10+ Unseen Ways To Make Money in Nigeria (Make Over 300K per Month)

Ways To Make Money in Nigeria: Making money online in Nigeria is still possible if you have the knowledge and attitude to work.

It makes no difference if you are employed, unemployed, a recent graduate, a single mother, or a college student who is having financial difficulties. The fact remains that there are many legitimate ways for Nigerians to make money online, and they don’t have to be difficult.

Making money online in Nigeria is not difficult; in fact, 18-year-olds have been known to take home more than $2,000 each month. You too can succeed if you have the right information and guidance.

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a job seeker, this essay attempts to go into and investigate the various methods you can generate money online in Nigeria.


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10+ Unpopular Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

1. Selling Digital Books

The Nigerian populace views this as yet another goldmine; after learning that selling virtual books may earn money, earning money in Nigeria became simpler.

You don’t even have to write a 200-page book. Selling virtual books that are longer than 50 pages has brought in more than $5000 for some customers.

If you’re seeking for ways to make money online in Nigeria, publishing a book about what you know—even if it’s only 20 pages long—can be quite profitable.

Amazon KDP publishing and other media like Okadabooks are a few well-known places to market your books.


2. Get paid to complete online tasks

In your leisure time, you may earn money by completing surveys, providing content comments, and trying out things. The researcher’s objective is to learn a little bit about the behavior of their target audience. So, all you need to do is set aside some time and respond truthfully. For additional information on the operation of this earning method, see this Swagbucks review.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is arguably a second source of income for many young people and adults in Nigeria, following cryptocurrency trading.

Being an affiliate marketer just requires having a social media presence; your product is not required. This is one of the reasons it is so generally embraced.

To earn commissions, all you have to do is promote other people’s products, services, and enterprises.

Another simple method for people trying to generate money online in Nigeria is possibly affiliate marketing. All you need to promote a product is an internet connection.

The Yellow Card Affiliate Program, Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program, Konga and Jumia Affiliate Programs are a few well-known affiliate programs in Nigeria.


4. Online Proofreading

Proofreading might be for you if you enjoy reading and are detail-oriented. You may earn a respectable living doing this in your spare time because blogs and magazines are continuously searching for freelance proofreaders to check their pieces for grammatical and spelling problems.

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On Upwork, Freelancer, and proofreading services, you can promote your services. More information on how to become a freelance proofreader is available in this post from The Savvy Couple.


5. Crypto Trading

Nigeria is one of the nations with the highest concentration of cryptocurrency dealers, despite the severe posture the federal government has adopted toward the sector.

For the majority of young people in the nation, cryptocurrency trading is one of the main sources of income. But keep in mind that cryptocurrency trading isn’t just for kids. With the right information, even senior citizens and single parents may make money trading cryptocurrencies online.

There are many different sorts of cryptocurrency trading, which provides an answer to the question of how to make money online in Nigeria. Peer-to-peer trading and day trading on cryptocurrency exchanges are two ways to earn money online.

Additionally, you can purchase cryptocurrencies at a discount from one exchange and then trade them for more expensive cryptocurrencies at another exchange.

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Start trading cryptocurrencies right now.


6. Give feedback on products.

Do you like trying out the latest tech products? Then perhaps this is for you! There are businesses ready to send you their wares so you can try them and provide feedback. It’s a great method for them to learn how their target market responds to their products, and it’s a fun opportunity for you to make additional money.


7. Digital Products: Online Course

You can make courses from what you know and sell them to people, just like you can write a book and publish it across several channels.

Topics like how to become a web developer, sophisticated cryptocurrency trading, or artificial intelligence are not have to be difficult or complex. Simple courses on topics like procrastination and other common issues can be developed.

Making and selling an online course is a way to learn how to make money online in Nigeria with a strong online presence and the ability to run affiliate marketing campaigns. You can offer your online course on an affiliate platform and let others advertise it for you, like I mentioned when I mentioned affiliate marketing as a way to generate money online.

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8. Freelancing

One of the finest methods to earn money online is through freelancing, a company that is rapidly expanding in Nigeria.

When we discuss freelancing, I simply mean giving people your expertise in exchange for payment.

Assuming you are a full-stack developer with multilingual programming skills, you could simply provide this service to businesses in other regions for a price. The same is true for graphic designers and writers who are proficient in writing content for business-to-business websites.

This is one of the best ways for adults and young Nigerians to generate money online.


9. Online Transcription Work

Transcription job is yet another industry that is growing in popularity online. To make their creations more accessible, producers of videos and podcasts frequently outsource the transcription labor.

You can get money doing internet transcribing if you have a keen attention to detail and can type and listen.


10. E-commerce Business

As a student or an adult looking for work, you don’t have to offer digital goods or services to make money online.

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If you have tangible things, selling them online is another effective way to reach more people more quickly.

When people in Nigeria discuss earning money online, they don’t just refer to affiliate marketing and cryptocurrency trading.

You can create your own online store, much like Amazon, and then market and sell a variety of physical goods and services to customers in Nigeria and elsewhere.


11. List on Property Websites

Do you know of any real estate or buildings that are for sale or rent in the neighborhood where you live? By listing available properties in your neighborhood on real estate websites like Tolet, Jumia House, and Private Property, you can always make a quick agency fee. All you need to do to get started is register as an agent.

Your account can be padded by any of these choices. But for a more well-rounded income approach, think about combining them with a second source of income—your own business or a job that pays a salary—and passive income from investments.

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Make Money Online Isn’t That Hard

Some people are unsure about how to make money online in a nation where the economy is collapsing due to both domestic and international economic issues.

Crypto trading is one of the most popular ways young people in Nigeria make money online. Despite the government’s tight regulations, it is legal to purchase and trade bitcoin in Nigeria.

However, there are other ways to make money online in Nigeria, including freelancing, affiliate marketing, and running online stores.

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