How To Port Vi To Airtel

Learn How To Port Vi To Airtel without any hassle. If you’ve been looking for simple ways to move from Vi to Airtel network, this is your chance to do so.

Are you a VI user and trying to port your SIM card to Airtel or switch without even trying to change your VI number? Then there is good news for you, because you are in the right place, as this article provides and teaches you how to do all that. So I suggest you settle down and continue reading.

Networking might not be as easy as some days due to the weak network in some areas. This is so annoying and frustrating. Because of this, many phone users try to change their mobile telecom services from Vi to Airtel to avoid further disappointment. However, porting numbers serve as a favor to some phone users, especially the VI.

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The VI porting process is easy, even if you have a prepaid or postpaid connection. You’ll get to know the steps required to Port Vi To Airtel easily.

If you decide to follow the online process of porting your VI phone to Airtel, no problem, because all the procedures are the same for obtaining the MNP codes. After receiving the UPC code, use the online method to apply for an Airtel SIM card at home.

How To Port VI To Airtel?

Due to the amazing benefits and offers of the Airtel network, Airtel has covered mainly all the geographical areas or administrative zones where all telecom companies’ networks exist.

The guidelines below are necessary steps to be followed in porting VI to Airtel.

Use the SMS Code (or Mobile Number Portability)

Although you must obtain the MNP service by this time, you must know that this step is easy to post Vi to Airtel. Yes, because it can be acquired through the USSD code.

  • Firstly, by using your VI, scroll down to the messenger section.
  • Open “compose a message” and type “PORT“. Give a space and type your mobile number, then send this message to 1900.
  • In short, send PORT to 1900 to know if you’re eligible to move Vi to Airtel.

Ensure it is all written in capital letters.

Save the Unique Porting Code: Port Vi To Airtel

After the first process has been completed, your phone will receive an SMS that comes with your unique porting code (UPC).

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Then visit any Airtel shop to proceed to the next stage of the process. All these is to make porting from Vi to Airtel possible.

Never try to delete the sent message that has your PVC code. If not, you won’t be able to change your network.

Visit Any Airtel Store to Port Vi to Airtel Fast

Visit the Airtel store to port your number. Some documents are required for submission for confirmation of your identity.

These documents, including your proof photocopy, passport-sized photograph, ID card, and related documents, are to be confirmed for use by the telecom service provider for your successful process of getting to port VI to Airtel.

The customer care executive will demand you fill out a customer agreement form to be submitted with the documents along with a UPC.

  • During this process, a new Airtel SIM will be given to you.
  • The SIM will be activated afterward.

How Do I Get My Airtel SIM Card Activated?

This is the final step to port your VI number to Airtel. After submission of the documents and forms that are later verified, an SMS containing your verification code is sent, and the process takes around 47 days.

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The VI SIM card will be forwarded to your phone.

Save the verification code immediately and call 59059. After entering the SIM card.

Before this, you should have replaced your VI SIM card with the Airtel port SIM card and restarted your phone afterward.

Verify with the verification code given to you to activate the newly obtained Airtel SIM card.

How To Realise When My Airtel SIM Card Has Been Activated?

Now, after you port Vi To Airtel, you may be asking for signals. Yes, how do you get to know when you’re now an Airtel user?

  • Just make a call and verify using the code.
  • Once successfully achieved, your new SIM is already activated.

How To Activate A SIM After Porting?

Make sure you have obtained the VI UPC and visit a nearby retailer to port your VI SIM to Airtel.

You will need an Aadhar card photocopy, an alternative mobile number, and an email ID.

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After porting your SIM, dial 59059. This Airtel activation number is to activate your SIM, which is to be activated after 15 minutes.

You need at least 48 hours for your number portability, and you will know as well from the Airtel port status online or the AirtelThanks app.

How Can You Get Your First Recharge After Port?

After changing VI to Airtel port, you are to verify your Airtel sim number. If your MNP service is done by digital KYS, your first recharge is followed by a one-month prescription. Note that UPC needs porting.

After the Port from Vi to Airtel, What’s the result?

I believe this article answers your questions concerning porting VI to Airtel and other questions relating to this interesting topic.

After porting VI to Airtel, you are offered the best Airtel services. In the case of other related questions, I suggest you have a critical evaluation of this article. You will definitely find the answers you desire.

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That’s all about how To Port Vi To Airtel anytime and anywhere. New updates will be added, so make sure you bookmark this page for future use. Thanks for reading.

Co-written with: Peter Okoroji

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