How To Unlock Jio Phone

Learn how to unlock Jio Phone on NetworkPalava: If you desire to make use of a sim card from a different telecom provider with your Jio phone, you’ve come to the perfect place where you can learn how to unlock your Jio phone and use it for a different sim.

If you are among those who have a Jio phone but a sim card from another provider, such as Airtel, Vodafone, etc., that is widely used by your family, friends, and the majority of the population, and you wish to unlock it for useful purposes, this article will definitely help you.

The information in this post will also help you if you attempted to insert a different sim card from a different network operator and you encountered an error message like “Sim Card is Locked.”

The Jio phone’s Kaios operating system was designed in such a manner that other network sim cards would not function until they were properly fixed.

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The topic of whether we can use a different SIM card in a Jio phone now arises. Therefore, let’s find out below if we may utilize a SIM card from a different provider, such as Vodafone, Airtel, etc.

How to unlock a Jio phone to use a different SIM card

If you implement the instructions here, every piece of existing data on your Jio phone will be completely wiped, so be careful to keep any critical data on another storage device.

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In addition to this, if your contacts are saved in the internal memory of your Jio phone, be sure to also back them up. Consequently, let’s quickly go over the steps you must take:

  • To start, you must download the necessary software and unlocking tools for Jio phones.
  • The Jio phone must then be flashed with the customized operating system using software applications.
  • The IMEI number has to be entered last.

Before continuing, you must record the IMEI number of your Jio phone elsewhere in your notes or on another piece of paper.

How to use the tool and software to unlock a Jio phone for a different SIM

You would be required to download the necessary tools and applications on your computer or laptop device.

It is important to download the applications and tools listed below.

Step 1:

Jio Phone Flash File: In order to download a modified operating system to your Jio phone, you must first obtain a flash file. You can get the software application by typing and searching for “Jio phone flash file” on Google.

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Step 2:

Miracle Box 20.8 Free Software: This program allows you to unlock the Jio phone in order to use a different sim card. You will therefore need to install the most needed tools. With the aid of this program, the entire procedure will be completed.

Step 3:

Qualcomn Driver software: To make a connection between the box software and the Jio phone via a computer or laptop, you must install the qualcom driver software.

Step 4:

Qualcomm Imei software: The Jio phone’s imei number is removed once it’s flashed with the modified operating system. In order to use the IMEI number on your Jio Phone, you can use this application.

Users will only fully understand how to unlock a Jio phone for another sim card after installing the necessary software and tools.

How to use the IMEI number in the custom operating system to unlock the Jio phone for a different SIM usage.

As a result of using the box software and the above procedure, the Jio phone is reset with the new mobile operating system. The prior operating system of the Jio phone has been erased. Hence, the IMEI number will then be completely removed from your Jio phone.

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As a result, you will need to use the Qualcomm IMEI application to perform the earlier IMEI number again with the new operating system. Then, utilizing all available options, you may effortlessly unlock your Jio phone to use with another SIM card.

If it has been deleted, your IMEI Number will show as 0, which may be checked by dialing the USSD code *#06.

To learn how to unlock a Jio phone for a different SIM card by changing the IMEI number, follow the instructions below:

  • After flashing the Jio phone, turn it on.
  • After obtaining the QLM IMEI Repair tool, run it.
  • In the IMEI 1 & IMEI 2 areas, enter the prior IMEI number.
  • After clicking “Write IMEI Number,” you will receive a confirmation message.

The former IMEI number will effectively be converted to the present operating system if you comply with the instructions above. You might have learned how to unlock a Jio phone for another sim by implementing the three major steps mentioned above and how to do them.

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Can we utilize the internet, make calls, or send texts after unlocking the Jio Phone SIM?

Yes, the SIM card is entirely unlocked as soon as you flash and activate the IMEI number on the Jio phone using the new modified operating system. All operations, including calling, internet, and SMS, can be used with the other sim when it is inserted into a Jio phone.

As a result, once you have removed the sim lock from your Jio phone, you won’t experience any issues using the calling or internet services. Any sim card, including Idea, Airtel, and other sim cards, may be used.

To ensure correct use by all sim card operators, new proprietary operating systems have been designed.

Can we unlock every Jio phone SIM model?

This procedure has not been tested on every smartphone, so this question can’t be appropriately answered. However, based on reports and findings, it might function on a different Jio phone type.

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If you own a Jio phone of the F90M type, you can unlock it to use a different sim card from another network.

How To Unlock Jio Phone – Conclusion

Follow the guidelines in this article to unlock your Jio phone. The guiding steps are easy to follow and use. The information in this article will definitely help you to unlock your Jio phone.

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