MTN Plans That Allows/Support Share And Sell Now

I guess you are looking for the MTN plans that allow or support share and sell.

Cool, maybe you have an insufficient account balance, you have airtime and want to share with a friend or you want to borrow airtime from another MTN user.

MTN Share ‘N’ Sell is the simple solution to get to transfer from mtn to mtn line fast.

But before you begin the process of sharing airtime, you must follow the procedures given by mtn step by step.

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mtn plans that allows/support share and sell

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What Is MTN Share ‘N’ Sell?

Share ‘n’ sell is an airtime transfer service that allows you to send credit from your mtn account to other MTN customers’ accounts.

It may be your friends, family member, colleagues, co-workers, or anyone as long as he or she is an MTN user.

about mtn share and sell

Yeah, I know you may be wondering if anyone can pick up your phone and transfer credit at any time (of course, I know bad guys are everywhere, lol ?).

MTN is smart. They added a feature that demands you enter your PIN before any transfer can be possible.

Read this guide to see everything you must know about MTN transfer service.

Once you get your transfer PIN, you will be able to transfer a minimum of NGN50.00 and a maximum amount of NGN5,000.00 on a simple transaction.

Also, you are allowed a total of N10,000.00 per day.

As a result of the MTN Share ‘n’ Sell, you may become a Vendor (that is, someone that sells airtime online.)

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Follow the link above to learn more about the MTN transfer service.

For now, let me show you the MTN plans that supports Share ‘N’ Sell.

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MTN Tariff Plan That Support Share And Sell

Now, Which mtn plan supports share and sell?

Below is the list of tariff plans that allows MTN transfer service:

1. MTN Pulse

mtn pulse allows share and sell

A lot of individuals have been asking questions like; does mtn pulse support share and sell.

  • Yes, MTN pulse does accept share and sell.

MTN Pulse is a tariff plan that offers many opportunities for subscribers to browse the internet on cheap data plans.

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The data service it offers has nothing to do with the MTN Share ‘N’ Sell, so, feel free to get your transfer PIN and start sharing airtime with family and friends.

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2. MTN BetaTalk – Plans Support Share And Sell

mtn betatal allows share and sell

BetaTalk is a plan that rewards its customers with a 150% bonus on airtime recharge below N100 and 250% on airtime recharge from N100 and above.

  • Yes, it does allow Share And Sell but, you can’t share the bonus airtime.

3. MTN mPulse

mtn mPulse support share and sell

mPulse is a tariff plan that empowers teens between the ages of 9-15 with cheap data plans and educational content on the mPulse Website.

  • Yes, you can share the airtime you buy.

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4. MTN XtraValue – Plans that support share and sell

mtn xtravalue allows share and sell

To break it down, XtraValue was created for both callers and internet surfers. You get MORE Airtime for calls and SMS, You get MORE DATA for browsing the internet.

  • Yes, this is another mtn tariff plan that can transfer airtime

Important Note: All these MTM tariff plans allows Share ‘N’ Sell but you can’t share the bonus airtime or data.
Bonus Airtime is for you alone. However, you can show love by giving your phone to a friend or family member to make calls through your mtn line. (Make the bonus no waste, lol)

Now, in case you want to know if it’s possible to share data on MTN, read the guide below.

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MTN Plans That Allows Share And Sell

Get it right. It is 100% possible to share data from mtn to mtn line but the service is different.

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Now, below is a table of data plans that can be shared:

500MB + N1000 AirtimeNGN500*131*2#14days

To share data on MTN:

  • Simply dial *131# on your dialer.
  • Reply ‘1’ to select ‘Gift Data’.
  • Reply ‘1’ to select ‘Transfer from your data balance’.
  • On the next screen, Enter The Number you want to send airtime to.
  • Now, select the amount of data you want to send. (From 10MB, 50MB, and 100MB)

The maximum transfer per day is 100megabytes.

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Which Tariff Plan Allows MTN Share?

All the top MTN Tariff plans allow sharing with other numbers. Yes, you must figure out the code to reset your transfer pin, how to transfer airtime on mtn, and other helpful information added to this page.

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MTN Share ‘N’ Sell has been so helpful since the day it was launched. Like, for real, in a situation whereby you have insufficient airtime balance and you are nowhere near a recharge card store.

Just find an mtn user that has sufficient balance, introduce the MTN transfer service, transfer the amount you want, and pay the individual. Cool stuff.

Are you one of those asking about the MTN (tariff) plans that allows or support Share and Sell?

Hope this article helps you.

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