AMC Stock: How Much $10,000 Invested This Year In AMC Stock Is Worth Now

AMC Stock: How Much $10,000 Invested This Year In AMC Stock Is Worth Now. This post explains a little bit about how the stock market investment works.

The chain of faltering movie theaters would be worth $129,765 with just a $10,000 investment today. It was worth over twice that, but over the past four weeks, it lost about 25% of its value, falling to 28.03.

You would be hard-pressed to discover a more incredible get-rich-quick gain anywhere else. Even the high-octane S&P 500 equities from last year look boring in comparison to AMC Entertainment’s (AMC) rise.

This year, the same $10,000 invested in Apple (AAPL) would only be worth $12,252. Furthermore, a $10,000 ride on a Tesla (TSLA) is now “just:” worth $14.717.

Why is AMC stock getting so much love? The massively shorted stock surge that started in early 2021 now has AMC stock as its face.

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It replaced GameStop (GME) as the leader in this fictitious Reddit rally, which was sparked by fervent retail investors. AMC’s increase has now surpassed GameStop’s impressive 801% rise for the year.

Investors are more confident since AMC made wise decisions to survive the pandemic.

Investors believe that this puts it in a good position to gain from the recovery of the economy.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said, “We acknowledge that it will take AMC years to clear its debt burden, and longer before it is ready to review its expansion strategy.

Since the majority of the firm’s highest-earning theaters had reopened, “we believe the company has adequate liquidity to allow it to continue with low utilization through at least (the third quarter).”


What Is AMC Stock All About?

The chain of AMC theaters is a failing one. It’s a challenging situation, especially given that more and more people are using one of the various streaming services they pay to to view movies at home.

The company’s around 1,000 theaters and 10,000 screens were also shuttered by Covid-19.

AMC is attempting to reorganize itself to position itself for the digital age. But it’s an uphill struggle. In 2021, AMC is projected to lose an adjusted $1.2 billion, or $2.76 per share.

That’s an improvement above the adjusted loss of $1.9 billion, or $16.15 per share, in 2020. Losing money is still a serious blow to the fundamentals of the AMC stock, though.

On November 8, the business displayed some preliminary indicators of a turnaround. In the September quarter, the firm reported an adjusted loss of 44 cents per share.

That exceeded expectations, which called for a 53-cent quarterly loss per share.

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However, investors are considering the long term.

The business is reducing its long-term debt, which is $5.4 billion. Theatricals are also opening. Big Hollywood companies are once again releasing fascinating movies in theaters.

By 2023, revenue is expected to reach $5.3 billion. Just 5% separates that from the $5.47 billion in earnings reported in 2019. However, losses are anticipated to continue through 2023.

But the reality is that many moviegoers continue to watch at home.

Theaters may not be as crucial as they were before the pandemic, as seen by the startling amount of Disney’s (DIS) new Black Widow Marvel movie’s revenue that comes via streaming.

Having said that, Disney’s Shang-Chi had a successful opening weekend at the box office.


AMC Stock: Turning A Meme Into Reality

However, AMC’s management is converting its fame as a meme into substantial financial firepower.

In June, the business sold further shares of its highly valued stock totaling $230 million. It will be able to invest in its assets and significantly reduce debt thanks to that financial influx.

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However, Mudrick Capital, the company’s buyer, soon sold the stock because it was overpriced.

On June 3, another stock offering was announced. S&P Ratings has raised the stock’s credit grade.

However, AMC’s credit rating, at CCC+, remains firmly within the junk bond band.


AMC Stock Not In The S&P 500, But How Would It Rank?

The stock of AMC Entertainment is attracting a lot of interest. And as a result of this year’s significant increase in share value, the company is now valued around $15.5 billion.

And as a result, the market valuation of AMC stock would be approximately ranked No. 350 in the S&P 500 index of large-cap firms. However, it is not a part of the S&P 500.

It isn’t even included in any significant stock market index.

Though some could view this as a chance.

Large investors may be forced to purchase AMC stock if the company can recover and join an index of publicly traded companies.

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Would Anything Make You Richer, Faster?

AMC stock is a unique breed that has made investors wealthy this year. Of all the stocks in the S&P 500, S&P Midcap 400, S&P Small Cap 600, or S&P Completion Indexes this year, its return on a $10,000 investment ranks first.

Amazingly, AMC replaced GameStop as the stock to own for memes. “Only” up 801% this year, GameStop. The current value of $10,000 invested in GameStop stock is $90.069. Should you buy GameStop stock right now?


Is AMC Stock A Good Buy?

Do you now have to purchase AMC stock? Before investing, astute investors are aware that they should review the stock chart and fundamentals.

The price movement of AMC stock is undoubtedly favorable.

According to IBD’s Stock Checkup, it has an IBD RS Rating of 99. This indicates that in terms of price increases, it outperforms 99% of all other equities.

But as was already mentioned, the business is anticipated to continue losing money for years.

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This lowers its IBD Composite Rating to an unimpressive 73.

Just keep in mind that even while it may be enjoyable to count your newfound riches on AMC stock and other heavily shorted stocks right now, you must have guidelines to abide by case the deal turns sour.

Successful investors understand that it is preferable to purchase top growth stocks using tried-and-true guidelines.

However, AMC stockholders are currently content to sit back and enjoy their gains.


Which Stocks Turned $10,000 Into The Biggest Gains?

Stocks in the S&P 1500 and Completion Index are up the highest so far this year.

Company Symbol Stock YTD % ch. What $10,000 invested this year is worth now
AMC Entertainment (AMC) 1,197.6% $129,765
GameStop (GME) 800.7 $90.069
Avis Budget (CAR) 595.5 $69,547
Cassava Sciences (SAVA) 559.8 $65,982
Vertex Energy (VTNR) 539.2 $63,921
Sources: IBD, S&P Global Market Intelligence


Note: This is not an Investment Advise whatsoever. This article was written for informational purposes.


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