Code To Link NIN To MTN Faster 2023

The code to link NIN to MTN is one of the most requested resources ever since the Nigerian Government made it compulsory.

As long as you have an MTN SIM on your phone, it’s the new law that your numbers must be linked to NIN.

Not just MTN though, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel users are to follow the same instruction. The thing is; Linking your NIN to these network providers requires different methods.

However, you can check out the Airtel Nin Link code, 9mobile NIN code, and Glo NIN code in different articles.

Today, you’ll learn how to link NIN to MTN line follow the guidelines correctly.

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Linking Your NIN To MTN

You must know this. The Nigerian Government policy states clearly that all phone user must link their SIM with NIN.

This post is created to show you the code to link NIN MTN and other important information you need.

As stated, MTN users who refuse to link NIN to their phone number will be disconnected.

And ever since, it has sparked an urgency to anyone yet to connect their National Identification Number (NIN). Learn how to link your NIN to MTN in a few minutes.

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code to link nin to mtn

NIN Registration For MTN

Are you new to the National Identification Number (NIN) thing? You must be registered to get your NIN ready to be used.

Now, before you proceed to the guideline on how to link NIN to MTN, let’s see how to register your MTN NIN code.

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You can skip this post to next if you have a NIN ready to be linked. If not, follow the step by step guide below;

  • Go to the NIMC Enrollment WebPage here
  • Fill the form online with your correct information and save it.
  • Download and print the slip.
  • Finally, visit the nearest National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) service center in your area. Often called you Local Government office.
  • Submit the slip you printed and get your NIMC slip.

You must complete this method to have NIN link to your MTN line.

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How To View / Retrieve Your NIN on MTN

You can find your NIN on the NIMC slip given to you. Or apply the short USSD code below:

  • Simply dial *346# on the phone containing the phone number you registered NIN with.

You will see your NIN on your screen. Now, it’s time to get the code to link NIN to MTN. Make sure you write down your National Identification Number on a Jotter so you don’t forget it.

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Code To Link NIN To MTN

There are four major ways to link your NIN to MTN. One is the short USSD code, MTN NIN Code portal, MyMTN App, and visiting the NIMC Registration center near you.

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All these methods work in linking NIN to your MTN SIM. You’ve got to apply your favorite method and that’s it.

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The shortcode is *785*your NIN#. For example, if your NIN is ‘09876543210’, just dial *785*09876543210# on your phone and that’s how to link your NIN to MTN.

You can do this manually by;

  • Dialling *785# on your phone dialer app.
  • Enter the 11digit NIN. You’ll be asked to type in your National Identification Number (NIN).
  • Send it and you’re good.

You’ll get a confirmation message via pop-up or SMS.

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MTN NIN Code Portal

Fill the form correctly to link your NIN to MTN fast;

  • Visit this page ->
  • Enter your Full Name (First, Middle, Last).
  • Input your Phone Number.
  • Type-in your NIN.
  • Enter your Email Address.
  • Submit the Information.

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Link NIN on MTN Using MyMTN App

  • Download the MyMTNApp Here and install it on your phone.
  • Open the mobile app and log in using your phone number.
  • Proceed to Link NIMC to MTN.
  • In the “CAPTURE NIN” section;
  • Enter your MTN Phone Number
  • Input the Notification Email
  • Type-in your National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Finally, tap SUBMIT.
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That’s how to link your MTN number with the NIN you created.

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Visit NIMC Service Center

This part is advisable for those are find it difficult to do things on their own. Is this you? Are you not used to the recent upgrade on technology and unable to apply the code to link NIN to MTN?

  • Put together your personal information.
  • Go to the Nearest NIMC Service Center in your Area or Local Government Office.
  • Submit it to the authorized office and do a screen capture.
  • Finally, ask him or her to help link your NIN to MTN

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How To Link Other Numbers To NIN MTN

What the section is for, have you lost your sim, nin only shows up on register phone number, the truth about retrieving your nin… How to link other numbers to nin

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This section is for you who want to link your NIN to MTN but you don’t have the SIM card you used in registering for NIMC. Here’s what you can do;

Visit the NIMC office near and ask for help.


  • Dial *346# to retrieve your NIN on MTN and copy it.
  • Now, dial *785*your NIN# to link your MTN NIN code.


FAQs- Mosts Asked Questions

How do I link my NIN to the MTN line?

Dial *785#, type in your National Identification Number, and send it to MTN.

Please, How Do I Link Other Numbers To NIN?

You need the help of an authorized officer. Yes, go to the nearest NIMC office in your area and ask for help on this.

How do I check my NIN on MTN?

Simply dial *346# to check your NIN on MTN. That’s the short USSD code to do view your NIN code.

How do I know if my SIM is registered with NIN?

Check your National Identification Number by dialing *346# on your phone.

Which Method Did You Use?

Out of all the methods to link your MTN number with the National Identification Number, which one did you apply?

The most used method is the short USSD code to link NIN to MTN. Leave a comment below, let’s talk.

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