Airtel Caller Tune Number: How To Activate & Deactivate

Get the Airtel Caller Tune Number to activate it. Also, learn more about how to deactivate caller tune, the features of Airtel Hello Tune, and many more…

Nowadays, getting a caller tune on a mobile phone number is pretty fashionable. Sim card users can now enable their callers to listen to catchy songs instead of the tiresome and usual general ringtone.

Airtel offers comparable services to other telecommunications companies for its clients or SIM card subscribers. Additionally, Airtel customers must contact the Airtel Hello Tune official line in order to activate any music as their caller tune.

Here is all the information and necessary details you ought to know if you want to use Airtel’s CallerTune or HelloTune features to select your favorite music as your caller tune.

What are the Features of Airtel Hello Tune?

The Airtel Hello Tune has specific features. Which are:

  • Users can hear the music or tune before selecting the caller tune. 
  • Choose your preferred song from the search option’s selection of tracks, albums, and artists. 
  • You can make use of different caller songs for various callers.

Airtel Hello Caller Tune Number

One of the easiest methods to keep your callers entertained with a catchy tune is to use the Airtel Hello Tune. To choose a new song as the Airtel caller tune, users can choose from bhajans, devotional music, the newest hits, or whatever other song of their preference.

You can choose your favorite song and use it as the “hello” theme from a range of caller tunes. Keep reading to learn the several methods for accessing the Airtel Hello Tune features.

How To Activate Airtel Caller Tunes

If you are ready to activate the caller tune on your Airtel registered mobile number, then you are reading the right post. The songs can be heard and chosen as your caller tunes in the prescribed sequence. Dial *678# to select any song or to subscribe to any tune.

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The Airtel caller tune line is 543215, and it can be used to set a caller tune by SMS. Users can also dial 543211 to place a call and choose their preferred caller tune.

Call 57878 to get a song that you have made recorded in your voice. Dial *9 to replicate the Airtel welcome music for Airtel phone numbers.

Code To Activate Airtel Caller Tunes

You need to dial the number 543211 and comply with the guidelines issued to replicate the caller tone from every other telecommunication company.

Type SET into your SMS message and send it to 543211 to select a song as your caller tune. Dial 543211 and the tune source code to choose a particular song as the caller tune.

Airtel customers must dial 543211 from their active phone numbers in order to subscribe to the Hello Tune service. If you currently know the song code, then you can send a text message to select the music as your caller tune. Enter the song code after typing SET (leaving a space between the two). It should be sent to the Airtel official caller tone number 543211.

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Wynk App Airtel Caller Tune Setting

Setting the caller tune is quite simple if you currently use the Wynk app. Even better, you do not have to select the song using the caller tune code. Here’s how to use the Wynk app to change your caller tune.

  • If you haven’t already, download and install the Wynk application on your mobile device.
  • To sign up, use your Airtel registered number if you already have the Wynk app installed on your phone.
  • Find the song you wish to use as your caller tune by searching for it.
  • Listen to the song before deciding to use it as your hello tune.
  • Select and enable the “Tune button” tab to make it active.

The music becomes your caller tune as soon as you select the “tune button.” On the other hand, users ought to adjust the APN network configuration if the internet service is weak and you forget to enable the caller tune.

By doing this, Airtel’s network connection will be improved, and you can then use the same procedure to make your preferred music your caller tune. This is a good procedure, and it works perfectly.

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What is the Number for Airtel Caller Tune?

Airtel users can dial 543215 to enable Airtel Caller Tune or Hello Tune.

How Do I Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune?

To stop the Airtel Caller Tune or Hello Tune, Airtel users can dial 543211808.


Caller tunes are one of the value-added features that Airtel provides to its customers. Actually, Airtel refers to this as Hello Tunes. The callers would be capable of hearing the set tune rather than the ring tone until you respond to the call once you’ve selected the caller tune.

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