How To Link NIN To Airtel (Update 2022)

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You’ll learn how to link NIN to Airtel in several ways as directed by Airtel and the Nigerian Government.

This is not a piece of new information. Yes, you must have gotten multiple text messages from Airtel giving you simple guidelines.

Now, if you’re wondering if it is still possible to apply the Airtel NIN code, this post if you.

In a few seconds, you’ll get the ussd code to link NIN to Airtel, the NIMC registration portal, SMS method, and other important information.

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Important Note On Airtel NIN Code

The pandemic brought a lot of awareness to everyone. The idea to link NIN to airtel came during the lockdown period.

Right after the covid 19 wave, linking NIN to your airtel phone number became more serious.

The Government of Nigeria made it compulsory and promises to disconnect defaulters who fails to link their NIN to Airtel.

Proceed further to learn more about linking your NIN right away.

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how to link nin to airtel code

How To Check NIN Number On Airtel

One major challenge about linking your NIN to Airtel SIM is “Knowing Your NIN”. Yes, there are two things involved in this;

  • It’s either you have a registered National Identification Number generate previously or
  • You’re new to the NIN thing.
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If you have an existing NIN;

  • Simply dial *346# on your phone dialer app. You’ll be charged N20 to get this information. With this, you with the guidelines on how to link nin to airtel.

However, if you’re new to the NIN registration process, read the procedures in the next heading to register and possibly link your NIN to the Airtel line.

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Airtel NIN Code – How To Register

To register your national identification number, get it verified and link to your Airtel phone number, pay close attention to the tips that come after this paragraph.

  • Firstly, open the NIMC Pre Enrolment webpage here…
  • Secondly, Enter the require information as requested. Yes, fill in the form correct. This impact whether or not you’ll get your NIN to link to Airtel.
  • Thirdly, download and print the result on a white slip (A4 paper).
  • Go to the nearest NIMC Registration center and submit the slip to an authorized officer.
  • Listen and wait for your National Identification number to come out.

Since you’ve gotten your NIN, it’s time to link NIN to your airtel line.

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How To Link NIN To Airtel

While it may seem complicated because of too much information on the internet, there are three major ways to link your NIN with the Airtel network provider, which are; short USSD code, Online portal, and NIMC Service Center.

Start from here…

Airtel USSD Code

  • Simply dial *121*1# on your mobile phone. This will bring up a message asking you to process further.
  • Type-in ‘1‘ and send it.
  • Now, enter your NIN in the space provided. It’s the 11digit given to you by NIMC.
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There are tips more for you below.

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Airtel NIN Webpage

You can also link your NIN to airtel using the online portal created for you. Follow the step-by-step method below to link it right now:

  • Open the Airtel NIN Webpage here

Now, fill the form correctly;

  • Type in your Airtel Phone Number or Mifi or Router or ODU Number
  • Enter the 6digit OTP sent to you
  • Enter your NIN (National Identification Number)
  • Tick βœ” “I Accept all terms and conditions” box.
  • Tap on the “PROCEED” button to complete the submission.

That’s it.

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Link Airtel NIN – Registration Centres

It’s left to go to the airtel nin registration centres near you. If you find it difficult to link NIN to your Airtel line, you need someone to help you.

In this case, find the NIN Registration center close to you. If this is difficult, you can also ask for the Local Government Office in your locality. People may understand that better.

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Call Airtel To Help

This can also help. Yes, feel free to call the airtel customer care number and wait on a representative to get on the call with you.

The customer service rep will try their best to give you the best information and guidelines on how to link NIN to airtel easily.

After calling the number, you may need to respond to the automated voice which will lead you to your assistant.

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FAQs- Most Asked Questions

How do I know if my NIN number is linked to Airtel?

Try the same process you use to link your NIN. You’ll get a response from your network provider.

How Do I Check My National Identification Number?

Here’s how to How to check NIN number on all networks.
Simply dial *346# on your phone dialer app right now.

After Linking…

You’ll get an SMS from your network provider saying; Your information is being processed or something related.

Pay close attention to the message you get as it impacts whether or not the Glo NIN operation was successful.

That’s How to link NIN to Airtel. Now, tell us in the comment section; What are the major challenges you’re facing?

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