Airtel Always On Plan 2024 | 45GB, 15GB, 1.5GB

Are you looking for the Airtel always-on plan or the Airtel Everyday-ON Plan? This post uncovers what you need to know about these plans and how to subscribe easily.

Airtel Nigeria has introduced a new data plan called “Always On Plan” that offers unlimited data at an affordable price. Once you activate, you get 1MB of data every day for free, and after that, you will be charged N10 per MB or N100 for 10MB.

Well, things have changed (and will keep changing).

This plan is suitable for light data users who mostly use social media and messaging apps. It is cheaper than regular data plans offered by other providers. To activate this plan, follow the instructions provided by Airtel Nigeria.

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About Airtel Always On Plan

This plan is also known as the Airtel Everyday ON Plan. It allows you to activate a data bundle that is received and used in parts, like getting 500MB data each day or 1.5GB per day for one month.

These plans are cheap and useful, especially if you don’t want to use up all your data before it expires. They also help you manage your data usage by limiting you to the daily amount.

This post is here to help you learn about and subscribe to the Airtel Everyday ON plans, including the 1.5GB per day plan for one month or the 500MB daily plan.

Airtel Everyday ON Plan Summary

Airtel Everyday ON plan gives you data every day for a month. For example, if you buy 45GB data, you’ll get 1.5GB every day for 30 days. This plan is cheap and helps you control your data usage so you don’t use too much. Anyone with an Airtel SIM card can use this plan by dialing *141#.

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Airtel Always-ON Data Plans & Activation Codes

The first plan offers a monthly data allowance of 45GB, which is credited at a rate of 1.5GB per day, and costs 6000 Naira.

The second plan provides a monthly data allowance of 15GB, with a daily data cap of 500MB, and costs 3000 Naira.

To Summarize it:

  • Plan 1: 45GB/month @ 1.5GB/day for 6000 Naira.
  • Plan 2: 15GB/month @ 500MB/day for 3000 Naira.

Airtel Always-ON 15GB For 3000 Naira

The Airtel 15GB data for N3000 plan is a great deal, offering 5GB of data for just N1000 per month.

It’s part of Airtel Always-ON Plans, which are designed to provide large amounts of data at affordable prices and ensure that you can stay connected to the internet every day for 30 days.

How Airtel 15GB Everyday-ON Plan Works

The Airtel Everyday-ON plan ensures that your data allocation lasts throughout the month by splitting it into daily silos, which limits your maximum data usage each day.

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For instance, the Airtel 15GB data for 3000 naira plan allocates 500MB data daily for 30 days.

However, some users may find this plan limiting, especially if they need more data for important tasks or business use. Nonetheless, for personal use, it can be a good way to manage data usage and avoid constant digital stimulation from social media and messaging apps.

How to Activate Airtel 15GB Always-ON Plan

  • To subscribe to Airtel’s 15GB data plan for 3000 Naira, dial *141*3002# or buy it from the Airtel Nigeria website.

The plan gives you 500MB of data to use each day for 30 days. If you use up your daily 500MB, you won’t have access to data until the next day. If you’re not comfortable with this, don’t subscribe.

500MB Airtel Everyday on Plan

This plan called the Day and Night Data Plan gives you two options:

  • 450MB of data for 120 Naira per day
  • 200MB of data for 60 Naira per day
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The plan is unique because it splits the data you subscribe to into two parts for use during the day and at night.

Don’t get confused with another plan called Always ON Plans. If you want to check your data balance for Everyday ON Plans, dial *140#.

Note that the data value for Everyday ON Plans is renewed at 3 AM every day. If you finish your data before 3 AM, you will have to wait for a new allocation. If you don’t finish your data by 3 AM, it will be cleared and a new allocation will be given to you.

Airtel 1.5GB Daily Plan for 30 days Code

You can get 45GB of data for N6000 per month on Airtel’s Everyday ON plans. This translates to 1.5GB of data daily for 30 days.

  • To subscribe, dial *141*6002# or *141*4# and select the 45GB monthly option. Once activated, you’ll receive 1.5GB of data every day for 30 days. Just keep in mind that your daily data cap will expire if not used.
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Airtel 15GB Alway-ON Plan (500MB Daily)

The 15GB – 500MB data plan is ideal for those who use medium amounts of data, no more than 500MB per day.

  • To activate this plan, load N3000 airtime onto your Airtel SIM and dial *141*3002#. You’ll receive a confirmation message once your subscription to the 15GB – 500MB daily data plan is successful.

Airtel Daily 450MB for 120 Naira

Another option for Airtel’s Everyday ON Plans is the Day and Night data plan, which is great for medium and low-data users.

  • To subscribe, dial *141*4*4#. Just keep in mind that only 330MB of the data can be used at night and the plan is valid for 30 days.

Airtel Daily 200MB for 60 Naira

If you only use a small amount of data each day, Airtel’s Day and Night Plan with 200MB of data daily may be a good option for you.

  • To activate this plan, simply dial *141*4*3#.
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How Do I Activate Airtel Always On?

If you want to use the Airtel Always On plan, follow these easy steps:

  • Open your phone dialer app and dial *141#.
  • Alternatively, dial *401# or send a text message with the word “ON” (without quotes) to 401.
  • If you want to stop using the plan, dial *401*1# or send a text message with the word “OFF” (without quotes) to 401.

Now that you know about Airtel’s Everyday ON data plans and how to subscribe, keep in mind that the same terms and conditions apply as with all Airtel Nigeria data bundles.

Do you have any challenges activating the Airtel Always-ON data plan? Leave a comment below.

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