How to Buy Airtime from Access Bank

Learn how to buy Airtime from Access Bank using your smartphone. Yes, if you are among those looking for the step-by-step method to buy Airtime directly from your bank, then you’re lucky.

Why? You may purchase airtime from your bank account without concern thanks to today’s short USSD code. This implies that you can recharge your Airtime while seated at home.

The Access Bank code is that strong. And in a short while, you’ll discover the straightforward process for purchasing airtime from Access Bank.

There is no gimmick at play. Both your bank and your existing network provider allow you to purchase airtime.


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Buying Airtime From Access Bank

The Access Bank mobile USSD code to buy Airtime is not new to many. Yes, it has been available for some time now. And since the introduction of this mobile banking thing, buying airtime and Airtime hasn’t been easier.

If you’ll agree with me, buying Airtime on your MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, or GLO line wasn’t easy. You must go outside the street to buy your network recharge card. After that, you can just dial the working Airtime code to buy an Airtime to browse the internet.

But today, everything has changed. You can stand anywhere, anyhow, and recharge your phone. Yes, you can now buy Airtime on Access Bank from your home, workplace, and business centers.

All it takes is the Access Bank USSD code and you’re good to go. It is not only about your airtime and Airtime recharge. No, you can even buy airtime or data using the Access Bank code.

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Tech is a big blessing to this generation. Our forefathers never had a life this easy. Like, you can’t buy Airtime from Access Bank in the past. Where will you find the bank? lol.

The opportunities we have today weren’t present for them in the past. What a great time to be alive. Proceed to learn how to buy Airtime from Access Bank.


How to Buy Airtime from Access Bank

There are different ways to buy Airtime from Access Bank. These include the short USSD code, mobile app, and other methods I shared in this section.

You can buy Airtime on Access Bank with *901*Amount# but this applies to existing users who have configured the mobile bank USSD code on Access Bank.

So, start by registering your phone number for mobile USSD code transfers if this is your first time.


How to Register Access Bank USSD code – to Buy Airtime Easily

Follow the guideline below to register. Yes, to make it possible to buy Airtime from Access Bank:

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Reset PIN For Access Bank Mobile USSD Code

In case you lost or forgot your Access Bank transfer PIN, you can get it back. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Simply dial *901#,
  • Press the number 4,
  • Then press the number 4,
  • To reset the PIN and follow other instructions on the mobile phone number,
  • Then you can enter your 4 digit pin,
  • Then you will be required to enter a new 4-digit pin.

Note: You can’t do this on any phone you likw. It must be done using the phone number linked to your bank account.


Code To Buy Airtime From Access Bank

  • The short USSD code to buy Airtime from Access Bank is *901*Amount#.

Simply dial the code after opening your phone’s caller app to get a popup message. You only need to follow the prompts, choose your network, and input how much airtime you wish to purchase.

If done correctly, you’ll receive a message or notification immediately. This SMS show that your Airtime purchase from Access Bank was successful. Otherwise, you probably don’t have sufficient bank money in your account.

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How to Buy Airtime From Access Bank to Another Number

Now, since you’ve registered your phone number with Access Bank, You’re ready.  Follow the guideline below to buy Airtime from Access Bank to another number without an atm or debit card:

  • Just dial *901*Amount*Phone Number# to buy airtime for friends, colleagues, or family members.

Alternatively, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Simply dial *901#. Do this on the phone number you opened an account with.
  • Next, confirm the amount you want to buy.
  • Select your Network provider (MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile)
  • Enter Phone Number.
  • Finally, enter your Access Bank mobile USSD PIN and confirm the transaction.

That’s exactly how to buy Airtime from Access Bank to another phone number (not yours).


Buy Airtime From Your Access Bank Account Using Mobile App

Remember I told you that there are several ways to buy Airtime through mobile banking? This part is about the Access Bank mobile app method.

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Please, follow the guides below to buy an Airtime using the Mobile app. You can either buy for yourself or buy for other phone numbers.

  • First, download than Access Bank mobile app if you don’t have it yet. Download it here and configure it correctly.
  • After that, enter your login credentials and log in to the app.
  • Now, log in to your account in the app.
  • Click on “Menu” and select “Bills”
  • Kindly tap “Mobile Top Up.”
  • Choose the Access bank account you want to buy the airtime from.
  • Select the network you wish to recharge the airtime from, which is the biller. (E.g MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, etc.)
  • Now, enter the amount of airtime you want to buy.
  • Enter the mobile phone number you are buying the airtime for.
  • Finally, enter your “Transaction PIN or Token” to complete the transaction.
  • A notice letting you know that the transaction was successful will arrive right away. Verify the phone number has been recharged after around 5 minutes.
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That’s the simple method to purchase Airtime using the Access Bank mobile application. You’ll receive a debit alert on your bank account. On the other hand, the number you bought Airtime for will receive a credit alert.

Interesting right? That’s all it works.


Safety & Cautions: Before You Buy Airtime From Access Bank

The Access Bank Airtime Recharge Code may seem useful to you, yet some want you harm.

Yes, there are a lot of dishonest activities going on, and if you’re not careful, anyone may purchase Airtime from your Access Bank account and transfer it to their phone without your permission. Sad, right? We do live in such a world.

From your Access Bank account, you can purchase airtime, but please remember the following:

  • To prevent fraudulent purchases, you must protect your phone number or PIN.
  • Access Bank USSD code may not require a PIN when you purchase airtime or data for yourself. Pay attention to this.
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There’s more to not bust these are the major ones. Still on it, below are some advantages of buying Airtime using Access Bank mobile USSD code:

  • The Access Bank Airtime code is easy to use.
  • On Access Bank mobile banking, you can access almost all internet Airtime from any network operator in Nigeria.
  • It doesn’t consume all your time. Transactions are very fast.
  • You can buy airtime or data for yourself and other people. This includes MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile users. The list may change in the future. For now, these are the popular telecommunication companies in Nigeria.



How do I buy airtime from MTN Access Bank?


What is the code to recharge from Access Bank?

To recharge for yourself: Dial *901*Amount# using a line linked with your account. To recharge for someone else: Dial *901*Amount*Phone Number#.

How can I buy airtime from my Access Bank account in Airtel?

There is ONE CODE created by Airtel Nigeria to make this possible. Yes, you can recharge or buy airtime from any bank in Nigeria using this code (*444#).

You may purchase airtime, data bundles, and other call bundles straight from any of your bank accounts by using the code *444#. Just make sure that your Airtel number is the primary line for your bank and that you have access to a variety of Nigerian banks for recharging.


How do you buy recharge cards in access?

There are several ways to buy recharge cards or airtime from Access bank. But use the shortcode below:

  • Sign up for the USSD service at *901#.
  • And then, simple daily *901*Amount# to buy airtime for yourself. For example, dial *901*1000# to recharge N1000.
  • To recharge for others, just dial *901*Amount*Phone Number#. For example, dial *901*500*09012345678# to recharge N500 for that phone number. (Note: That phone number is for guidelines).
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What Is The Code to Block Access Bank Account?

To block your Access Bank account or ATM card in an urgent situation, please open your Phone dialer and follow the guidelines below:

  • Dial *901*911#.
  • Select Option 2 (Block Account).
  • Select ‘Self‘ or ‘Third party‘ for others.
  • Enter the phone number linked to the account.
  • Select the Account you want to block.
  • Enter your PIN and that’s all.



Let’s tell the truth, buying Airtime from Access Bank wasn’t possible in the past. No bank in Nigeria permits that. You’re not even allowed to recharge airtime to transfer money to other people.

Now, you can buy internet Airtime for personal use or even buy it for friends, family members, or colleagues at work. Everything is now made easy with recent Technology.

Well, I hope you’ve learned how to buy Airtime from Access Bank today.

Leave a comment in the comment section if you’re facing any challenges…

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