Airtel 300 For 1.5GB 7days Code 2023

Today’s post is about the Airtel 300 For 1.5GB code that enables you to get more data for less money spent on airtime.

Whether you like it or not, you need an active data bundle subscription to stay connected and browse your favorite stuff on the internet.

Stay tuned and enjoy the amazing benefits of this network. Just like the airtel 1.5GB for 300 Naira data plan, I will get you exposed to other amazing internet bundles that enable you to enjoy a better experience online for 7 days.

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About The Airtel 1.5GB Plan

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you should have noticed that MTN introduced a new data plan that gives 1.5GB for 300 Naira and also 200 for 1GB internet bundle.

Airtel on the other hand no go carry last na (lol). They also created a data plan that fits the average internet user which gives 1GB for 200 Naira.

Now, what you need to know about the Airtel 300 data bundle is that all prepaid customers are allowed to subscribe. You get to know if you’re eligible for this offer by dialing the code I provided.

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Airtel Nigeria may send a short SMS to you just to notify you of the special data deal they just launched. That message may teach you how to migrate to Airtel 300 For 1.5GB right away.

airtel 300 for 1.5gb code

Airtel 300 For 1.5GB Code To Subscribe

At this point, you must pay close attention to the short ussd code you’ll find in a few seconds.

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Yes, follow the guidelines below to activate or subscribe to the 300 naira plan.

  • Simply dial *141*2425# to get 1.5GB for 300 on airtel 2021.

Normally, the way to do this is; Open your phone dialer app, type the ussd code above and press the “Call Button” to send the request.

You’ll get a response from Airtel almost immediately. In the short pop-up or SMS, you’ll see that the 300 for 1.5GB internet bundle is valid for 7 days, which is approximately 1week.

No doubt, the Airtel 300 naira For 1.5GB is a weekly data plan. No pressure. Calm down. Enjoy your data (lol?).

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How To Be Eligible For 1.5GB Plan

If you’re new to this internet data bundle, you may be wondering if the plan is open to every new and old customer on the airtel network.

This is what you must know. Airtel surprises all their customers, and when you join the network doesn’t always matter.

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Here’s how to be eligible for Airtel 300 For 1.5GB;

  1. SMS Updates. If you receive a message from Airtel about the 1.5gb offer, then you’re eligible.
  2. USSD Code. You may not be notified. In this case, dial *141*2425# to confirm that you’ve been selected.

If you apply the USSD method on 0.00k account balance, you may get one of these two (2) responses;

  • One: Insufficient account balance.
  • Two: You’re not eligible.

Now, if you got the first message, this means that you’re eligible for the airtel 300 for 1GB 7 days code. Recharge your phone and try again.

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Related To Airtel 300 Naira Plans

This post is created to give you the simple guidelines to follow and apply to get whooping 1.5gigabyte data at a very low cost of N300. But there’s more for you.

Get your hands on some more cheap data plans data that cost less or more with BIGGER data volume to surf the internet with ease.

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1.5GB For 500 Airtel

This plan activation code may be different from the actual 300 for 1.5GB bundle on airtel. However, you can see a clear difference (hehe).

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You can’t compare N500 with 300naira. Being that they give you the same data volume.

  • Simply dial *141*505# to activate right away.

You’ll receive a confirmation message after few seconds of dialing the short USSD code above.

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Airtel 50 For 200MB

With just 50Naira, you’ll be given 200Megabytes to browse and download stuff on the internet.

The data volume may not sound so BIG to you but, hello, the data plan price is very cheap (lol?). Aren’t you surprised that an N50 naira data bundle still exists?

Well, I think the Airtel 1.5GB for 300 naira is better than this. Or what do you think? Say something in the comment section below this post.

  • Simply dial *141*54# to subscribe to the 200MB for N50 plan.

As always, you’ll get a response from Airtel. Yes, either via Pop-up message or a short SMS sent to you.

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In case you don’t know, this is the Airtel Facebook and WhatsApp bundle that’s valid for 7days.

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How To Check Your 1.5GB For N300 Data Balance

It’s simple.

I always lay emphasis on monitoring your available data volume from time to time. Yes, you can’t buy a data bundle on Airtel and skip this part.

The 300 for 1.5GB data plan on Airtel is a bonus offer they introduced. And because of this, the service may misbehave.

You know what I mean; higher data consumption rates or some related.

Now, you can continue browsing from where you stopped. Enjoy yourself.

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Most Asked Questions

What Is The Airtel 300 For 1GB 7 days code?

The activate code is short and straight to the point. All you need to do is; open your phone dialer app, type in the ussd code, and dial it.

Simply dial *141*1*5*4# to subscribe to the airtel 300 for 1GB weekly plan.
For your information though, this is the unlimited social bundle on Airtel.

You can also subscribe manually by dialing *141#, reply 1, reply 5, and finally, reply 4 to activate the 300 Naira Unlimited bundle.

That’s all. You can dial *608*1# to check your eligibility status.

What Is The Best Airtel 300 Naira Monthly Subscription Code?

You can subscribe to the 1.5GB data plan that costs N300 only. The subscription code is given in this post you’re reading now.

However, if you need more amazing data plans on NetworkPalava, see other cheap data plans here…

Have You Subscribed?

If you followed up to this point, this means that you understand how the Airtel 300 For 1.5gb data plan works, and the ussd code to activate or subscribe to it.

Do you face any difficulty activating this plan?

Which other questions do you have? Comment below…

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