How To Do Night Plan On Mtn

Learn How To Do Night Plan On Mtn by following the guideline in this post.

Despite the fact that MTN has reduced its midnight internet surfing plan, obtaining 250mb for N25 and 500mb for N50 remains a good deal that can meet your needs if it’s used and effectively managed.

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How To Do Mtn Pulse Night Plan

  • To do the MTN Pulse Night plan, kindly migrate to the MTN Pulse Tariff plan. To do this, turn on your phone and dial *406#.

You must be enrolled in the mtn pulse tariff to be able to register for the mtn night browsing package; otherwise, you will be denied.

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Mtn Pulse subscription plan can be activated on your sim. Dial *406# and follow the prompt as you are directed by the network provider. Select option 1, and the Mtn Pulse plan will be activated on your Mtn mobile line immediately. It is free to migrate if you are currently using a tariff that’s less than a month.

If you effectively moved to mtn pulse, you can now sign up for the mtn pulse night package by entering the code below.

Mtn Night Browsing Code

As previously stated, the mtn midnight internet browsing plan is available in two varieties: the mtn N25 night plan and the mtn N50 night plan, with the former providing a total limit of 250MB and the latter providing 500MB.

Users can signup for the 250MB again once they’ve used up the first one, whereas you can just subscribe for the 500MB once. The code to sign up for them is provided below.

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How To Do Mtn N25 Night Plan

To subscribe to the Mtn N25 naira night plan, ensure that you have at least an N25 airtime balance in your main account.

  • Dial *406# to Subscribe
  • Select 4 (NightLife Bundles)
  • Select 1 (250MB Pulse Nightlife)
  • Select 1 to confirm the subscription.

You will receive a notification of the successful subscription to the night plan which lasts from 12 am to 5 am the day.

How To Do Mtn N50 Night Plan

Ensure you have at least N50 airtime in your main account balance so you can subscribe to this once-a-night package. Please note that you cannot subscribe to this plan with your bonus balance.

  • Dial *406# to subscribe
  • Select 4 – (NightLife Bundles)
  • Select 1 – (500MB Pulse Nightlife)
  • Select 1 to confirm the subscription.

This subscription lasts from midnight that day to 5 am. You will receive a notification of this night plan subscription.

When you reach the night plan limit and you still want to browse the internet, you can subscribe again to continue what you are doing, but note that this is a night plan which lasts from 12 am to 5 am.

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How To Check Mtn Midnight Data Balance

If you sign up for the mtn midnight browsing service through the MyMtn App, you can see your night package balance from either the mobile application, follow these steps:

  • Go to your settings
  • Tap on data usage
  • Toggle it on
  • Set a data limit and track your usage from there.

If you dial *406# for “NightLife Bundles” and follow the prompt. Then select the “Balance” option which is number 3, and your mtn night plan balance will show instantly on the screen.

Additional Info On How To Do Night Plan On MTN

Mtn pulse night internet browsing plan has been around for a while. We used to get 500 MB for only N25 at midnight, but that has now been significantly lowered to 250mb for N25 and 500mb for N50.

The highest data users can use every night is 500mb, which means you can take the subscription for the 250mb two times once you have used up the first one, and this data is only available from 12 am to 5 am.

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After 5 a.m., your mtn midnight online activity will be canceled, and any additional data would be billed from your primary data plan if you have one.

However, many people have recently complained that even after signing up for an mtn night internet browsing package, they are mostly charged from their primary data plan. I thought this was a joke until I decided to try it and saw the same thing.

I’m certain that this is an error on their part, and I’m hoping it’s resolved as soon as possible, but here’s what you should do to prevent it.

If you hold an efficient data package and subscription to the mtn midnight internet browsing plan until midnight, toggle your mobile phone to airplane mode, stay two seconds, and then retrieve it, or easily restart your phone.

This will prevent them from trying to charge data from your primary data plan and instead from the mtn midnight plan which you got access to; however, take into consideration that if you take up the midnight package until 5 a.m., they will immediately begin trying to charge from your primary data plan.

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This is how to activate Mtn midnight internet browsing. This implies you can sign up to and obtain any of these Mtn night plans on various Mtn sims, or you have the option to use multiple mtn sims and obtain enough data to meet your needs.

With the above brief overview, I believe I have clarified all of your questions about how to do a night plan on mtn.

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