I Forgot My MTN Share And Sell PIN

I Forgot My MTN Share And Sell PIN, What Can I Do Now? Can I still transfer airtime using the MTN service? Learn more below…

Have you ever forgotten your MTN share and sell PIN? Or you changed your MTN share and sell PIN but you just can not recall or remember it? It is very common and usual for you to forget your PIN or passwords, especially your MTN share and sell PIN. You might know that you can not send airtime or use the MTN share and sell service unless you have your PIN.

Forgetting your MTN share and sell PIN is a very unfortunate thing. If you forget your PIN, you know you can not send airtime to anyone or make money by selling your airtime.

But you are in luck because, in this article, I would be showing you what you can do whenever you forget your MTN share and sell PIN.

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You Forgot Your MTN Share And Sell PIN

The MTN Share and Sell is a service provided by the Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) to its prepaid customers so that they can transfer airtime to others.

It is a service that you can use as an MTN user to transfer airtime to someone else that is also an MTN user. It can be for your personal use or commercial use, that is, you can sell your airtime to another MTN user in Nigeria. Without your PIN, you can not use the service or confirm the transfer of airtime. That is why the MTN share and sell PIN is very important.

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You can now transform airtime into money by selling it to other MTN users in Nigeria. But there might be cases, where you forget your PIN and you do not know what to do.

I Forgot My MTN Share And Sell PIN! Here’s What You Need To Get Your PIN Back

While trying to get your PIN back, please note that there are some things you will need. They are:

  • Your mobile phone. Any type of phone.
  • Your MTN SIM card.
  • Also, make sure you are in good network coverage.

Note that no data connection is required or downloading anything.

What Can You Do If You Forget Your MTN Share And Sell PIN?

If you happen to forget your MTN share and sell PIN, do not panic because there are two things you can do to retrieve or reset your PIN. You can choose any one that is better for you. When you forget your MTN share and sell PIN, you can get it back either:

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How You Can Get Back Your PIN Using SMS.

To reset your PIN, SMS “Yes” and send it to “556“. Wait for a few minutes, you will receive an SMS that says your default PIN is “0000“. After this, then text you a new 4-digit PIN to “556“. Please note that if this doesn’t work, call the MTN customer service line as stated earlier.

How You Can Get Back Your PIN With MTN Customer Care Line

If you did not get back your MTN share and sell PIN through SMS, you can also use this other method. If you want to reset your MTN share PIN, you can also call the MTN customer service line.

The MTN customer care line can be called by dialing “180“. This process takes so much time but it is the most reliable method.

Other Ways You Can Reach MTN If You Forget Your PIN.

In case the two methods above don’t work, here are other ways you can reach out to MTN.

  • MTN Twitter handle- @MTN180
  • MTN WhatsApp Number- 09033000003
  • MTN NG on Facebook.
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How You Can Transfer Airtime

After you have gotten your PIN back, you may choose to send airtime to someone using MTN.

  • To transfer airtime to a friend who is an MTN user, dial *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and send or press OK.
  • For example, if you want to send airtime of N1500 to your friend’s number whose number is “08012345678”, dial *777*08012345678*1500*1234# and then send.

When the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful. You also see that your MTN account balance was deducted.


Whenever you forget your MTN Share and Sell PIN, do not panic. Just follow everything I have explained to you above.

The best and most reliable method is still contacting MTN customer care service. So if you have any issues, you can contact them through their handle, as I mentioned earlier.

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