How to Convert Airtel Bonus to Data 2023

This post is about how to Convert Airtel Bonus to Data. Yes, how to convert bonus data to normal data, including airtel to airtel call bonus in Nigeria.

Read slowly to understand what’s true and what’s not.

A lot of fake news has been flying around consigning how possible it is to convert airtime bonuses on airtel to data that can be used to browse the internet.

Many Airtel customers are dissatisfied with the free airtime they received. Yes, they did assert that they were unable to use their airtime for internet browsing and that, as a result, they would be pleased to convert their Airtel bonus to data.

There is no issue. I hope you understand how to convert a free bonus from Airtel Nigeria into data.

Converting Airtel Bonus To Data

You want to know if you may utilize the Airtel bonus as a data bundle to access the internet, and I am aware that you are facing the same issue.

Not just you, either. Many more customers are searching for an easy solution to convert Airtel bonus credit to data before it runs out.

You can now get a bonus if you utilize the Airtel network frequently. It has been consistently confirmed that you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to use the Airtel data bonus.

How To Convert Airtel Bonus To Data

You’ll discover many techniques in this part for converting Airtel bonus credit to data so that you can use it to browse the internet.

How to convert Airtel bonus to data was a topic that some of my friends on Telegram also posed. Stay tuned if you have any similar queries because the information in this post addresses them all.

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how to convert airtel bonus to data

Step 1: Call This Number on Airtel

Call Airtel Customer Care at 111 or +234 802 150 0111 to voice your grievance. Do not forget to dial the number from the phone you wish to convert your Airtel bonus into data from.

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Follow the instructions precisely before you get the chance to chat with an Airtel Nigeria representative. The representative will demonstrate the quickest way to convert bonus Airtel credit into data.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to convert the Airtel bonus to data after contacting customer service.

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Step 2: Go to Airtel Office Near You

This is another recommendation on how to use airtime bonus to buy data on airtel.

If you’d prefer to speak with someone in person rather than over the phone, stop by the Airtel Service Center. At least you can speak with an Airtel employee directly, explain your circumstance, and then you’re good to go.

  • You can use Google to look up the closest Airtel office by searching for it.

They can also provide you advice on how to convert your Airtel YouTube Bonus to mobile data. You may read more below.

Note: Following the IVR instructions doesn’t guarantee that you’ll successfully convert bonus data to normal data on Airtel.

How To Use Airtel Data Bonus

It is always stated in the quarterly SMS that Airtel Nigeria sends to you. Let’s take a closer look at this before you continue to read about how to convert bonuses to data on Airtel.

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How do you use the Airtel data bonus?

  • It’s easy. Read the instructions in the text message that Airtel delivered to you.

Yes, you should be able to view the guidelines for using the data bonus, including how to use it, when to use it (date, time, day, or night), and how much data you are permitted to use.

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What’s About The Airtel Bonus Code?

The Airtel bonus code is one of the well-known USD that offers you access to amazing bargains. I’m referring to affordable internet data bundles. Airtel Smartconnect and the Airtel SmartTRYBE are enticing plans to look into.

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Although I am aware that the purpose of this post is to assist you in converting your Airtel bonus to data, I believe you’ll also find this information to be helpful.

So the way to go about this is to;

  • By dialing *223#, you can learn more about your bonuses and when they expire. This would include all of your bonuses, both domestic and international to Nigeria.

If a pop-up window appears with the words “Dear Customer, I appreciate your effort. In the event that you see the notice “You do not have an offer at this time, please try again later,” there isn’t a cheap data bonus offer available for you right now.

How To Convert Airtel Bonus To Airtime

I paid attention to this request as well. converting your free Airtel airtime bonus into airtime. Hmmm…

Here’s what you must know to convert Airtel bonus to data or normal airtime.

  • Airtel offers free bonus on purpose.
  • You cannot trick them, despite what some online experts suggest.
  • The free airtime bonus is subject to a number of restrictions, including calls only.
  • You might only be qualified for data bonuses with a data volume cap that are restricted to social media or a particular browser.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert my bonus airtime to data?

On my previous post about this on MTN, you can use a short ussd code to convert bonus airtime to data. But there’s no guarantee that it works till date. Just call airtel customer care for more information.

How do I transfer Airtel bonus airtime?

On Airtel, I don’t think there is currently a mechanism to transfer bonus airtime. However, you can learn how to share airtime on Airtel here…

How can I use Airtel 20x data bonus?

To use the 20X bonus, open your phone dialer app, then dial *241# and select your preferred plan or use the following USSD short code to subscribe.

Below are the available packages and how to activate them:

  • To get the N100 plan, just dial *241*100# on your Phone dialer app.
  • For N200 plan, simlpy dial *241*200#.
  • For the N300 package, dial *241*300#.
  • For N500, just dial *241*500#.
  • And to get the N1,000, simply dial *241*1000#.
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If you are a member of any of the aforementioned plans, you will receive 20X the usual Recharge. This package deal is good for 30 days. Dial *223# to check your balance.

How to convert airtime bonus to data on Airtel?

Find out what kind of bonus you got. If your usage is limited to calls only, you cannot buy a data plan or use it to surf the internet.

However, a bonus for airtime with no limits may be converted. In this case, just dial *777# to buy an Airtel data plan.

How Do I Get Airtel Awuf Data?

Airtel updates active customers on new deals periodically to keep them informed. If you’re active, you should get the Awuf data offers too.

Do You Understand?

I believe you now understand how it functions. Feel free to ask a question in the section below if you require more clarity. That’s all you need on How To Convert Airtel Bonus To Data.

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