Airtel Awuf Data & Bonus Codes 2022

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Are you also looking for the latest airtel AWUF data plan or internet bundles?

It may appear as if there are no possible promo offers to come from Airtel Nigeria at this point but that’s not correct.

You see, there are some hot internet Awuf deals on airtel that you’re not aware of. At times, you get to find out when you dial *141#, and boom, that’s the airtel AWUF data plan right before you.

Scrow slowly as you find out more about this awuf plan, how to subscribe, activate and also check your data balance on airtel.

airtel awuf data plan codes

Airtel Awuf Data Code

There’s no direct code to subscribe to the airtel AWUF bundle here. Get this right.

The telecom company (Airtel Nigeria) has no official tariff plan or internet bundle named AWUF or whatsoever.

But there’s a way out. Yes, we’ve compiled a list of cheap data plans that’ll enable you to get a free bonus for browsing and downloading stuff on the internet.

Get some Airtel awuf data plans below:

cheap airtel data plan 2021
airtel data code 2021

Airtel Awuf Airtime Bonus Codes

There are unending benefits of having sufficient airtime on your airtel account balance. One of them is to make unlimited calls to ALL local networks in Nigeria.

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The other is to select and buy a new AWUF data bundle on Airtel to browse the internet at your convenience.

It’s all fine though, the plan is to do what works for you.

This section is created for those who want free airtime AWUF from Airtel.

The Tariff plan you’re currently migrated to impacts the airtime AWUF you may get. Yes, some plans offer an AWUF data bundle while others give you a free airtime bonus.

Check out the list of tariff plans on Airtel that gives bonus here… Below is a simple illustration:

Tariff PlanAirtime BonusActivation Code
Airtel SmartConnect800%See it here…
Airtel SmartRecharge Bundle1000%*220*Recharge PIN#
Airtel TalkMore Bundle500%*234*Amount#
Airtel 6X Bundle600%*555*PIN#

How To Check Awuf Data Balance

  • Simply dial *141# and navigate to the check data balance option.

That’s the step-by-step approach to check the available airtel AWUF data balance. You see, there’s a short ussd code to view your internet bundle balance.

See the code to check airtel data balance here…

After dialing the code you’ll get your full balance information in one message from Airtel. These include the airtel AWUF data, social bundles, and others…

FAQs – AWUF Data Plan

How can I get Airtel 2GB for 200 4g?

Simply dial *482# on your phone dialer app.

The limitation here is that the 200 Nara for 2GB data plan works or browse on 2G network coverage only (not 3G, 4G LTE, or 5G).

Which airtel plan is best for data?

If you’re looking for the cheapest tariff plan with data benefits, then check this list of airtel tariff plans that gives free data and airtime bonus on recharge.

How can I get double data in Airtel 2021?

Airtel auto-selects the qualified phone numbers to grant double data every time. But, there is a post on about getting double data on Airtel.

Go, check it out.

How to check Special data Offered in Airtel?

Simple dial *141*1# to check the special offers designed for you only. Alternatively, dial *141# and select 1 to see available data bundles.

Did You Get The Awuf Data?

Out of all the cheap data plans provided above? Which one did you pick?

Tell us in the comment section below, where you above to subscribe to the airtel AWUF data plans?

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