NewsPayForum Review: How To Make N4,189+ Daily Reading News

This is the complete NewsPayForum review that explains how the system works. Yes, how you can make money for reading news, posting comments, telling your friends about it, and more…

newspayforum review how it works

Before you say it’s a SCAM and not paying, see my recent screenshot of payment:

newpayforum payment screenshot 1

Another one:

newpayforum payment screenshot 2

Now, have a look at my dashboard below;

my newspayforum dashboard

This is a program I started not so long and I don’t even show interest in it. I spend 20minutes once in a while.

Now, imagine I spend 1hour or more every day, what will be the outcome In one week?

Continue reading how NewsPay Forum works right now.

What Is NewsPay Forum?

NewsPayForum is a website that makes it possible for you as an Internet User to Make money while browsing the internet.  

Yes, they make it sweeter by attaching small activities that enable you to earn commission automatically to your bank account every single week.  

Activities to earn on NewsPayForum involves;

  • Reading News
  • Posting simple comment (as you do normally)
  • Sharing Viral Posts on Facebook and…
  • Tell your Friends about the Platform Earning Possibilities.

Now, your earning are counted daily, so that you can withdraw every week or mid-week depending on your earning capacity.  

NewsPay is not limited to Older or Younger people. Everyone is accepted and allowed to earn cool cash daily for leaving a comment and taking other simple actions.  

It’s also a general, pocket-friendly platform you can invest in and start earning right away.  

Yes, with only N1700, you can start making N5k or more daily, weekly, or even X10 monthly.   Read on to see how NewsPayForum works in Nigeria.  

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How Does NewsPayForum Work? (Review)

I know you are CODEDLY asking how the system works He He?, lemme guide you.  

(Wait oh! Is CODEDLY in the dictionary sef? lol?)  

There are two major plans available on NewsPay Forum, which involves;

  • Premium Plan and
  • Gold Plan.

Premium Plan: You can invest only N1,700 to earn a decent amount of money daily which you can withdraw weekly or monthly.    

Gold Plan: This package costs N3,000 to start and I have explained the difference between the two (2) plans available in the table below.    

As a beginner, I advise that you start with the Premium plan, and when you start earning you can upgrade to Gold on NewsPay as you now know how it works fully.  

As I explained earlier, you are getting paid for sharing posts on Facebook and other simple tasks.    

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Difference Between Premium And Gold Plan on NewsPay Forum

NamePremium Package (Recommended)Gold Package
Membership Upgrade Fee₦1,700₦3,000
Free Sign Up bonus₦700₦700
Free Daily Login Bonus₦50₦85
Comment Bonus₦6₦11
Viral share Profit₦100₦150
Referral Bonus₦1,100₦2,100
Approved Article₦30₦50

  You get the Blue Tick Verified  Badge on GOLD PACKAGE and none in PREMIUM Package.  

Is NewsPay Forum Real?

Yes, I withdrew N4000 on Sunday. See the screenshot again below:  

newpayforum payment screenshot 1

It’s simple. Choose to register now or keep jumping to nowhere (lol).    

How To Make Money On NewsPayForum

There are three (3) major ways to make EXTRA cash on NewsPay.

  • One is NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing (Nars): This involves the News you read on the platform, the post you share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, comments you post, and more. In short, it’s the reward you earn for taking the specified action on the NewsPayForum website.
  • Two is Viral Sponsor Share Earning: These commissions you earn for sharing a VIRAL POST on Facebook as instructed by the Admin. You can earn between 100 and N150 for sharing one viral post. These posts are can be located from your dashboard labeled as “Viral Share”.
  • Three is the Referral Or Affiliate Program Bonus: This activity generates higher income for you. All you need to do is tell your friends how N1700 can make them good money daily or weekly, guide them on how to register with your link, and  NewsPay will pay you free N1,100 for referring a Premium member or N2,100 for referring a Gold member.
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Now, below are some more ways to DOUBLE your Income on NewsPayForum:

  • You earn FREE 900NARS on Registration: It’s marked as a welcome bonus for you to enjoy your stay on the platform.
  • Free 50NARS or 80NARS for Everyday login: It depends on the plan you register with Premium or Gold.
  • Get Free 6NARS or 11NARS for Posting Comments: You get credited between 6 and 11 NewsPayForum Ad Revenue Sharing bonus for leaving a comment on News you read.

Now, imagine you post 10 comments in 1 minute that’s equal to 60Nars abi? Multiply that times 100 comments in 10minutes. There is good money to be made here…

  • Free 2NARS For Updating your Profile: Post a photo of you and complete the required setting on NewsPay.
  • Earn Free 30NARS or 50NARS for Post Article: Depending on the Package you signed up with. You’ll be reward with 30NARS or 50NARS on the Premium or GOLD plan for posting an Article on NewsPayForum.
  • BIG, Free N1,100 or N2,100 For Telling Your Friends About NewsPay: This one is sweet. It earns you a huge amount of money telling someone else about the earning possibilities on NewsPayForum.
  • Free 15% Commission For Selling E-PIN: Yes, as an E-PIN vendor you’ll earn 15% of every E-PIN or Coupon code you sell. You send an email to [email protected] to learn more about how to join NewsPayForum PIN CODE Distributors right away.
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How To Register On NewsPayForum

Below is how to register on NewsPayForum:

  • Open this NewsPay link here…
  • Enter your Username.
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Enter your Phone Number
  • Select your Country
  • Now, Enter your Password
  • Enter The same Password again to confirm.

Next is to get your E-PIN and input it to register your account completely.

newspay epin coupon code

What Is  E-PIN or Coupon Code?

E-PIN is the 17digit code that enables your NewsPay Account to be created. A good example of your E-PIN is “CC2-N703-E8D00-9CHDF”.  

Without the above code, you won’t be allowed to pass the registration page.  

It’s also called the NewsPay Coupon Code, so do get things complicated, Ok?  

How To Buy E-PIN Code Faster

There are two things involved in this;   You may choose to follow the long process and buy a random E-PIN Vendor or…  

…buy from my personal E-PIN distributor.    

Buy from my agent personal E-PIN Vendor below:

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  I buy from this particular person coz she delivers in less than 3mins of request.

  • After buying, go back to this page to register with your Coupon code.

Why Should I Register on NewsPayForum Income Bundle Today?

  • Make good money from the simple actions you take on NewsPay without Referring anyone.
  • Get Your Free Share On NewsPay Ad Revenue Sharing Every 2weeks.
  • Get Free ₦1,100 or ₦2,100 For telling your friend about the NewsPay.
  • Receive Credit Alert every Sunday in less than 24hours.
  • Free N100 or ₦150 For Sharing VIRAL Post on Facebook.
  • Your weekly withdrawals are guaranteed.
  • NewsPayForum Cashout is estimated at over ₦50 Million since this income bundle was launched.

What Is NARS

NewsPay Currency, its rises and falls like a dollar, it’s not equal to naira,   NARS means NewspayForum Ad Revenue Sharing which is the money generated from the adverts on the websites.  

These NARS can be earned by performing the simple tasks required by NewsPay.  

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In short;

  • NARS = NewsPayForum Currency. Just as Dollar is equal to the Naira conversation rate.

It’s also classified as NewsPay Activity Earnings.  

How Much Is Nars to Naira?

NARS rises and falls just like a dollar to naira.  

Yes, it depends on how HIGH or LOW the ad revenue is at the end of every two weeks as promised by NewsPayForum Administration.  

If Ad brings in BIG Money, You Get Paid BIG NARS Conversion rate. And, the same thing applies to LOW Ad income.  

In summary; Newspay Forum’s average payout of NARS is N1,000 for every 5000NARS is generated from activity earnings.

  • To Buy Airtime With 20000NARS, you get N4,000 worth of Airtime. Make sense? Read on…
  • To Buy EPIN Code with 10,000NARS, you get the Premium plan Coupon Code which is N1,700.
  • To Collect Cash Direct To Your Bank Account, 5000NARS is converted to N1,000 and send to you.
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  Don’t get it twisted, Activity Earnings involves;

  • Share VIRAL Posts
  • Post Comments.
  • Daily Login and others…

What Are Viral Posts

Newspay VIRAL Post is designed to get more exposure. i.e to get to show more people that the platform is real and pays as they promise.   The VIRAL Posts are usually like the below image:

viral post share newspayforum

  You can share posts following the guideline below.  

How To Share Viral Posts

  • Go to your Dashboard. To do this, you need to login into your account. Then tap on “Dashboard” next to your username.
  • Tap Viral Share. You will see the Viral Share Link at the top of the page. But, you must make sure you are on your NewsPayForum Dashboard if not, you won’t see this.
  • Tap On The Post. You need to scroll down to see the available VIRAL post you are to share. Once, you see any based on the example I showed you earlier, open the post.
  • Tap Click Here Now. After opening the VIRAL Post, scroll down to where you see;

“Click Here Now to Viral Share this Post to your Facebook Timeline as public in order for you to Get Paid. We would VERIFY your Facebook Timeline before you can cash out your earnings.”

Tap on the first word.

  • Share Post Your Timeline. You will be redirected to Facebook. Just share the post from NewsPayForum Page with your timeline. Then, go back to the viral post.
  • Tap on Continue Here. Just after the “Click Here Now” link, scroll down and click “Continue Here”.
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Skip Ads and go back to VIRAL Post again.

  • Tap on “Click to EARN from Today’s VIRAL SHARE Post”. After the previous action, it’s time to EARN your free N100 or N150 from the VIRAL post you just shared.

Scroll download below comment then tap on the button stated.

Understand? Cool.

How To Withdraw Earnings

Once, you’ve reached the minimum cashout which is N1,000 or N4000 for NARS or Referral earnings, you can request withdrawal to your bank account.  

Now, this is why it’s important to enter your bank account detail correctly on registration. You’ve won’t be asked about that on the withdrawal date to avoid problems with transactions.  

To withdraw earnings;

  • Login to your NewsPay Forum Account.
  • Go to your Dashboard.
  • Tap on Withdrawal To Bank

You will find;

  • NARS withdraw and
  • Referral Earning.

  You can Request withdrawal every week or every two (2) weeks as stated.  

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This is the complete NewsPayForum Review. So if you’re amongst those asking; “How does NewsPayForum Work?”  

This is the best answer to your questions. Meanwhile, you can leave a comment below if you have some more questions to ask.  

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