MTN Unlimited Data Plan 2024 – Code To Subscribe & Price

The MTN unlimited data plan code is one of the major requests I get this day. My friends on WhatsApp and Telegram kept asking for the active data plan on mtn that’s not capped.

And because of this, I decided to create this post just to make things clear and bring a solution to this problem.

Now, are you also looking for the MTN unlimited data plans for mifi, wifi, one month, or the price to subscribe? This post is for you.

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Quick Summary on MTN Unlimited Bundles

For your information, there’s no direct statement that proves the UNLIMITED data plan possible on MTN. That said, there’s a package designed for all mtn customers to subscribe to using a portable device called HyNetflex.

HyNetflex is a 4G LTE+ route which helps you enjoy a high-speed internet connection at home or your small/large office. (You can also call it a portable WiFi device.)

Under this router launched by MTN, there are a couple of unlimited data plans for small businesses, home users, and other heavy internet users.

mtn unlimited data plan code

MTN Unlimited Data Plans – How To Subscribe

MTN HyNetflex created a section for Unlimited plans but it’s not the same way it sounds.

It appears unlimited according to the illustration but it’s not. MTN HyNetflex Unlimited data bundles are capped at around 7days, 30days, and 180days validity.

See the list of available data plans below:

PlanDataPriceValidFair Usage Policy (FUP)
BronzeUNLIMITED₦50007 daysAfter 30GB of data usage weekly, speed may reduce to 512kbps
SilverUNLIMITED₦20,00030 daysAfter 130GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps.
RubyUNLIMITED₦30,00030 daysAfter 250GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps.
GoldUNLIMITED₦45,00030 daysAfter 500GB of data usage monthly, the speed may reduce to 512kbps.
DiamondUNLIMITED₦60,00030 daysAfter 800GB of data usage monthly, speed may reduce to 512kbps.
PlatinumUNLIMITED₦165,000180 daysAfter 2.5TB of data usage in six months, speed may reduce to 512kbps.

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MTN Unlimited ₦5000

You must recharge your phone with at least N5000 to activate this plan. However, if you don’t have airtime, you can make use of your ATM card.

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Unlimited ₦20,000

With 20,000 naira airtime recharged on your MTN line, you can subscribe to the 30days package. It comes with a limitation though, the speed reduces to 512kbps after 130GB data consumption.

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Unlimited ₦30,000

There are two methods to subscribe. You can either recharge your sim with 30k and purchase the MTN unlimited bundle with the MyMTN app or make use of your card. So, it’s your choice.

Unlimited ₦45,000

Ok, you may want to use a debit or credit card to perform this operation. If you’re cool with 45,000 naira airtime on your account balance, then, you can recharge and buy using the MyMTNApp right away.

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Unlimited ₦60,000

MTN placed a limitation of 800GB monthly data usage on this plan. That is to say, once you hit the record of 800 gigabytes of data usage, your internet speed will reduce.

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Yes, you’ll be able to browse at 512kbps internet speed.


Unlimited ₦165,000

This is the last data plan on the MTN HyNetflex list. You can buy this unlimited data plan on MTN through your favorite means.

As explained earlier, there are two methods to do this;

  • The Airtime or
  • Bank Debit or Credit Card.

You can buy the MTN unlimited bundle using the MTN mobile app, MTN website, or using QuickTeller.

The N165K Unlimited package has a 2.5TB (TeraByte) limit attached also. After that, your browsing speed will go down to 512kbps.

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How To Subscribe To The MTN Unlimited Bundle In Nigeria

To buy a data plan from the list you just went through, follow the guidelines below to proceed.

  • Firstly, open the MTN HyNetflex Page here…
  • Secondly, Scroll down to the Unlimited Plans drop-down and tap on it.
  • Thirdly, tap on the “Proceed to order” button.
  • You’ll see a pop-up form that requests your;
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • State Of Residence
  • Fill the form correctly and tick “Visit the nearest MTN Store” or “Get a Sales Specialist to call me“. Your choice.
  • Finally, tap “Submit” button to proceed further.

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How To Buy MTN Unlimited Bundles Using MyMTNApp

Follow these steps to buy data plan using MTN New Mobile app;

  1. Download the MyMTNApp here…
  2. Install the app on your phone and open it.
  3. Register and activate your phone number if you haven’t done that. Login after this.
  4. Tap on the “Bundles” tab and select “Hynetflex bundles” from the grid.
  5. Select a data plan from N5000 to N165,000.
  6. Choose you preferred form of payment. Through Airtime or ATM Card.
  7. Make payment and you’re good to go.
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That’s how to buy the Unlimited bundle on MTN using the mobile application. (Accept the gift)

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Who Is Eligible?

The MTN Unlimited data plan package was designed for SMEs (small and medium enterprises), SoHo (small office Home office, Home users, and Heavy data users who streaming videos online and probably download BIG gaming files on the internet.

MTN HyNetflex also promised to give you a 4G+ router and free 120GB data bundles for 25,000 Naira only.

Ghana seems to have an MTN unlimited pack like this also.

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More Cheap Data Plans On MTN Network

If you need more data bundle to browse the internet on your mtn line, here’s a couple of them below:

MTN Unlimited data plans for 100 naira

There’s more internet subscription on MTN than you think. At times, it’s a new bonus offer that shows up for few weeks, and before a blink, it’s off the list of MTN data plans.

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See the MTN 100 Naira data plan codes here… Looking at the price, it feels like free unlimited plans (lol).

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MTN 200 For 1GB

This is one of MTN special offers. Yes, if you’re a committed MTN user, you must have seen messages like; Enjoy MTN4Me special offers on MyMTNApp. Get 1GB for 200 and more like that.

You can’t compare this package to the MTN unlimited data plan monthly package though, the N200 offer is created for the average internet user.

MTN 500 For 2GB

Just like the cheap data plan you read about a few seconds ago, the 2GB plan is almost the same. The message you get is something like; Your TOP DEAL offer is ready!? Get 2GB data volume for N500 only.

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About MTN Unlimited Data Plans

MTN packages always appear like a surprise to its existing customers. At times, updates like the Unlimited data bundles are sent through SMS to notify users of new, incredible internet plans.

Now, there are a couple of mtn tariff plans that give free bonuses to new and old customers. This is well known, but the MTN Unlimited bundles are not limited to a specified tariff plan.

All new and old MTN users who have registered and activated their SIM through the recommended means are allowed to buy a data bundle from the list provided.

If you have questions regarding prepaid and postpaid users or you want to know more about the HyNetflex Unlimited data plans, click here to learn more…

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Which Unlimited Bundle Did You Buy?

Hope you’re cleared on how to buy the MTN unlimited data plans at your convenience. Some cheap data bundles were included in this post, just in case you need other internet packages (that’s not unlimited).

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Now, which UNLIMITED data plan did you purchase? Comment below:

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