How to Block Access Bank Account

Learn How to block Access bank account with simple guidelines given in today’s post. If there’s an unusual activity going on, you can simply block it. Yes, to avoid losing money on your Access bank account.

The fact that fast-growing technology has now permitted a lot of people to perform bank services on their mobile devices that are linked to their bank has made it easier to sort out issues about how to block bank accounts.

Losing your mobile device, an ATM, or having both of them stolen can be so frustrating and heartbreaking because the chance of getting them back is zero to none.

If the listed item I mentioned above gets into the hands of a fraudulent group of people, they can access the account and steal the funds.

In this article, I explain the best ways to help users understand how to block access to bank accounts.

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1) How to Block Your Access Bank Account By Deactivating the USSD Code

Luckily, Access Bank plc has formally introduced a code that can help their customers block their ATM card and bank account without much difficulty.

Following its commitment and concern, including safeguarding the savings of the customers, Access Bank made sure they avoided complaints in their emails about how to block Access Bank accounts.

They made it easy for access bank customers to block it at their fingertips by dialing *901*91#, which permits the customer to deactivate their USSD profile once their ATM or mobile device gets stolen.

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This method will help you keep your account safe. Using the USSD Code to block your access bank account is the easiest and fastest means.

Below are the steps to take on how to block an Access Bank account through deactivation.

  • Dial *901*11# using any phone number.
  • Follow the instructions given and provide the number you used in registering for an account in Access Bank.
  • Complete the task by providing the USSD pin.

You should also note that a blocked account limits account owners from boundless and unrestricted use of the funds in that account. After this, you will also need to visit the bank if you wish to block the account.

2) Deactivate Your Bank Account Via Social Media

Access Bank only provided a unique USSD code, which I have already mentioned, to block your Access Bank account. If it still does not work, you can file a complaint and block your bank account through its WhatsApp banking number, +234 909090901.

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This gives you access to chat with their customer care representative via WhatsApp. You can also contact their center helpline by calling any of the following numbers: 07003000000, 01-2802500, or 01-2712005-7.

3) How to Block Access Bank Account Via ATM Card

Blocking your ATM card is essential because it is an assurance that the funds in your account are secured and cannot be withdrawn or stolen by any third party if blocked on time.

Access Bank also created a way for its customers to block any of their ATM cards that have been opened to theft.

But to do this, you must meet the following requirements, which I will state below.

  • You must have access bank mobile app.
  • Be cautious not to forget your account username or password.
  • Have your authentication pin commonly known as Access Bank Token.

Now the question is: how can I block my bank account via ATM?

Below are the steps on how to block access bank account via an ATM

  • Open the Access Bank mobile app on your device.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on the “Log In” option to sign in and continue the process…
  • Once you have successfully logged into your account, locate “Cards and Cheques.”
  • Click on “manage cards.”
  • Select block
  • Lastly, enter your PIN to block your ATM card immediately.
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There are other ways to block access to your bank account in case the methods mentioned above do not work.

You can reach the Access Bank customer care agent by calling the following numbers: +23412712005, +2341280500, or 07002255222377, and requesting that they block the ATM and provide the essential information they need.

07003000000, 01-2802500, or 01-2712005-7.

  • Once you have verified that the information given is correct, your ATM card will be blocked immediately.

How can I block my Access Bank account via the mobile app?

  • Simply log in to your Access mobile app.
  • Select card as cheque.
  • Click manage cards
  • Tap block.

How can I block my account if I lose my phone?

  • Simply dial *901*911#.
  • Select option 2, which says “block.”

Can I block my Access Bank account online?

Many access bank account holders frequently ask this question. Unfortunately, there is no means by which you can block your Access Bank account online. However, you can also send a direct message to any of the Access Bank social media accounts, especially Twitter via

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I believe I have been able to teach you how to block access to bank accounts through several means.

All the methods I stated work perfectly; just select the one that is easier and faster for you.

Co-written with: Peter Okoroji

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