How to Check Access Bank Account Number

Learn How to check the Access bank Account number easily without going to the bank. Get the shortcode to view your Acc No. and other fast methods are given in today’s post.

There are diverse ways to check account numbers on Access Bank. In this article, I will be listing the important ways to view your account numbers. Trust me, the ways are not hard if you follow the processes accordingly.

Below are useful methods to check the Account number on Access Bank.

1) Check your Account number on Access Bank Through Access Mobile App

There are so many bank users that do not have a bank app; all they do is make use of the bank’s USSD code.

However, they do not know that issues like “how to check account numbers on Access Bank” can only be resolved by downloading or installing the official Access Bank app.

Get started on checking your Acc No. on Access Bank through the mobile app. Kindly follow the guidelines below to download the Access Bank app.

  • Visit your app store for iOS users or Google Playstore for Android users to download the Access Bank plc app. Download it here if you don’t have it yet.
  • After successfully downloading the official Access Mobile App on your mobile device, make sure you launch the app.
  • Then click on the Register button.
  • Input your active phone number.
  • Select Continue to proceed with the launching.
  • You will see a list of information needed for you to successfully register on the app. Fill in the information correctly.
  • Then check the dashboard for the account number.
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How do I check my account number if I already have the Access Bank mobile app?

This is easy to do if you follow the right procedures. Simply sign in to the Access mobile app and check the home page; there you will see your account number.

2) How to check the account number on Access Bank via social media.

I understand that this is not a common method. Yes, because most access bank users and access bank app users believe that social media only allows them to chat with customer care representatives regarding minor issues. But, issues like how to check the account number on Access Bank cannot be sorted out unless you physically visit the bank to file a complaint.

We are in the era of mobile banking, and the world is becoming more computerized; there is no doubt that banking has followed suit.

Each Nigerian bank account must have its social media handle. It’s monitored by a customer care representative who will respond to your issue on time.

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So through this, you can find out your access bank account number by going to the bank’s social media handle.

Below is the information and details that you need to get access to bank account numbers. Yes, through any of their social media handles:

  • Full beneficiary name used in creating the access bank account
  • Your mother’s maiden name
  • Your date of birth
  • The address used in opening the Access bank account
  • Next of kin
  • The active phone number used in registering the account.
  • Lastly, the Access Bank branch where you first registered your account.

Once the information given is verified and correct, your account number will be shown instantly.

3) How to check the Account number on access via SMS

I will be giving you the guidelines and steps to check your account by accessing the bank through SMS. *901# is the access bank code to check the account number linked to your account.

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Make sure it is the real number used in registering for your Access bank account, which must have been fully registered for the Access USSD code.

You’ll see a menu on your screen with some options.

  • Select the appropriate option for other services.
  • Select the inquiry service option.
  • Reply with “3” for Account number inquiry

After this, your access bank account number will be shown on your mobile device.

4) How to check the account number via the statement of account

This method is straightforward; just simply check the bank statement that was given to you physically or through an e-mail. Your access bank account number will be boldly printed and shown on the bank statement.

5) How to check the account number on Access Bank via an Instant Alert.

Instant alerts will enable you to get your Access bank account number easily. Note that this method will only be successful if you reregistered an email alert to your banking transaction.

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How do I contact Access Bank customer service?

If you need help on how to check your account number, access the bank via a customer care device. You can call them at 1-800-929-2273, or visit their website at to chat with their customer representatives online.


There you have them; I have been able to state the different ways to check account numbers on Access Bank.

They are simple steps; you just have to go for the method that is easier and faster for you. I believe this article on how to check account numbers on Access Bank was very useful to you.

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