How To Share/Transfer Data On Airtel Faster

This post shows you how to share data on Airtel to Airtel in Nigeria today.

You may find yourself in a situation whereby you need a megabyte to access the internet and sad enough, you have no available data balance left.

The best thing to do is to figure out the airtel transfer code that works to transfer data easily.

One advantage of sharing data directly from your line is to save money. Yes, you save yourself some extra charges and time. Trying to buy a recharge card, send it via SMS, ask the recipient to load the airtel card and then, buy data. (that’s so much time wasted na).

In this post, you’ll learn the quick-to-transfer MB on Airtel with the data transfer trick.

Summary Of Airtel Data Transfer

It’s about the Airtel SmartSHARE. SmartSHARE is a service that allows you to share your existing data bundles with your friends and family members using your smartphones, personal computers, and other eligible devices.

Google claims there are many ways to gift data to loved ones, but right here, I will teach you the best way to perform this task.   It used to be very difficult to transfer MB to another airtel user until I discovered this simple procedure.

This day, the game has changed. You can now send data from one Airtel user to another Airtel customer fast.  

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how to share data  on airtel

How To Share Data On Airtel to Airtel Network

There are two simple ways to share data on your airtel line. They involve;

  • Data Me2U.
  • Data Gifting.

You can also share data with the My Airtel App. But before you proceed with sharing data you need to create a secured transaction PIN to avoid unauthorized transfers.  

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Create Your Transfer PIN

  • Open your Messaging App and compose a new message.
  • Type in “PIN+Airtel Default PIN +Your New PIN”. For example, enter “PIN 1234 9902” in the message space. (the Airtel default Pin is 1234)
  • Send it to 432.
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And after that, your transfer PIN will be reset successfully.   Now, proceed to share data with the guidance below.  

Share data with “Airtel Data Me2U”

Airtel Me2UJ is a popular method known by a variety of internet users like you. Yes, it guarantees that you share a part of the data plan you bought.  

  • For example, once you buy data using the default airtel data plan code, you can share it with anyone who asks.

Now, follow the guidelines below:

  • Simply dial *141# on your phone dialer. airtel data share code me2u
  • Select “Me2U” from the list of packages.
  • You’re good.

  Now, the kind of data plans you can send is the one you purchased directly from Airtel Network and not the AWOOF plan or free BONUS data.  

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Me2U Transfer Data Limit

For the Me2U service, you can only share about 200MB per person. That is to say; if you purchase a daily, weekly, or monthly plan, you can share 100MB twice.  

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You are also allowed to share data on airtel with (two) 2 people daily.

For example, you can send 100MB maximum to Mr. A and 100MB to Mr. B. Meanwhile, you can share less data but it must be two (2) recipients daily and a maximum of 200MB.

Transfer MB with “Airtel Data Gifting”

Data Gifting gives you the freedom to buy a data plan for another customer using your airtime balance. That’s you can purchase data for your friends and family from your phone through your account balance.

  • For example, if someone asks you to buy data for him/her and you have no available internet data package, you can simply buy for them using your Credit.

To transfer data using Data Gifting;

  • Simply dial *141# on your phone dialer. airtel data gifting code
  • Select “Data Gifting” from the list.
  • You’re good.

That’s how to share data on airtel using the data gift method.  

Data Gifting Transfer Limit

Using the Data Gifting service, you can buy internet bundles for as many people as possible as long as you have sufficient airtime balance to perform this operation.  

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Alternative Way To Transfer Data via SMS on Airtel to Airtel

This is amongst the old methods to share data from Airtel to Airtel number. It works simply by creating a short message and sending it to 432. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Open your Messaging App
  • Type in “2U + Receiver Phone Number + Data Volume + Your Transfer PIN”. For example, 2U 08128392932 100 9902 and do the next thing below.
  • Send it to “432”.
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And in a few seconds, the data will be sent to your desired destination.     Update: Airtel 1000 Naira Data Plan Code For Android

What You Must Know About Airtel Smart SHARE

Below is some important information you must know about the Airtel Transfer Service service:

  • You can only send 200MB using Me2U daily to another customer
  • Only two (2) recipients are allowed on Me2U daily.
  • You can share data as a Prepaid or Postpaid user.
  • Data Validity: Your available data plus the shared data have the same validity period. For example, if your data expired on the 15th of this month, then, the recipient data will also expire on the 15th of this month.
  • Shared data cannot be auto-renewed.
  • You can only share the default data bundle your buy from Airtel directly.
  • You can gift data to as many people as possible on the Data Gifting service.
  • The recipient gets your data free of charge. No extra charges for shipping, transmission, or whatever.
  • You must create a transfer pin to perform a successful transaction. Personal identification number (PIN) helps you avoid theft of data.
  • Any Airtel SIM can send and receive data whether New or Old customers.
  • The receiver can check their Airtel data balance with the default code.
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Q & A: Questions And Answers On How To Share Data On Airtel

Here, I have answered your frequently asked questions on the Airtel transfer service.

Can I share data on Airtel to MTN?

  • Yes, you can. Kindly buy from your bank to the person you want to.

You can do this by making use of your bank mobile transfer codes.  

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I Forgot My Airtel Data Me2U PIN, How Can I Get It Back?

Here is how to reset your Airtel data transfer pin in a few simple steps below:

  • Open your Messaging App
  • SMS “PIN + Your Old PIN + Your New PIN” to “432“. For example,SMS PIN 9902 3324” to “432“.

Alternatively, in a situation whereby you lost your old pin this is what you must  do:

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Have You Transferred Data?

I believe you’ve learned how to share data on Airtel. So tell me;   Which method did you use? Is it the Me2U or Data Gifting method?   Let me know in the comment section below.

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