Airtel Hourly Plan 2023: Activate Unlimited Time-based data Bundles

Activate your Airtel Hourly plan right away. This post is for you if you’re looking for the Airtel YouTube hourly plan, the Airtel unlimited hourly plan, or the Airtel time-based data packages.

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of online users asking questions.

Yes, everyone is looking for a way to satisfy their demand for browsing. They really feel that all of their internet difficulties would be resolved if they could just obtain the Airtel hourly data plan code.

Is this issue resolved by the Airtel hourly plan?

Well, read on to find out below as you scroll slowly.

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About Airtel Hourly (Time-Based Plan)

To provide you with better savings when browsing the web, Airtel has created a new browsing data package dubbed the Airtel HOURLY bundle.

The Airtel hourly plan operates as follows:

The administrator or representative will provide you with a login code for the specific amount of time you paid for, much like a cyber cafe where you may go and ask for surfing time.

Here, the hours are calculated based on how long you spend browsing the internet (the Airtel data plan code is not needed).

This implies that the HOURLY plan is not calculated while you are offline. Additionally, you are given a time frame beyond which you will lose access to the internet.

For instance, if I purchase the Airtel hourly plan for 2 hours with a validity of 2 days, I may elect to start browsing tomorrow and browse for 2 hours.

I might decide to spend an hour browsing in the morning and the final hour using. After two days if I don’t use the provided access, it will be disconnected and I won’t have access to the internet.

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Airtel Hourly Plans Code & How To Activate

You can select your preferred HOURLY plan from the list:

  • The first category is N15 for 5 minutes
  • Followed by N30 for 10 minutes,
  • Then, N90 for 30 minutes
  • and finally, N180 for an hour.

The fourth category costs N180 for an hour.

Code To Buy Airtel Hourly Plan | Time-based Unlimited Airtel Plans in Nigeria

  • First, open your phone dialer app.
  • Simply dial the code *439#
  • Choose which of the 4 Airtel time-based unlimited data plans best suits you
  • And then respond with the corresponding number.
  • You will then be prompted to respond with the number 1 to activate the plan.

Please note that this is not a modification but actual, direct HOURLY data plan from Airtel that can be used on any device of your choice without the need for any further adjustments.

As we previously stated, all new Airtel time-based plans have a one-day validity period, which means that any unused time will expire the next day.

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More Info On The Airtel HOURLY Package

You can sign up for one of the aforementioned airtel hourly plans if you’re also looking for the Airtel YouTube hourly plan. It allows you to watch YouTube videos.

Though the Airtel time-based or HOURLY unlimited data plan is similar in pricing to the former PayGo plan but appears a little bit expensive as compared with the latter Etisalat 3 hours for N15 plan.

Nevertheless, having unlimited data for a complete 1hour and without speed throttling is unbeatable for many and the little higher price here will also matter little for them.

NOTE: To save time, turn off the Edge or 3G on your mobile device when not needed and remember to disconnect your modem when not in use.


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Features Airtel Hourly plan

  • You can browse keeping in mind your spending limit.
  • No need to worry about going over budget.
  • Good browsing internet speed.
  • Get unrestricted access to the internet for the duration of your purchase.

Because Airtel HOURLY Surf customers are charged HOURLY rather than by the amount of data consumed, they have ultimate control over how much time and money they spend online.

You can sign up for Airtel Timely plan and use it for as little as 2 hours to send or receive emails, download files, or video chat with friends.

Yes, You can use the first hour, log out, and then use the second hour the following day because it has a two-day validity.

You might also opt to work at the office every day for 12 hours as part of the 300-hour plan, which is likely to last for more than a month.

Airtel Youtube Hourly Plan

The Airtel version of the Hourly YouTube Data Package is limited and not unlimited, much like the 9mobile version.

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It’s fun to watch the various informative and amusing videos on YouTube.

Airtel offers an hourly data package for users who like to watch movies, television shows, and live events.

I personally like the Airtel Night Data Plan and the MTN Night Data Plan because they are time-based data plans.

Airtel HOURLY: YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs

This is the ideal plan for those who don’t care about having limitations on when they can utilize their package.

This strategy is effective at any time, day or night.

The YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs provide features including a 300MB Weekly Plan for $300, good for 7 days, and a 600MB Monthly Plan for $400, good for 30 days.

Remember that you can use both data bundles whenever you wish. Below is further information on this.

Airtel HOURLY YouTube Subscription codes:

PlanCostValidity PeriodData VolumeActivation Code
YouTube For 7days₦300Weekly300MB*323*12#
YouTube For 30days₦400Monthly600MB*323*11#
You can use these data plans to stream YouTube videos nonstop, day and night.

YouTube Night HOURLY Packs

The YouTube Night Plans are ideal for you if watching YouTube at night is your only priority.

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These plans are only available at night, therefore you can only access YouTube from one in the morning until five in the morning.

This plan will undoubtedly be suitable for users who like Airtel Night Plans’ nightlife.

Moving on to the features, this plan offers two options:

  • The 600MB YouTube Night Monthly Plan, which costs $200 and is good for 30 days,
  • and the 300MB YouTube Night Weekly Plan, which costs $150 and is valid for 7 days.

You receive YouTube videos from both plans nonstop all night long (1 AM – 5 AM).

Below is further information on this HOURLY plans.

Airtel YouTube Night HOURLY Packs Activation codes:

PlanCostValidityData VolumeActivation Code
YouTube For 7days₦150Weekly300MB*323*22#
YouTube For 30days₦200Monthly600MB*323*21#
Note: You can watch YouTube videos nonstop all night from 1 AM – 5 AM after activating this plan.

Now, simply dial *140# on your mobile device to check the remaining data on your YouTube account.

Airtel Night HOURLY Plan: 3hours For N1000

Follow the guideline below to activate the 3hrs airtel hourly plan:

  • Use N1000 to recharge your phone (1K)
  • To subscribe for the Airtel unlimited 3 hour plan, dial *481*2#.
  • Turn on your data and start browsing the internet.

Validity: This airtel hourly plan is valid from 12 AM to 5 AM.

For more affordable hourly night plans, dial *481#. Additionally, this strategy is flawless on every platform, including PC, Android, iOS, and more, and it doesn’t require any additional complicated configuration.

Take Note Of This: For individuals looking to download large files, torrents, movies, PC upgrades, and more, I suggest these plans. They are quite addicting, so beware.

Keep in mind that this plan is time-based; therefore, do not waste time looking for things to download; instead, do so only before subscribing to the plan, and then follow the instructions below.

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If you want to download using a torrent downloader like, say, Utorrent;

Put whatever file you want to download in a stack using your regular data (make sure you pause them). Participate in the program.

Once activated, turn on the data, Visit the download manager, then carry on with the download.

Be sensible and avoid becoming addicted by not becoming overly enthused. Airtel HOURL plans exist just to relieve some of the strain on your monthly budget. To locate an appropriate monthly plan for browsing and to view the top weekend plans available across all networks, go here.

FAQ – Airtel Hourly Plan Code

How can I get unlimited data for 1 hour?

To subscribe to any of the 4 Airtel 1hour unlimited data plans, simply dial the code *439# and select from the available plans.

Note that you may not see the 1-hour plan included.

How can I get 2.5 GB on Airtel 500?

Dial *141# to get 2.5GB of data for N500. But this is not a direct code to buy this data plan. You’ll have to select the 2.5GB bundle from the list of packages on Airtel.

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To subscribe to  1.5GB for ₦500 on Airtel, simply dial *141*505#.

How can I get 200 for 1GB on Airtel?

Open your phone dialer app and dial *141#. With this code, a menu appears. To pick MY OFFER, reply “1”. To choose the 1GB/7-day plan for N200, reply “2”. Then, choose Ok to continue.

dial *141*241#. Press 2 for Airtel 200 for 200 MB for 7 Days after the prompt appears. Verify that your sim has enough pre-loaded airtime.

How can I get Airtel 4GB for 200?

Purchase 200 Naira of airtime, then recharge with the unique pin *143*Recharge card pin#. A month’s worth of 4GB of internet usage is yours. Imagine having luck and ease like that.

Have You Activated?

Even without downloading any files, users routinely go over their data allotments before they expire.

When you pay N1300 for a 250MB plan and it is used up in less than a week, it is inconvenient.

The Airtel Hourly plan seems to have fixed the data restriction problems.

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Since STARCOMS and other businesses have hourly plans that are equivalent, but their service areas are somewhat limited, this is not actually a first.

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