How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On Airtel (Update 2024)

Learn how to cancel auto-renewal on Airtel, using the short USSD code, and SMS method.

This post includes the guidelines to stop all Airtel auto-renewal on WhatsApp, daily, weekly, monthly plan, opera mini, etc…

There’s always something to say; whenever an issue consigning auto-renewal on Airtel comes up.

People keep complaining about the unauthorized data purchased. But the thing is, Airtel Nigeria asks you to select between Auto-renewal, or One-Off purchase, in the process of buying any data plan.

But, if you made the mistake to activate auto-renewal on Airtel unknowingly, today’s post will guide you on how to cancel it right away.

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Canceling Auto-Renewal On Airtel

The major reason why you want to cancel the auto-renewal service is well known. Yes, your airtime is taken without your notice.

There is a good number of cheap data plans, you can buy on Airtel’s list of internet bundles.

These plans often ask for automatic renewal more, than expensive packages on the Airtel network.

You can choose to auto-renew a data plan in the process of buying it. Yes, you’re given the option to opt-in for auto-renewal, or a one-off purchase.

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Stop Auto Renewal On Airtel Nigeria

The annoying part is to pay for data that you didn’t plan for (because of the Airtel auto-renewal service).

Don’t rush while activating a data plan on airtel. From the Airtel Auto-renewal, and the one-off purchase option you’re shown, look closely and make sure you don’t pick auto-renewal.

The one-off purchase gives you the freedom to buy any data plan at your convenience. While the autorenewal service on airtel, commands the subscription of new data bundles after expiry.

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how to cancel auto-renewal on airtel

How To Cancel Auto Renewal On Airtel

There are many areas where Airtel auto-renewal comes in. It may be when you buy a daily, weekly, and monthly data plan.

That said, some individuals are looking for the code to cancel all airtel subscriptions.

No matter how you see it, it’s not funny to lose airtime data you didn’t plan for because of the autorenewal service on Airtel.

It’s beneficial to some people though. At least, it relieves you the stress to reactivate a data plan on the Airtel network.

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Code To Cancel Auto-Renewal On Airtel

For the Airtel auto-renewal feature to perform its task, you must have sufficient airtime or account balance on your Airtel line.

Learn how to cancel all Airtel subscriptions below:

  • Open your Messaging App and compose a new message.
  • Now, text ‘STOP‘ to 141.
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That’s also the code to stop daily auto-renewal on Airtel.

After sending STOP to 141, you’ll get a confirmation message from Airtel Nigeria. This message confirms that the Auto-renew service has been canceled.

You can also text STOPAUTORENEW TO 440 to cancel auto-renewal for airtel.

For the Blackberry data plan on Airtel, SMS DEACTIVATE to 440 to cancel auto-renew service.

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How To Stop Whatsapp Auto Renewal On Airtel

Most people call the auto-renewal feature ‘a lazy man method’ of buying data bundles. Yes, instead of subscribing manually, the Airtel system will auto-renew the previous data plan you purchased.

(The same price and data volume)

Below is how to stop auto-renewal on Airtel Whatsapp plans:

  • Open you MESSAGING App and compose a new message.
  • Type In STOP in the message box, and
  • Send to 140.

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How To Stop 50mb Daily Plan On Airtel

This section also covers tips on how to deactivate 100 naira daily plans on Airtel.

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I don’t like the idea of automatically renewing a data plan I bought from airtel. Or, do you?

What if I don’t want to buy a new internet browsing plan at that time?

This also applies to the daily data plan on airtel. Learn how to stop auto-renewal on airtel daily packages below:

  • Text STOP to 141.

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How To Stop Opera Mini Auto Renewal On Airtel

There are some data bundles on Airtel, that have no specific code to unsubscribe from autorenewal. The Airtel Operamini browsing plan is part of them.

However, there’s a simple way to stop auto-renewal, on opera mini-plans. Apply the code below:

  • Just send STOP to 141 to cancel all airtel subscription.

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How To Activate Airtel Auto-Renewal Service

In the process of buying a data plan on Airtel, two (2) options will be presented to you.

  1. One-Off Purchase and
  2. Auto-Renewal
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Just select AutoRenewal to activate it.

If you still find it difficult to cancel autorenewal on your Airtel line, you can contact Airtel customer care for help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my Airtel auto-renewal?

Open your message app, and compose a new message. After that, SMS STOP to 141. You’ll receive a confirmation message from Airtel.

How do I stop the auto-renewal of Airtel WhatsApp?

To cancel autorenewal on WhatsApp plan, SMS STOPAUTORENEW TO 440.

How do I turn off auto-renewal?

To turn off auto-renewal on Airtel, SMS STOP to 141. MTN, Glo, and 9mobile have their method of turning off autorenewal.

How do I stop my Airtel credit from being deducted?

To stop your airtel credit from being deducted, you must check out the cause of the deduction.

If a data plan was purchased from Airtel, then you should cancel the auto-renewal service to stop the deduction.

Kindly text STOP to 141.

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Have You Cancelled The Auto Renewal?

If you’re good at browsing the internet with Airtel data plans, then you must have been faced with an auto-renewal issue. Now, some people like it, and others don’t.

This post teaches you how to cancel auto-renewal on Airtel. So, it’s for those who don’t like the autorenewal service on Airtel.

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