FM WhatsApp APK Download Old Version 2023

FM WhatsApp APK Download Old version: Are you looking for the link to download the previous or old version of the FM WhatsApp App? You’ll get free access to download the apk without any issue.

FM WhatsApp is a unique WhatsApp mod that gives you complete freedom from unauthorized intrusion and some explicit features that are unavailable in the original WhatsApp, which improves the experience of having nice conversations with friends.

To get more insight about Fm WhatsApp APK download (the old version and its features), I will advise you to read this article till the end, because this article will guide you on the journey of how to download the old version of FM WhatsApp, including the features and guide.

Fm WhatsApp is a recent messaging app used by a lot of people. This old version comes with a feature created by the app developer.

Can I Download the Old Version Of Fm WhatsApp Apk from the Google Play Store?

Fm WhatsApp old version cannot be downloaded from the Google PlayStore, but it can be successfully downloaded from a third-party website.

This is because the Google Play Store does not accept any mod APK. The old FM WhatsApp app provides essential features that cannot be found in the original application.

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If you are searching for the old version of the Fm WhatsApp download link then you are in the right place. There are various reasons why you are looking for the old version of Fm WhatsApp; it might be that you don’t like the features of the new version or you are encountering some issues while using the new version.

Whatever issues you are facing will be sorted once you read this article to the end.

Is this Version Created by the Same Developer as Main WhatsApp?

This FMWwhatapp apk download old version was not developed by the WhatsApp team. It was created and developed by explicit Android developers. Features like status download, anti-delete, and message scheduling cannot be found in the original WhatsApp.

How to Download the FM WhatsApp Apk (Old Version)

If you are downloading the old version of the Fm WhatsApp APK as a first-timer, there is a tendency that you might encounter some issues.

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That is why I wrote this article for you to read to encounter little or no issues at all.

Follow the steps below to download the FM WhatsApp (old version).

Download the FM WhatsApp APK Old Version from the given link below

  • Go to the app’s download website (use the button below).
  • Open your phone settings and grant permission to allow the installation of third-party apps by turning on “unknown sources.”
  • Click on the downloaded APK and open the file.
  • Tap on the install button and launch the app by heading to the app menu.
  • Register and log in with a valid phone number.
  • After successfully logging in, you can easily use the Old FM WhatsApp APK like the original WhatsApp app.

Features Of FM WhatsApp APK Old Version

What are the features of the old version of FM WhatsApp that make it special?

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The APK comes with a lot of features, which include:

Great interface

The interface is a little different from WhatsApp Messenger. But it offers extra options like dark mode, WhatsApp flight mode, and a group section on the home screen.

Flight Mode

Flight mode is similar to “Airplane mode” on your mobile device. It only puts your Fm WhatsApp in flight mode, but it does not stop you from using your data or the internet for other things.

It only affects the activities on your Fm WhatsApp (new and old versions). The plus button hides the feature, while the status bar hides the status of the download from the home screen.

Improved Customization on FM WhatsApp APK Old Version Download

If you want to customize your old FM WhatsApp version, this is the right option. You can change the font color, text color, background wallpaper, and other things.

You can also decide to change the complete look of your home screen. The header, status color, row actions, bottom color, and other amazing options are included in the customization section.

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You can send 15–30 images at once and a 5-minute-long video on your status with just one click.

Anti-delete On FM WhatsApp APK Old Version

I call this a game-changer because you can delete your message or status without your contacts knowing.

Privacy and Security

It gives you the option to use a blue tick, type, or use a microphone. Once you turn on this feature, your contact will not know if you have read their message or not. You can disable the forward tags in your forward messages.

Are Fouad WhatsApp and Fm WhatsApp the same?

Fouad WhatsApp and Fm WhatsApp are mod of the original version of WhatsApp with more features. So, don’t confuse it with the official WhatsApp apk. FMWhatsApp is a MOD version, just that Fouad is popularly known as one of the app developers.

Have You Downloaded The FM WhatsApp APK Old Version?

I know people might want to ask if they can switch to the old version of FM WhatsApp apk, but I cannot tell because it depends on the user’s preference. This mod provides amazing features to its users.

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It gives full privacy in their chat and their data. After reading this article, I believe I have been able to teach you how to download the old version of the FM WhatsApp apk and the amazing features of these mods. Thank you for reading.

Co-Written with: Peter Okoroji

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