How to Deactivate MTN Connect Flexi Plan

Today, you’ll learn how to deactivate MTN Connect Flexi plan on NetworkPalava. This post is for you if you’re one of the people looking for an easy way to stop using the MTN Connect Flexi tariff plan.

I have heard testimony regarding the great things that a tariff plan like MTN Connect Flexi can do for you.

Yes, you are aware of the advantages that come with it.

The tariff plan isn’t something that everyone likes, which is why you wish to deactivate MTN Connect Flexi.

The decisions made by Mr. A and Mr. B cannot be the same. That’s a good enough rationale for why this piece was written—to address this particular issue.

You can quickly leave Connect Flexi by switching to a different MTN Nigeria tariff plan, which takes only a few seconds.


Deactivating the MTN Connect Flexi Plan

Knowing your motivation for deactivating a tariff plan is crucial. Yes, you must have a sound plan in place before you deactivate MTN Connect Flexi.

Tariff plan explanations are not always simple and straightforward. You might read positive reviews of a certain tariff plan today, but the following day everyone will want to deactivate it, opt out, and switch to a different tariff plan.

I suppose you are already aware of the advantages of the MTN Connect Flexi plan before canceling it. Yes, when you fully migrate, Connect Flexi rewards you with airtime and additional data.

Anyhow, anything with an advantage may undoubtedly have a disadvantage. The disadvantage frequently doesn’t sit well with folks. You may want to deactivate or cancel your MTN Connect Flexi plan for a number of reasons, including this.


Opt-Out Of MTN Connect Flexi Plan

Perhaps through online advertisements and other means, you may have heard some news concerning the MTN Connect Flexi tariff plans. However, until you choose to participate, you cannot learn enough about the plan.

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Are there benefits of deactivation?

Well, there is a tempting offer for every tariff plan. Yes, MTN Connect Flexi’s data bonuses are something that attracts clients.

You won’t know which tariff plan in Nigeria is superior unless you deactivate MTN Connect Flexi and switch to a different one.

Today’s post explains how to deactivate or opt out.


How to Deactivate MTN Connect Flexi (Stop Tariff Plan)

Continue reading if you fall into this category and want to know how to stop or leave MTN Connect Flexi, deactivate MTN Connect Flexi, opt out of MTN Connect Flexi, or unsubscribe from MTN Connect Flexi.

You’ll also discover how to switch from MTN Connect Flexi to other advantageous tariff plans on the MTN network.

  • Simply dial *123#
  • Select the option for “Tariff Plans”
  • Choose the option for any of your preferred tariff plans.
  • Reply with “1” to complete the migration process, and click OK.
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And that’s it! Yes, that’s the code to deactivate MTN Connect Flexi, and how to opt-out of MTN Connect Flexi on your SIM.

The MTN Connect Flexi tariff plan gets cancelled in this manner. However, keep in mind that switching to a new tariff plan only necessitates deactivating Connect Flexi. Got it? Let’s move on.



Code To Cancel or Opt Out From MTN Connect Flexi 

I would have mentioned that you can opt out of MTN Connect Flexi by dialing *****# with ease. But that’s not the situation here…

Switching to a different tariff plan is the proper way to deactivate the Connect Flexi tariff plan. I.e., a newly available MTN tariff plan or a tariff plan that you have already activated.

The reality of switching to a new tariff scheme is as follows:

  • For the first time, moving is free. However, you will be charged N100 if you deactivate MTN Connect Flexi, switch to a different tariff plan, and then attempt to activate MTN Connect Flexi once again within 30 days.
  • That’s the migration fee. I hope you understand. Let’s continue…
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After deactivating the MTN Connect Flexi plan, you must already know the precise tariff plan to which you want to switch. In fact, switching to a new plan is the same as deactivating the old one.

It is simple to use MTN Nigeria. Yes, simply dial *123# on your phone’s dialer app to terminate or deactivate Connect Flexi on MTN. To activate a new package, go to the “Tariff Plans” area and make your selection.

Now, is there a way to unsubscribe from Connect Flexi through SMS?

There is currently no mechanism for this. Only the SMS number *123# can be used to leave MTN Connect Flexi.


Should I Call customer care?

If you’re still having trouble deactivating MTN Connect Flexi, you can phone the MTN customer care line.

If you want to contact MTN customer support, just call 180 from an MTN phone.

You can also call +234 803 100 0180 if you are not in the United States or are not using an MTN phone.

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FAQs – How To Stop Connect Flexi On MTN

See the answers to the most asked questions about canceling CF plan.

How can I stop MTN from deducting my money?

The below codes will help you cancel all services that are causing MTN to deduct your money or airtime every time:

  • SMS “STOP” to 2442 if you wish to stop having money taken out of your account for undesired third-party subscriptions.
  • If you wish to access the internet while using airtime, dial *131*200#.
  • To halt service, enter *131*201#.
  • To lock or unlock your airtime, enter *33*0000#.
  • Dial *123*4*5# and respond with 1, choose the subscription you wish to opt-out of, and then confirm that you want to unsubscribe in order to cancel any active MTN subscriptions (including play services).


How can I migrate from MTN pulse to normal?

It’s simple. Just decide on the tariff plan you’ll like to migrate to. Then, dial the migration code and you’re good to go. See the code to migrate from iPulse to Normal here…

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How Can I Deactivate MTN Connect Flexi?

Change to a different MTN tariff plan to end MTN Connect Flexi. Dial *123#, choose ‘TARIFF PLANS’, and then select a different plan from the list to accomplish this. This also holds true with any other MTN package.

If you’re among those asking; ‘How do I deactivate my MTN plan?‘ this should answers your question.



You ought to be aware of a few facts regarding deactivating MTN plans in Nigeria if you’ve read thus far.

Have your learned How to Deactivate MTN Connect Flexi? Leave a comment in the comment section if you have any contributions.

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