MTN Double Data Code & Bonus Offer Activation 2024

You’re about to see the MTN double data code to get 2X the VALUE of the internet bundle you buy every single time.

Do you have friends who always testify on the amount of data they get from MTN? At times, it’s free data they received from MTN without applying any cheat code.

Or maybe they’re currently enjoying DOUBLE data on their 2G/3G/4G LTE sim and you’re wondering how they did it.

Keep calm as you learn how to get double data on mtn every time you buy a plan.

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About MTN DOUBLE Data Plan

For your information, all new and old customers are allowed to get two times the data volume they purchase. Yes, which category are you in?

All MTN customers with a prepaid SIM card can enjoy these amazing benefits. Just that existing customers may have a higher chance.

The reality of MTN DOUBLE Data is;

  • whether you’re buying a 1GB monthly data plan, it will be multiplied by two (2). For example, if you buy 1.5GB data plan, you’ll be given 3GB, which is 1.5gigabytes as the actual data and extra 1.5gigabytes as free bonus.

The way you buy an internet bundle from MTN doesn’t matter. You may choose to purchase a plan using the short USSD code (by opening your phone dialer app and then, type in the shortcode).

You can also buy an MTN plan and get DOUBLE data using the MyMTNApp.

Whichever way you choose, as long as your SIM is activated to MTN DOUBLE Data, you’ll always get 2X the DATA VOLUME you purchase.

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mtn double data code

MTN DOUBLE Data Code & Plan Deals

Activating your 3G or 4G LTE sim for DOUBLE data is not a difficult task, you’re required to send a short SMS to MTN and your line may become eligible.

Follow the guideline below to activate DOUBLE data on MTN easily:

  • Open your Phone Messaging App
  • Compose A New Message.
  • Now, sms “DOUBLE” to 131.

After that, you should receive a successful message from MTN. Just ignore the message and proceed with the next step below.

  • SMS “PROMO” to 131.

A new message will be sent to your line again. Ignore it as well.

  • Finally, sms “FREE” to 131.

You can now proceed to buy data from MTN Nigeria.

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Activate DOUBLE Data On New MTN SIM Card

Now, the process to activate the double data bonus may defer a little bit. You’ll have to omit some sms codes that were presented above.

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To get DOUBLE Data on New SIM;

  • sms ‘PROMO‘ to 131.

After this, you’ll get a successful popup message.

  • Reply ‘1‘ to proceed.

This time, you’ll get another confirmation message. Simply dial *131# and buy the data plan your desire to get DOUBLE DATA volume in return.

South Africans can double their data bundle by dialing *142#, Yes, dial it to see the available offer and choose between Voice or Double Data, Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Plans browsing plans.

South African MTN bonus code is *142#. That’s the simple method to get 2X benefits.

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How To Get Double Data On MTN 4G SIM

The process to activate DOUBLE data deals on MTN 4G SIM is the same. Don’t overthink it at all.

Remember, once you migrate from 3G to 4G LTE, you’re given free 4GB of data as a welcome bonus. But, this free data is not related to the DOUBLE data offer in any way.

  • Kindly Open your phone message app
  • Compose a new message and type in “PROMO” in the message box.
  • Send to 131.
  • And that all. Scroll up to learn the process for new and old customers.
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Note: You may get lucky and get the free Bonus without the above processes.

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How To Qualify Or Check MTN DOUBLE Data Eligibility

If you’re just getting started with the MTN Double data subscription, this section was created for you.

In case, you’re still wondering how to check your eligibility status for this free bonus on MTN, here’s what you must know.

When you send PROMO to 131, normally, you’re to get a response from MTN. This message should be a confirmation that you’re SIM card has been activated for DOUBLE DATA.

If you don’t get a successful message, that’s a good sign that you’re not eligible.

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MTN Bundle & DOUBLE Data Deals

Below is a list of Cheap data plan you can buy from MTN to 2X the VALUE you paid for:

Data PlanPrice (NGN)Activation CodeValidity

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get MTN 24GB for 3500?

Simply dial *121# and see the available offers created for you only. Most times, you may get a cheaper and better data plan compared to what you’re looking for.

How much is 20GB of data MTN?

The 20GB data bundle you requested is not included on the MTN list at the time of writing this post.

However, you can get 25GB For N10000 only. Just dial *131*117# on your phone dialer app and you’ll be given 25gigabytes instantly.

Do you have the MTN Double Data Cheat Code?

To activate double data, sms DOUBLE to 131, then text PROMO to 131, and finally, send FREE to 131 to get started.

How Does MTN double your data work?

It’s the ability to get 2X the value of data you purchased.

Have You Activated?

With the MTN Double data code in this article, I believe that you’ve been able to activate your 2G/3G/4G LTE for an unlimited free data bonus.

So, tell me in the comment section.

Have you activated it? Comment below…

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