Zong Free Internet Code (December 2023) | 80GB, 50 GB, 10GB, 1GB

This post shows you how to activate the Zong free internet code for the sim. Yes, if you’ve been searching for new tricks on how to browse the internet for free using the Zong network, then this is your chance to activate your line.

Most people don’t get it right.

This whole free internet cheat code on Zong is not just about the words and sounds you hear everywhere. Now, you may ask; does it work?

It’s up to you to try them out and select the one that is suitable for your Zong sim card, since age may affect some Zong free internet cheats.

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About Zong Internet Codes

Don’t get it twisted, though. Getting an active free browsing code is not easy. In the voice of the crowd; ‘Free internet codes are not easy to get.

Well, that’s true to some extent. But once you get the working cheat, activating them is very simple. Don’t overthink this. It’s not always a free pass.

If a free internet code is active on Zong, then it’s likely to work for selected SIM and not all of them.

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There are a few things involved in activating a free internet trick, you may need the Zong subscription code or the new settings to apply on a working virtual private network (VPN) mobile app.

Got it?

So, this means that the time for this free internet code also affects how well it works for you regardless of the phone you use.

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Learn more on how to get Zong free internet by scrolling slowly. Also, see the Ooredoo Free Internet VPN Code here…

zong free internet code cheat

How To Get Zong Free Internet

If you follow thoroughly, you’ll notice that there are a couple of free internet codes on Zong. Maybe because of how popular the network appears to be.

Now, not all the internet code works. Some work while some don’t and there’s more to it than most people think about Zong settings.

One reason why it won’t work is how you apply the subscription code, the Zong free VPN settings, etc. It also has to do with your eligibility and wherever or not the Zong free internet VPN code still exists.

Now, let’s proceed to find out the simple step-by-step process on how to activate Zong for unlimited internet access on your mobile phone and PC.

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Zong Free Internet Code 2023

Zong is Pakistan’s second largest internet provider. This telecommunication is owned by China but runs in Pakistani.

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Compared to other telecommunications carriers in the country, Zong provides extensive coverage and a variety of appealing data offerings.

There are some codes given in this section but that’s not all the available Zong internet codes.

People keep wondering if there’s any new code available for all the Zong users to benefit from and providing these codes is the focus of today’s post.

Quick One: Airtel 5GB Free Data Number

Below are some of the most common free data codes on Zong. So, try them out on your phone and give feedback in the comment section.

Data VolumeActivation CodeValidity
Free 4GB*568#*11# or *44# or *102#1day
Free 1.5GB*537*2#
Free 2GB*117*111*2#
Free 1GB*7863*86#1day
Free 1GB*563*85*23#7days
Free 500MB*56*8*23#

Now, it’s up to you to select your favorite free data package. It’s all free. If you dial one of the codes given above, you’ll get your desired data volume in no time.

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Also, you must understand that the plane may be sim selective which means that it won’t work for everyone.


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Zong 80gb Free Internet Code

Keep in mind that you can only get free MBs if you are chosen for the One Plus One Offer.

That said; You can check your eligibility “whether you are eligible to get 80GB on MBB device or not” here using two tricks:

  • Open your phone dialer app and simply dial *9# from your Zong SIM and enter your MBB number to see if your MBB number is eligible for the free 80GB.

Now, send a new SMS to 6555 with your MBB number in the subject line.

On your Zong MBB device, you will be notified via SMS whether “you can get free data or not.” Furthermore, this is the only way to determine the user’s eligibility to receive data.

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How To Activate or Subscribe To The 80GB Free Data On Zong

Follow the guidelines below to get the free data shown below.

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Turn on your MBB device, or if it is still “on” and working, check your MBB number eligibility using the method outlined above. If you get a positive signal, then follow these steps to get free data on your MBB device:

When you receive a signal from *9# or SMS ‘MBB Number’ to 6555, you should:

  • Visit a Zong franchise, Zong CSC, or a retail location nearby.
  • Request that they activate the One Plus One Offer on your MBB device.

That’s all! You’ll get some free MBs. This is based on the MBB bundle you had.

  • To wrap it all up, the Zong 80GB free internet code: is *565*1*8#. So, just open your dial pad, type in and send the code.

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Zong Free internet 600gb gift

If you haven’t gotten the Zong free internet 600GB gift, then you’re missing a lot. Read this section carefully to understand what it takes.

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Zong 4G is providing free internet access to all Zong MBB users.

As a result, all MBB Device (SIM) customers who wish to gain free data should read this page to get accurate information regarding the free offer.

Prepare to receive a free internet bundle for an endless period. As a result, we have included the whole information of this gift in these simple guidelines (but fup* applies).

Plans keep changing, so you may not get the 600GB gift this season. But there are some amazing packages designed for you

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Special Offer on Zong SIM – Not 600GB gift

This package is called the Zong SIM Lagao Offer and you must apply the instructions below to get your sim activated:

  • Simply dial *2244# on your phone or send an SMS to 2244 using your deactivated sim card. Then, 4000Mbs of the internet will be provided to you without charge.
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You can watch this short video below to activate this new cheat on Zong. Watch it below before it’s deleted:

Enjoy yourself.

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Can I Get 10GB On Zong For Free?

Other codes are dope but this one is very unique. Yes, you will get the zong 10GB free internet code as you read the content in this section.

To obtain free Zong internet on your SIM, use these codes. Comment the codes in the comment section if they don’t work for you. You’ll get the latest code below:

Data VolumeActivation Code
Free 10GB*900*10*28#
Free 50 GB*215*55*1#
Free 1GB*555*4*12#

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To get the Zong 10GB free data For Unlimited browsing; Simply dial *900*10*28# and you’ll receive a confirmation message from Zong. This message shows whether the activation was successful or otherwise.

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Try out some more tricks below:

  • Get Free 50 GB by dialing *215*55*1#
  • 1GB Free code; simply dial *555*4*12#

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Zong 10GB Free Internet Code 2023

Get Free internet access from Zong without a balance.

  • To access 5 GB of free internet; simply dial *117*9# from your Zong SIM. This code should show a popup message to confirm the accessible data you require.
  • After that, just dial *117*9*2# to check your remaining MBs. Additionally, you can receive GBs of free Internet bandwidth with no balance.

Simply dial *832# on your phone dialer app to Receive 5GB of free internet data to browse online.

That’s all you must do to claim the free 10GB internet code on Zong today.

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Zong 1GB Free Internet Code

If you’re interested in activating the Zong 1GB free internet code monthly gift, then you’ll find this part helpful.

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We consistently recommend Zong SIM to people who continue to look for free internet bundles because of this.

Now, let’s get started to learn more about the Zong tricks and new codes for the free internet package.

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How To Activate

This is an approved program under which the network will give all numbers that dial the *6565# code a free 1GB (1000 MBs) of data.

Follow these guidelines below to activate the free 1GB data on Zong SIM:

  • First thing; Simply dial *6565# from Zong prepaid SIM. Then wait for the popup screen with 5 options to show up. After that, continue with the other instructions.
  • Now, reply 5 from the options you see to get the ‘1GB data‘ for Free.
  • Zong will confirm the “Free 1 GB Data for 30 Days” offer, and you must respond with “1” to subscribe.
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Now you’ll see a notification that says “You have sent the command successfully, and please check your message later.” Simply press the “OK” button and wait a few seconds.

Finally, you will get an SMS confirmation. Open your mailbox to find that your account now has 1GB of free data. 1000 MBs of 3G/4G internet are available.

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Alternative Method To Activate Free 1GB

The same package can be activated in another way, which is quite straightforward. You only need to text the word “Y” to the number “6767.”

  • In short, open your Messaging App, and SMS ‘Y’ to ‘6767’. Then wait for the result.

Users in Pakistan can enjoy quick browsing and video streaming at any time of the day thanks to Zong’s provision of the country’s fastest internet.

You must be aware that only old sim customers can enjoy this 1GB free Zong internet bundle. This deal cannot be activated if you just purchased or activate a new sim card.

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Only three (3) days remain in the Zong free internet promotion. Whether or not you use it, this will inevitably expire. So, try to use it up as soon as possible.

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Activate any of the Zong internet packages 4G or 3G and get unlimited speed on your smartphone or tablet.

This 1GB free net offer helps you to enjoy your favorite social media apps and browse the internet.

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Zong Free Internet Code New SIM

This part covers the necessary information about the Zong free internet codes for new sim. It means that if you just registered and activated your Zong SIM, this cheat code is for you.

Don’t ignore this Zong new sim free internet code if you need a free browsing cheat and you just purchase a new line.

Zong is the first Telecommunication business in Pakistan to offer 4G LTE internet to customers who use its sim cards.

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Many people are attracted to their full-speed internet, and other network users are switching to MNP (mobile number portability).

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They can do this without altering their phone number and switching to the Zong network.

  • To receive the bonus of 4,000 MB (including 1 GB of WhatsApp and 1 GB of Facebook) and 1000 On-Net Minutes for 7 Days, simply dial *10# once after activating your SIM.

The Offer changes though. You may get higher data volume or otherwise. Yes, it depends on when you dial it and how soon you activate it. So take note.

  • Again, to subscribe to the offer; simply dial *10# on your phone dialer app. You’re to do this once after activating SIM.

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Important Note About The New SIM-Free Internet Code

This deal is only valid for Prepaid Zong SIM cards activated (or ported in) on November 1st, 2017. MBB and Internet SIM are not included in the offer.

Now, after activating the SIM, the subscriber must phone *10# once to receive the 4,000 MB (including 1 GB WhatsApp and 1 GB Facebook) and 1000 On Net Minutes for 7 days.

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The offer is subject to change at any time. Your SIM card is your identification; only use SIM cards with Biometric Verification – PTA. Got it?

The abovementioned SIM Card or personalized cellphone number is and shall always be the sole property of CMPak Data Resources are not available between the hours of 7 p.m. and 11:59 p.m.

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Quick Code To Activate Zong 1GB

  • Simply dial *10# in the dial pad app if you registered and activated a new Zong SIM. You will receive the following bundles for free and valid for seven (7) days only.

Now, you’ll get other free bundles attached to the 1GB plan.

They include; 2GB of free internet, the Zong Mints 1000 Value 7 Days, the Whatsapp 1GB Free, and the Free Facebook 1GB package. You can use this Zong free internet offer only once after acquiring a Zong sim card.

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Zong Free Internet App Gift

Another amazing way to enjoy free net access is through VPN apps. You’re about to get the Zong free internet apps to download links to a working app.

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Yes, once you set up correctly and connect it, you’re on your way to unlimited free browsing.

You can follow the guidelines to configure another VPN for free internet on Zong in a few seconds.

If you install my Zong app from the Google Play store, you will receive 6 GB of free data. This deal is only good for the first time you use it.

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Just follow these steps to acquire 6GB of free Zong data:

  • Go to the PlayStore and search for ‘My Zong app‘.
  • Tap on the ‘Install‘ button and wait for the app to be installed on your phone.
  • Now, open the My Zong app.
  • With your Zong number, create a new account. Make sure you enter all the required details in the space provided.
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After that, you will notice a free 6000MB on the app after entering into your account. Enjoy!

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Using UC Handler & New Proxy Settings For Zong Free Internet

This is an incredible Zong free internet trick that allows you to use Facebook, YouTube, and many other sites for free using a proxy configuration.

Simply adhere to the settings listed below to get free internet on a Zong sim. You must download UC Handler from Google to enjoy free Internet on Zong.

Then, simply follow these steps:

  • First, download UC Handler from Google Chrome and then configure it.
  • Choose Real Proxy and enter the following information:
    • In Type Enter: Http
    • And In Real Proxy Server: 119.160.92.
    • Port: 80
  • Get Yoga VPN now, then connect using the default settings.

Simply connect and start using the free internet to enjoy free Zong internet in UC Handler.

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More VPN Cheats For Zong 2023 (Gift)

This free internet cheat is known as the Zong Free Youtube Code. No doubt, it’s also linked to the Zong Unlimited Data Trick for this month.

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All movie lovers can use this Zong unlimited Internet hack. We have a device that will allow you to save bandwidth and stream the movie of your choice for free if you enjoy watching movies on YouTube.

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How to use the Zong YouTube free data trick is shown below:

  • From the Google Play Store, download and install Yoga VPN.
  • After that, connect to Yoga VPN using the VPN’s default settings.
  • Any screen recorder app can be installed from the Google Play Store.

Finally, start the screen recorder that was installed and Find the movie of your choice by opening YouTube.

Watch the film, and the entire thing will be automatically recorded and saved in a folder.

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Zong Free Internet Using UC Browser & Proxy

Using the UC browser for free on a Zong Sim card is possible.

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This is an incredible Zong free internet trick that allows you to use Facebook, YouTube, and many other sites for free using a proxy configuration.

But, you must download UC Browser from Google first to utilize the free Wi-Fi on Zong.

Follow the guidelines below to learn how to set up this Zong free internet trick:

  • From Google Chrome, download UC Browser.
  • Go to Settings and then Open Access Points.

Now, Create A New Access point and set it like the below:

  • APN: Zong Internet
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80

Now, save everything and exit settings.

Go to UC Browser right now to access the free internet. That’s how to enjoy unlimited free internet using Zong.

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Zong Free Internet Setting

Start using the Zong SIM Unlimited Free VPN Access without a limit. To use Zong’s free internet, download the VPN Tube. Then, just follow these simple instructions below:

  • Open the Google Play store. and search for VPN tube to see what results appear.
  • Download and install VPN Tube to make it usable on your phone.
  • Go to the settings section of your Android device.
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After that, you must create a new access point. Do so following the guidelines below:

  • NAME: Zong VPN
  • APN: access to the internet
  • MCC Type: 410
  • Mnc Type: 01

Simply connect it to your internet once, and afterward connect it to your mobile device. Great! Your Android device’s free internet access is now activated.

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Quick Proxy Cheat On Zong – Zong Free Internet New Proxy 2023

To access the internet for free on a Zong Sim using a proxy setting today;

  • Go to Settings
  • Locate and select Mobile Network
  • In your Mobile Network settings, add a new Access Point.

Now configure the new access point as follows:

  • Proxy:
  • Port: 80
  • Real proxy server address: HTTP Redirect
  • Finally, ignore other settings and save the APN. Also, make sure you activate the new apn you created. You’ll need it to gain free access to the internet on Zong.
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Once connected, download the VPN app from the Google Play Store to start using the free Zong internet.

I hope this Zong free internet proxy settings work for your phone. Let us know in the comment section.

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Zong Free Internet & Calls

To receive the bonus of 2GB Data, 50 Off-Net Minutes, and 1000 On Net Minutes for 3 Days, simply dial *22# after making a minimum of a PKR 50 recharge.

Important Note

Only Prepaid Zong SIMs with this offer are eligible (or ported in). After the SIM is activated, the offer is still good for 90 days.

Only a few regions in Punjab are eligible for this offer. In the 90 days following the SIM’s activation date, multiple resubscriptions are permitted.

To receive the bonus of 2GB Data, 50 Off-Net Minutes, and 1000 On Net Minutes for 3 Days, a subscriber must dial *22# after making a minimum of a PKR 50 recharge.

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This offer could be changed at any time. Make sure you use only SIM cards with biometric verification because they serve as your identity, advises the PTA.

It is CMPak’s sole property to own the aforementioned SIM Card or customized mobile number.

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FAQs –

How can I get free internet in Zong?

You can get free internet in zong by dialing the require codes. Not just any code you feel like dialing. Simply dial *44# or *754# to get free 4GB data (and free 400 minutes) valid for 7 days).

Is Zong giving free data?

You can get the Zong data gift by complying with the demands. Scroll up to learn more in this post.

How can I get free MB on Zong MBB?

To get free data on Zong MBB; simply open your phone dial pad and dial *6767# from the Zong Master number, then select ‘Subscribe Bundles‘, select any MBB bundle of your choice and finally, enter the MBB number to get free MB on Zong MBB.

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Now, Over To You?

If you’ve read up to this point, then it’s obvious that the Zong free internet settings, gift, VPN apps, and codes are already working for you.

On the other hand, you can’t predict the result you get after applying the free internet settings given here.

Do you have any challenges connecting these Zong cheat codes? Comment below…

Important Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. You’re responsible for how you use the settings on your phone. NetworkPalava has no internet of breaking any network law. This is also a way of informing Zong of the leakage in their internet service.

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