SMS advantages for particular network service are limited by cellular companies, things have gotten more challenging since validity programs were introduced.

You must recharge with a necessary recharging plan in order to send SMS if the operational eligibility of your prepaid package has ended. When this happens, people frequently try to figure out how to obtain port codes without using SMS.

Unique Porting Code

You will have an 8-digit number called the Unique Porting Code (UPC) to switch from one network provider to another. To receive your personal port code, simply SMS “PORT and your cellphone number” to 1900.

The UPC number and authenticity will be included in a text message from 1901 that you should soon receive. Within the eligibility time, you can change your provider by dialing this number.

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Getting the Port Code Without Sending SMS

Sending an SMS to obtain the port code is a standard step in the number porting process. You have to text the word “PORT” to 1900 to get this done.

Some users have actually considered porting their number as well. Since their prepaid number’s validity had already expired, they encountered the similar issue. Every time they attempted, the SMS PORTING status indicated that it had failed.

Additionally, some users considered that there might be a problem with their SMS settings because, as far as they understand, SMS to 1900 is not a billable number.

Move Jio to Airtel Without Sending SMS

When they attempted to get in touch with customer service and several individuals who had recently changed service companies, they typically received feedback that the sole method for obtaining the port code was by sending an SMS.

They reasoned that they would need to spend some cash on a recharge in order to send the text message and obtain the port code. Then they came to the customer feedback platform conversation where many individuals had contributed their views. They believe it is now important to obtain the port code without sending a text message.

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How To Port Airtel To Jio From A Website

Online requests for porting are simple to make if you follow the right procedure. Starting the procedure online is simple via Jio’s main website. You don’t really have to travel far to the Jio store outlet if you want to port your personal phone number to Jio.

By accessing Jio’s official website from the office or home, you may easily port your sim card from Airtel or a different mobile telecommunications operator to Jio. At the stage of the internet porting procedure, all you need is a form of identification in your possession.

To transfer your SIM from Airtel to Jio or any other number, just follow the easy steps.

  • Go to Jio’s official website.
  • Find the Port to Jio menu item.
  • Enter both your mobile and complete numbers.
  • Click on the Generate OTP option after selecting it.
  • Type the six-digit code to verify the OTP.
  • After the OTP has been verified, type in your address.
  • Press the confirm key.
  • An Airtel service customer representative will contact you shortly to schedule a SIM delivery time and date.
  • For proper confirmation, there would be address verification and porting code submission at the time of SIM delivery.
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Porting Airtel Without Sending SMS

All the telecom service providers are required by the TRAI to permit SMS porting for all the network plans. You can contact customer service if you find it difficult to send text messages. You can make more inquiries until you find a solution.

Can I port my Airtel SIM without SMS?

To port an Airtel Sim card without sending a text message, you will need a UPC, which is the only method to get the porting code without SMS.

Can I get a porting code for my Airtel SIM online?

On the TRAI website, SMS is the only available method of getting the porting code. Getting the porting code online is not possible.

Have You Moved Jio To Airtel Without SMS Now?

The guiding steps explained in this article will help you to port from Jio to Airtel without sending an SMS. If you have a postpaid subscription outstanding debt, you need to clear all the debts before you begin to port your Airtel number so the process can be successful.

If you port from a prepaid connection, the balance will not be carried over to the new number, which means you will lose the balance amount.

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