How To Deactivate Airtel Smart Trybe plan

Learn how to deactivate Airtel Smart Trybe. This post is for you if you’re one of the people looking for an easy way to opt out, cancel, migrate out, leave or stop using the Airtel Smart Trybe plan.

I’ve heard testimonials about the great things a tariff plan like Airtel ST has accomplished.

Yes, you are aware of the advantages that come with it.

You never miss a thing with the lowest rates on data and calls to all networks, night browsing for your favorite websites and exclusive campus data discounts. SmartTRYBE was created specifically to keep you informed about everything going on with your Trybe. That’s basically What Airtel Trybe all about.

The decisions made by Mr. A and Mr. B cannot be the same. That’s sufficient justification for why this post was written to address this particular issue.

By switching to a different tariff plan on Airtel Nigeria, you can quickly opt out of Smart Trybe.

Deactivating Airtel Smart Trybe

It’s crucial to understand the rationale behind your decision to deactivate a tariff plan. Yes, you must have a well-thought-out plan in place before you deactivate Airtel Smart Trybe.

Tariff plan explanations are not always simple and straightforward. Everybody wants to deactivate, opt out, and switch to the next tariff plan the moment they see positive evaluations about a specific tariff plan today.

I suppose you are already aware of the advantages of the Airtel Smart Trybe plan before deactivating it. When you fully migrate, Smart Trybe does indeed provide you airtime and a data bonus.

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Anyhow, anything that has a benefit may undoubtedly have a drawback. And the drawback frequently makes individuals unhappy. This is one of the reasons you may wish to deactivate or cancel your Airtel Smart Trybe subscription.

Opt-Out Of Airtel ST Plan

Perhaps through internet advertisements and other means, you may have heard some news concerning the Airtel ST tariff plans. However, until you choose to participate, you cannot learn enough about the plan.

Is deactivation advantageous?

Well, there is a tempting offer for every tariff plan. Yes, such as the 100% free data bonus offered by Airtel Smart Trybes with every recharge.

Until you deactivate Airtel SmartTrybe and switch to a different tariff plan in Nigeria, you cannot know which plan is superior.

Today’s post explains how to deactivate or opt-out of the SmartTRYBE tariff plan.


How to Deactivate Airtel Smart Trybe (Stop Tariff Plan)

Keep reading if you fall into this category and want to know how to stop using Airtel Smart Trybe, deactivate Airtel Smart Trybe, opt out of Airtel Smart Trybe, or unsubscribe from Airtel Smart Trybe. You’ll also learn how to change from the Airtel SmartTrybe to other beneficial tariff plans on the Airtel network.

  • First, dial *121#.
  • Choose “Billing & Tariff” option.
  • Select a new tariff plan from the options.
  • Now, tap OK to proceed with the migration.
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The Airtel Smart Trybe tariff plan is deactivated in this manner. However, keep in mind that moving to a different tariff plan is the exact method to deactivate SmartTrybe. Got it? Let’s move on.


Code To Cancel or Opt Out From Airtel Smart Trybe 

If asked how to suspend, cancel, or opt out of Airtel Smart Trybe, I would have easily said dial *****#. But that’s not the situation here…

Moving to a different tariff plan is the best way to deactivate the Smart Trybe tariff plan. I.e., a newly available Airtel tariff plan or a tariff plan that you have already activated.

The reality of switching to a new tariff scheme is as follows:

  • For the first time, migration is free.
  • However, you would be charged N100 as a migration fee if you deactivate Airtel Smart Trybe, switch to a different tariff plan, and then attempt to activate Airtel ST once more within 30 days.
  • I hope you understand. Let’s continue…
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You must be aware of the precise tariff plan you want to switch to after deactivating your Airtel Smart Trybe plan. Yes, switching to a new plan is the same as deactivating your old one.

The procedure on Airtel Nigeria is straightforward. Yes, simply type *121# on your phone’s dialer app to cancel or terminate Smart Trybe on Airtel. To activate a new package, go to the “Billing And Tariff” area and make your selection.

Now, is it possible to unsubscribe from Smart Trybe via SMS?

There is currently no code or method for this. Airtel Smart Trybe can only be deactivated by dialing the USSD number *121#.

Should I Call customer care?

If you’re still having trouble deactivating Airtel Smart Trybe, you can, in fact, phone the Airtel customer care department.

If you want to contact Airtel customer support, just call 111 from an Airtel phone.

You can also call +234 802 150 0111 if you are not in the United States or are not using an Airtel phone.

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FAQs – How To Stop Smart Trybe On Airtel

These are the most asked questions about deactivating airtel smartTRYBE.

How do I turn off Smart Connect?

Open your phone Caller App and Simply dial *121#, choose “Billing & Tariff” as the response, and then choose the tariff plan of your choice.  Then, choose the package that you want.

How can I opt-out from Airtel Smart Connect?

Just dial *121# and select the “Billing & Tariff” response option.

Choose your favorite tariff plan from the options.

Continue with the migration after clicking OK.


How do I switch from Smart Connect to Smart Trybe?

To switch from SmartCONNECT to SmartTRYBE, just follow the guidelines below:

  • When your phone is open, dial the code *121# to start the migration process straight away. Yes, I’m talking about how to switch to a new Airtel Smart Trybe.
  • After dialing *121#, choose Option 5, which is ‘Billing & Tariff’.
  • Now, reply 1 to choose a different tariff plan than Smart connect.
  • Finally, select Smart Trybe.
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How long does Airtel Smart Trybe last?

Regarding the Airtel Smart Trybe rate package, it has no end date. When Airtel Nigeria says it will last, or I will, is up to you.

The Airtel Smart Trybe bonus, however, lasts for 7 Days if you’re wondering how long it lasts.


When acquiring a new Airtel sim, the Smart Trybe tariff plan is automatically included and provides advantages for both voice calls and data usage. Yes, this article solely demonstrates how to deactivate the Airtel Smart Trybe plan. Nothing more, nothing less…

For the first three months that you utilize this plan, you can receive a 100% data bonus at the end of the month depending on the total of all your recharges.

Have you figured out how to deactivate Airtel Smart Trybe? If you have any suggestions, post a remark in the space below.

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