Airtel Youtube Night Plan Code & Bonus (19GB+ 2022)

It’s time to stop searching for the airtel youtube night plan subscription code. Yes, you opened that right post that gives you the youtube data bundle information on airtel.

You see, buying a data plan with the default *141# code is not the problem. The major concern is the cost compare to the YouTube Pack on Airtel NG.

Today, you’ll get to understand the necessary fact about the Airtel Youtube pack plus the simple activation code to subscribe.

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About The Airtel YouTube Night Bundle

Airtel never seizes to surprise users with unending data bonuses. This time, they introduced a new data plan that can be used during the day and also at night.

It’s called YouTube Video Pack and without further emphasis, you should note that the data bundle you’re rewarded is designed for YouTube only.

Simply put, the Airtel youtube night plan gives you (almost) free access to watch unlimited videos at an affordable rate.

Now, the airtel streaming plan is divided into three (3), which are;

  • YouTube Plus Packs which is the standard plan that can be used at night (from 1 AM to 5 AM) only.
  • The YouTube Weekly & Monthly Packs which can be used during the data and throught out the night.
  • YouTube Night Packs (All night from 1AM to 5AM).

Scroll slowly to learn more about the YouTube Night plan on airtel.

airtel youtube night plan code

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Airtel YouTube Night Plan Code

In this section, you’ll learn the required method to subscribe to the youtube streaming pack on airtel. You see, the use of ussd code to purchase a data plan or probably activate an internet bundle like this is possible.

  • Simply dial *323# to buy from the list of Airtel YouTube plan. You’ll get a confirmation message after this action. Yes, just make sure you have a sufficient account balance.

The ussd code method is to subscribe is well known to many compared to other means such as SMS, Airtel Mobile App, etc…

All you need is the right subscription code for the Airtel YouTube night data bundle to work for you.

Now, the youtube bundle code on airtel must be dialed on a phone with an airtel sim card. That said, applying the activation on MTN, 9mobile or Glo won’t work.

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In addition to that, you can buy the airtel youtube night plan with any mobile device that has an airtel sim card in it. This involves an android phone, Apple iPhone, Modem, Java, Symbian phones, etc.

Below is break down of different YouTube packages on Airtel Nigeria:

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Airtel YouTube Plus Packs – Night

This is the first internet bundle on the list is the standard pack. Airtel calls it “YouTube Plus”. Yes, the purpose of the PLUS pack is to offer you the cheapest rate of data plans to gain access to watch skits, movies, and others on YouTube.

Now, these plans can only be used at night, from 1 AM to 5 Am every night until it expires. Also, all the Airtel YouTube PLUS plans are valid for 1 month (30days).

You can always renew your plan whenever you want to.


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YOUTUBE PLUS 1.0 – 4.5GB For N1000

To buy this plan, you need to recharge at least N1000, then dial *323*31# on your phone and complete the process. After that, you’ll get 4.5GB as the total data volume.

The data is divided into two. That is, 1.5GB is the standard data plan, while 3GB for YouTube videos all night. Valid for 30days.

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YOUTUBE PLUS 2.0 – 9.5GB For N2000

Before you proceed to purchase the version 2.0 Airtel Youtube night plan, you must have a sufficient airtime balance of N2000, then dial *323*32# on your phone and follow the prompt. After that, you’ll get 9.5GB as the total data volume.

The data is divided into two. That is, 3.5GB is the standard data plan, while 6GB for YouTube videos all night. Lasts for 30days.

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YOUTUBE PLUS 2.5 – 15GB For N2500

To purchase this plan, you need to load at least N2,500 airtime, then dial *323*33# on your phone and complete the process. Once your request is confirmed, you’ll get 15GB as the total data volume.

The data is divided into two. That is, 5GB is the standard data plan and an extra 10GB to unlimited YouTube videos all night. Valid for 30days.

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YOUTUBE PLUS 3.5 – 17GB For N3500

You must have a sufficient account balance to buy this plan. Yes, recharge at least N3,500, open your phone dialer, dial *323*34# from there, and confirm your transaction. After that, you’ll get 17GB as the total data volume.

The data is divided into two (2). That is, 7GB is the standard data plan, while 10GB is the Airtel YouTube night plan that gives you almost free access to unlimited videos. It lasts for 30days.

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YOUTUBE PLUS 4.0 – 19GB For N4000

To activate the airtel youtube night plus 4.0, you must recharge a minimum of N4000 airtime, then dial *323*35# on your phone and follow the prompt. You’ll be given 19GB as the total data volume after that action.

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This internet bundle is divided into two(2). That is, 9GB is the standard data plan, while 10GB is for YouTube videos all night. Valid for 30days.

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Airtel YouTube Weekly & Monthly Plan

Here we have the “YWM Plan” which is the second part of Airtel youtube night plans. This one is called the YouTube Weekly and Monthly Pack.

This package was designed to quench your desire for expensive data bundles. Yes, it helps you save money by watching youtube videos on a cheaper data plan.

Now, the weekly and monthly Youtube plan on airtel is different from the rest. You can browse non-stop with it during the day and also at night.

And just as stated, one is valid for 7days and the other expires after 30days. Renewal is also allowed on this Airtel YouTube night plan.


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Airtel YouTube Weekly – 300MB For N300

To activate this plan, recharge 300 Naira on your airtel line, then type in “*323*12#” on your phone dialer app and send it.

After that, follow the prompt to confirm your transaction.

You’ll get 300MB to watch YouTube unlimited youtube videos, which is valid for 7days

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Airtel YouTube Monthly – 600MB For N400

To subscribe to this plan, you’re required to recharge 600 Naira on your airtel line, then dial “*323*11#” on your phone dialer app. Wait for it to process and confirm your transaction.

You’ll be given 600MB to watch non-stop youtube videos and the data expires after 30days.


Airtel YouTube Night Plan – Packs

Here is the third package on the list of Airtel YouTube night plans. I call it the ‘YNP’ which means YouTube Night Pack.

This internet bundle helps you enjoy a great experience online at a given period. Yes, it focused on night streaming-only starting from 1 AM to 5 AM.

There are two plans available, which are;

  • YouTube Night Weekly.
  • YouTube Night Monthly.

These two (2) must be used at night. It doesn’t work during the day.


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You must recharge at least N150 to be eligible for this plan. You can check your account balance first, then dial *323*22# on your phone and complete the process. After that, you’ll get 300MB to watch non-top videos ALL NIGHT (1 AM – 5 AM).

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The data is Valid for 7days.

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To activate this plan, you need to recharge at least N200, then dial *323*21# on your phone and complete the process. You’ll be given 600MB for unlimited video streaming at midnight from 1 AM to 5 AM.

It lasts for 30days.

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How To Check Your YouTube Night Data Balance

The worse experience I’ve ever had is to have insufficient data balance a few minutes after buying a data plan. Mehn! It isn’t funny at all.

And a sweet offer like the airtel youtube pack can’t be ignored but you must monitor the speed at which data runs out.

  • Now, to check your Airtel YouTube data balance, simply dial *410# your phone dialer app. You can also dial *140# to check you full data balance details.

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How To Use Airtel YouTube Night Data During The Day

While a lot of individuals appreciate the Airtel YouTube Pack as a cheap and good fit for their streaming needs, some others keep asking for tips on how to convert youtube night data to normal data.

Now, here’s the solution for you:

  • Subscribe to the Airtel YouTube plan weekly and monthly data plan. Yes, dial *323*12# to buy 300MB for 300 Naira only (valid for 7days) or dial *323*11# to buy 600MB for 400Naira only (valid for 30days).

In case your airtel youtube night bonus has expired, you can always get another by subscribing from the list of airtel data plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time is YouTube night on Airtel?

The time for the Youtube night plan is from 1 AM to 5 AM. But the weekly and monthly pack is ALL Day, All Night.

How do I activate Airtel YouTube night?

It depends on the plan you’re asking for. Simply dial *323# and select a plan.

What time can I use my YouTube night?

From 1 AM to 5 AM.

What is the Airtel night plan code?

Simply dial *312# to subscribe.

Can I download with airtel youtube night?

Yes, you can download YouTube videos and watch them later (when you’re offline).

My airtel youtube night is not working

If your YouTube plan is not working, just dial *410# or *140# to check your data balance.

Have You Subscribed?

Data plans run out fast these days. Especially now that 4G LTE and 5G are available.

With the use of this airtel youtube night plan subscription code, you’ll gain access to unlimited videos on youtube.

The data plans are cheap and very affordable to all pocket sizes.

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