How to Unlock T-Mobile Phones

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T-Mobile phones are very popular and convenient to use because of their effective features and durability. Depending on how long you have used your T-Mobile, one of the reasons your T-Mobile might be unlocked.

Below are the steps to follow to unlock your T-Mobile phone:

Once you are using a good web browser, log into your T-Mobile account and tap your number on the account page. If you are using the T-Mobile app, note that this feature is not supported by the app. You just have to log in via the web browser, not the T-Mobile app.

Click on the icon that shows “check device.” To see if your phone is unlocked, look at the unlock status.

The Requirements To Unlock T-Mobile Phones

There are some requirements that make you qualified to unlock your T-Mobile. It does not matter what T-Mobile plan you have subscribed to, you are expected to meet these requirements. There are slight similarities to the other carriers.

Below are the things to consider before your T-Mobile phone can be unlocked.

  • There is a possibility that T-Mobile has sold the device.
  • It can be reported as stolen, lost, or blocked 
  • Your account must be active.

As long as you have tried your best to meet the requirements above, then unlocking your T-Mobile is not an issue.

There are two ways to note that you are eligible to unlock your T-Mobile device.

Postpaid Eligibility to Unlock T-Mobile Phones

If you have a postpaid T-Mobile plan, make sure you follow these steps to confirm your information before thinking about unlocking your T-Mobile device.

  • Your device must have been active for at least 40 days.
  • If you clicked on the option for monthly device payment, then it must be renewed in full.
  • If your account is in cancellation mode, make sure the balance is at zero.
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There is a reservation made by T-Mobile for the right to prove any additional requirements needed from you. They will confirm to you that they are legally sent to get those documents from you.

Prepaid Eligibility to Unlock T-Mobile Phones

If you chose prepaid as your T-Mobile plan, you will have to follow the steps I have listed below:

  • Your device must have been active on your t-mobile network for more than 365 days.
  • If your device has not been active for a year, it must have a record of more than $100 during your active period.
  • T-mobile will also request proof of purchase and other necessary information from you.

After you have gone through the process of ensuring that your T-Mobile is eligible, whether prepaid or postpaid, you will have the right to complain when your T-Mobile is locked.

There are different steps you can take to unlock your T-Mobile phone based on the type of phone you are using.

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How to Unlock T-Mobile Phones For Android Users (Different Smartphones)

T-mobile does not distinguish any peculiar features when we talk about Android phones. Its selection is one of the best when we talk about effective carriers.

Appreciation goes to its relationship with Oneplus. This also means that there are different procedures that you must thoroughly follow depending on which kind of Android phone you are using.

SAMSUNG: How to Port Vodafone to Airtel

  • Move to your settings
  • Click on “connection” and tap on “more connection.”
  • Then click on network unlock


  • Click on the app settings
  • Tap on WiFi and internet
  • Scroll to sim and network
  • Click on “advanced network unlock” or “network unlock”

LG: How to Port Vodafone to Airtel

  • Go to settings
  • Click on network and Internet
  • Tap on Mobile Network
  • Click on the icons that show mobile network and scroll to “Advanced settings.”
  • Click on “Advanced Setting.”
  • Tap on “network unlock.”
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  • Click on settings
  • Scroll down to “network and Internet.”
  • Tap on “mobile network.”
  • Scroll down to advanced and tap on “network unlock.”

Note that when you click on unlock, you will have to click on the icon that shows, “permanent unlock.” It will take some time for the unlocking process to be completed.

Once the unlocking process is successful, your phone and phone number will come back to normal.

How to Unlock T-Mobile Phones on iPhone

Unlocking your T-Mobile using an iPhone is mostly easier than unlocking it using an Android device. Once your iPhone is eligible (prepaid or postpaid plan), contact T-Mobile customer service and they will immediately process your complaint.

If your iPhone shows “unlocked on T-mobile,” you will need to insert your non-T-mobile sim card to complete the full process.

For those who do not have a sim card at all, it is expected of you to back up your iPhone. But it is advisable to have a new SIM card to make the process easier.

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Other Device

If your device’s name has not been mentioned above, don’t feel bad. It doesn’t mean you don’t have solutions to your complaints. You have to head to the T-Mobile Device page for detailed procedures and follow the instructions on the page.

Unlocking T-Mobile Phones Conclusion

If after unlocking your phone, it still asks for an unlock code, then you will have to contact customer service to provide your unlock code.

I hope I have been able to teach you how to unlock T-Mobile phones. Thank you for reading.

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