9+ Top Wealth Management Companies in Nigeria (Grow Your Money)

See the wealth management companies in Nigeria. This post shows you the top wealth managing companies that are available in Naija. So, read carefully so you don’t miss anything.

A collection of procedures called wealth management should be a regular component of both people’s and companies’ daily routines. Managing one’s wealth entails keeping track of all of one’s rights (commercial dealings, sales, and rents), obligations (things with economic value, such real estate), and assets (debts).


Do You Need Wealth Management Companies in Nigeria?

In this piece, you’ll discover why you require a wealth manager’s assistance.

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You can concentrate your efforts on what is most important—you, your family, and your job—with the aid of wealth management businesses.

Additionally, the wealth manager will be able to optimize your assets, resulting in a portfolio that is more profitable and better suited to your personal funds. While the risk is not entirely reduced, it is likely that employing this expert would increase your investment returns. Your assets will be safeguarded, and you will accomplish your financial objectives more quickly.

Your assets’ stability is assured with a properly managed heritage and sufficient investments. More protection is provided for your family, business, or long-term goals. By doing this, administrative mistakes will not cause you any substantial damages. To put it simply, wealth management firms are crucial professionals who guarantee the development and protection of money.

As a result, we have compiled a list of the top 10 wealth and investment managers in Nigeria.


Top 10 Wealth Management Companies in Nigeria


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1. ARM Investment Managers

The largest non-bank financial services provider in Nigeria, ARM Traditional Asset Management Company Ltd (ARMTAM), is the parent company of ARM Investment Managers, which was founded in 1994. In order to safeguard their capital for the future and add significant value to transactions, ARM Investment Managers collaborates with its clients.

The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission oversees the Firm’s operations (SEC). With offices all throughout Nigeria, ARM has its main office in Lagos. The wealth structuring and management services provided by ARM to people and businesses include:

  • Financial guidance sessions
  • constructing a personalized investment portfolio
  • Implementation of an investment portfolio on your behalf
  • Annual portfolio reviews and modifications


2. FBNQuest Merchant Bank

One of the companies owned by FBN Holdings Plc, with locations in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, is FBNQuest Merchant Bank. With the goal of addressing the wide range of financial demands of its clients, FBNQuest Merchant Bank provides asset management services. These services include wealth securitization and intergenerational wealth transfer.

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There are available the following wealth management services:

  • FBN Premium Deposit: With this option, customers can receive interest payments on their deposits depending on a predetermined tenor (or maturity date) and an agreed-upon interest rate.
  • The FBN Easy Retirement Package was created to suit the unique financial demands of retirees and those who will soon be retiring.
  • Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Securities: By bidding at FGN Treasury bills through FBNQuest Merchant Bank, consumers have the chance to meet their investment demands for government securities (both primary and secondary market).


3. Meristem Securities Limited

A capital market giant called Meristem Securities Limited offers a wide range of financial services, including wealth management, stockbroking, financial counseling, trusteeship, registrars, and probate management. For almost 16 years, Meristem Securities Limited has been in business.

Among the wealth management services provided by Meristem Securities Limited are goal-based investment management, wealth preservation, retirement planning, estate planning, philanthropy management, tax planning, succession planning, and real estate services.

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4. Matog Consulting Ltd

A team of committed financial advisors at Matog Consulting Ltd will assist you in creating, protecting, and managing your wealth. To develop custom multi-asset portfolios, they use market-leading advice and fund selection techniques. This will give clients a more diverse stream of returns, which will help them diversify and lower volatility.

A wide range of wealth management services are provided by Matog Consulting Ltd, and these services change with the market. As follows:

  • creating a portfolio of investments that is widely diversified.


  • preparing for a happy life after retired.


  • Put your trust in services to manage your wealth and legacy.


  • planning for estates and wills.


  • services for asset management.


  • ensuring a smooth transfer of assets.


5. NOVA Merchant Bank Limited

Institutional investors from Nigeria and outside who have made a name for themselves over many years in fields like real estate and financial services control NOVA Merchant Bank Limited. NOVA offers comprehensive financial services solutions for wealth and asset management, capital markets, advising, corporate banking, investment banking, and corporate banking.

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Along with focusing on private persons, NOVA also targets the public and private sectors. The wealth management services offered by NOVA are customized to each client’s financial objectives and risk tolerance.


6. Lotus Capital Limited

A full-service, ethical investment management firm offering financial advisory, asset management, and private wealth management services, Lotus Capital Limited. In Nigeria, Lotus Capital was a pioneer of non-interest financing and is properly registered as a fund manager with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).

As a typical boutique investment business, Lotus Capital provides customers with the highest caliber Wealth Management Advice to meet all of their financial planning requirements. The competence of Lotus Capital lies in creating specialized investment strategies and actively managing assets.

In order to provide wealth management services, Lotus Capital first evaluates the client’s present financial situation, investment needs, and risk tolerance. Lotus Capital then assesses the client’s present financial situation and works with them to choose the best course of action without compromising their principles and values.

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7. Venerate Capital

Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) oversees Venerate Capital, a wealth management, private equity, investment, and business advisory firm. Venerate Capital is dedicated to being the top resource for entrepreneurship innovation and wealth generation in developing nations.

By offering creative, integrated financial solutions that create and preserve wealth for the various clients while taking into account their various goals, income needs, growth challenges, and overall risk tolerance, Venerate Capital offers a singular opportunity to redefine the parameters of wealth creation in every transaction.


8. Bulls Capital Ltd

Bulls Capital Ltd. was established in 2008 and provides financial advisory, management consulting, and wealth management services. It also provides wealth management, business advisory, financial advisory, transaction advisory, valuation, investment advisory, retirement planning, capital raising, and advice on mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.

Through its team of knowledgeable wealth and investment practitioners, Bulls Capital Limited provides sophisticated investment and wealth management services. Individuals, families, SMEs, large corporations, non-profit organizations, and NGOs are among the clients that Bulls Capital targets.

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Retirement planning, estate planning, savings methods, education funding, employee insurance benefits, insurance coverage, tax and investment planning, lifestyle and special investments, philanthropic investments, family offices, succession planning, and tax compliance are among the wealth management services provided.


9. Emerging Africa Capital Ltd

Emerging Africa Capital Ltd. (EAC Limited) offers services for investor representation, business & governance consulting, and wealth management. Through a combination of advising services, including financial planning, impartial and open recommendations of long-term investment options, and estate planning services provided by its domestic and foreign partners, EAC Limited assists its clients.

EAC Limited starts its wealth management services by getting to know its clients’ financial situations, long-term investment goals, and risk tolerance. The client will then receive a suggested customised plan. EAC Limited services are customized based on the demands and requirements of the client.


10. Alpha Morgan Capital


The Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria has registered Alpha Morgan Capital (RC1049863), and its management team has more than 52 years of total banking expertise. constructed in 2012. The wealth management department of Alpha Morgan Capital makes use of a wide range of innovative services to give its wealthy clients the resources they need to protect and increase their money.

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Institutional investors, High Net Worth Individuals (HNI), and retail customers are among our clients. To satisfy the specific requirements of each client class, we provide a variety of investment solutions.

We manage assets to ensure the creation and preservation of wealth across generations while delivering the highest return on value to our clients and all stakeholders.



In the corporate sector, wealth management is a crucial instrument for company planning. From a personal perspective, it is a system that enables the security of the individual and their family. It seems sense that you will have less to worry about managing your resources after you hire a wealth manager. But take care; this does not imply that you should stop keeping track of your valuables.

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