How to Deactivate Airtel Freedom Plan Now

Learn how to deactivate Airtel Freedom Plan in a few minutes. If you’re among those looking for a fast method to cancel, stop, or opt-out of the Airtel Freedom Plan, then this is post is for you.

I have seen people testify about the wonderful works of a tariff plan like Airtel FP. 

Yes, you know the benefits that come with it isn’t it?

The Airtel Freedom pricing is a plan that allows you to save money when making calls. Yes, you can make 12kobo per second (12k/sec) calls and send text messages for 4Naira each SMS (N4/SMS). But the thing is that not everyone enjoys the tariff plan, and that’s why you want to deactivate Airtel Freedom Plan.

Yes, Mr. A and Mr. B’s choices can’t be the same. That’s enough reason why this post was created to solve this exact problem.

You’ll learn how to opt out of Freedom Plan in a few seconds by simply migrating to another tariff plan on Airtel Nigeria.

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Deactivating Airtel Freedom Plan

It’s important to know the reason why you want to deactivate a tariff plan. Yes, for you to deactivate Airtel Freedom Plan, make sure you have a solid plan.

The story behind tariff plans is not always clear and straightforward. Today, you see good reviews about a particular tariff plan and tomorrow every wants to deactivate, opt out and move to the next tariff plan.

Well, before deactivating the Airtel Freedom plan, I believe you’re aware of the benefits. Yes, Freedom Plan gives you exciting call rates when you migrate fully. …………(((((. Imagine you make calls at 12k per second and SMS at N4 per message.))))

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Anyways whatever has an upside, may definitely have a downside. And oftentimes, the downside doesn’t go well with people. This is one reason why you probably want to deactivate or cancel the Airtel Freedom Plan package.

Opt-Out Of Airtel FP Plan

You may have heard some news about the Airtel FP tariff plans, maybe through online advertisements and the rest. But you don’t get to know enough about the plan until you opt in.

Are there benefits of deactivation?

Well, every tariff plan comes with an enticing offer. Yes, something that triggers customers to like the Airtel Freedom Plan is the amazing call rate and SMS charges.

Now, you can’t tell which plan is better until you deactivate Airtel Freedom Plan and migrate to another tariff plan in Nigeria.

Learn how to deactivate or opt out in today’s post below.

How to Deactivate Airtel Freedom Plan (Stop Tariff Plan)

If you belong to this group and are looking for information on how to stop or leave the Airtel Freedom Plan, deactivate Airtel Freedom Plan, opt out of Airtel Freedom Plan, or unsubscribe from Airtel Freedom Plan, just keep reading this post. You’ll also discover how to switch from Airtel Freedom Plan to other advantageous tariff plans on the Airtel network.

  • Just dial *121# and select the “Billing & Tariff” response option.
  • Choose your favorite tariff plan from the options.
  • Proceed with the migration after clicking OK.
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That is how the Airtel Freedom tariff plan is deactivated. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that switching to a different tariff plan of your choosing just entails deactivating Freedom Plan. Got it? Let’s proceed…


Code To Cancel or Opt Out From Airtel Freedom Plan 

I would have easily said dial *****# to cancel, stop, or opt-out of the Airtel Freedom Plan. But that’s not the case here…

The correct approach to deactivate the Freedom tariff plan is by migrating to another tariff plan. I.e, a New tariff plan on Airtel or a tariff plan that you’ve previously activated.

Now, the truth behind migrating to a new tariff plan is that:

  • Migrating is free for the first time. But if you deactivate Airtel Freedom Plan, migrate to another tariff plan and try to activate Airtel FP again within 30 days, you’ll be charged N100,
  • That’s the migration fee. Hope you get it right. Let’s move on…
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You’re required to know the exact tariff plan you’ll like to migrate to right after you deactivate the Airtel Freedom plan. Yes, migrating to a new plan is equal to deactivating the previous one.

On Airtel Nigeria, the process is simple. Yes, to cancel or stop your Freedom Plan on airtel, just dial *121# on your phone dialer app. Navigate to the ‘Billing And Tariff’  section and select a new package to activate.

Now, is it possible to opt out of Freedom Plan using the SMS? 

There’s no method for this yet. You can only migrate out of the airtel Freedom Plan using the USSD code *121#.

Should I Call customer care?

Yes, you can call the Airtel customer care line if you’re still finding it difficult to deactivate your Airtel Freedom Plan. 

Simply dial 111 from an Airtel phone to reach customer service for Airtel.

If you are not using an Airtel phone or you are outside of the United States, you can also dial +234 802 150 0111.

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FAQs – How To Stop Freedom Plan On Airtel

How do I turn off Freedom Plan?

Open your phone Caller App and Simply dial *121#, choose “Billing & Tariff” as the response, and then choose the tariff plan of your choice.  Then, choose the package that you want.

How can I opt out of the Airtel Freedom Plan?

Just dial *121# and select the “Billing & Tariff” response option.

Choose your favorite tariff plan from the options.

Continue with the migration after clicking OK.

How can I change my Airtel Freedom Plan?

  • Dial the code *121# when your phone is open to begin the migration process right away. Yes, I mean the process to change Airtel Freedom Plan.
  • Now, Select Option 5 which is ‘Billing & Tariff’ after dialing *121#.
  • Choose 1 to select a new tariff plan aside from Freedom Plan.

Have You Deactivated Freedom Plan?

Freedom is a tariff plan designed for callers. That’s those who prefer making calls. Yes, this post only shows you how to deactivate the Airtel Freedom plan. Nothing more…

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Airtel Freedom is one of those plans that helps you enjoy cheap call rates. No jokes, there are more tariff plans on Airtel with unlimited benefits. For your information, this is not the first voice plan from Airtel.

Have you learned How to Deactivate Airtel Freedom Plan? Leave a comment in the comment section if you have any contributions.

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