Vodafone Data Loan 2023: How To Get Now

This post uncovers the necessary things you need to know about the Vodafone Data Loan available at the moment. So, if you’re among those looking for ways to borrow data from Vodafone and pay it back later, scroll slowly to learn more…

It is a difficult situation when we discover that we forgot to recharge our Vodafone during an emergency and there is no one to get money from, but you have cash in your PAYTM wallet.

You will be required to have a minimum amount of data to access the Internet and then recharge your data bundle on Vodafone.

So, in this article, I will be teaching you how to get a data loan using Vodafone.

What Are The Conditions For Getting A Data Loan Using Vodafone (Vi)?

  • It is expedient to follow the rules I will be given, which will make you eligible for a Vodafone data loan.
  • Your Internet loan credit will be spontaneously deducted by your first recharge on Vodafone.
  • You must be a 3-month Vodafone customer to be eligible to get a Vodafone Internet loan balance.
  • You will have to pay the exact amount when taking a data loan from VF.

How Can I Take a Vodafone Data Loan?

There are two unique ways of taking Vodafone data loans. They are:

  • SMS (or Messaging app) Method
  • Ussd code Method.

Sms Code To Get Vodafone Data Loan

This part uncovers the popular method to take a data loan or borrow data from VF using the Messaging app on your phone.

Data loans by SMS are very easy to obtain. You will have to get a 2G, 3G, or 4G loan from Vodafone. Below is the process to get a Vodafone data loan by SMS 

  • You must be able to create a message with ICREDIT, send it to 144, and then reply with the correct option.
  • Open your messaging app and send ICREDIT to 144 to take a data loan.
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Get Vodafone Data Loan By Ussd Code (Vi)

Anybody is eligible to obtain the VF data loan by dialing the loan number below 

  • Open your phone dialer
  • Dial *130*4#
  • Follow the instructions given.
  • Select the credit option.

You will then see the validity, rate, and MB of your Vodafone data loan.

What Is Vodafone Data Loan Ussd Code?

Chota Credit is a loan service provided by Vodafone. So whenever you hear Chota Credit or VF Data Loan Number, they are the same thing.

Through this loan system, Vodafone users can benefit from and gain access to emergency data loans, but it should be noted that this code can only be used by Vodafone prepaid SIM card holders.

What Is The Peculiarity Of Obtaining A Vodafone Data Loan?

After the process of obtaining a data loan, you might be thinking that being eligible for the data loan is not difficult. But there are certain criteria that you must meet to obtain a Vodafone data loan. 

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Below are the criteria.

We must know that the Vodafone loan number is only available to Vodafone prepaid users. In essence, before obtaining the data loan, you must be a prepaid SIM card user.

Hence, if you are a Vodafone postpaid user, you cannot benefit from this service.

Being a prepaid user isn’t enough to obtain a Vodafone data loan. The prepaid user must have used the SIM card for more than 3 months. That means if you have not used your SIM card for at least 3 months, you are not eligible for this data loan service.

If the user has used the credit and has not paid it, the user will not be able to obtain the loan. The user needs to pay off his debt or credit before being eligible to use the Vf data loan service.

The user who took the loan will be charged a particular amount at the exact time of recovering the credit.

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In essence, before using the Vodafone loan USSD service, you must be able to fulfill the above criteria. Yes, before being eligible to use the Vf data loan service.

How Can I Borrow From Vodafone?

All you have to do is to dial *110# and select option 5, which is financial services, followed by option 4, which is an overdraft, and then option 3, which is how to check your overdraft balance.

How Much Is The Penalty Fee Once The Due Date Elapses on Vodacom Data Loan?

The loan service comes with a fixed monthly interest. Once this fee is added to your loan amount, the customer will be given the added value to pay back, which must be paid on or before the due date.

Once the due date elapses, a penalty fee of 12.5 per cent is applied for not paying before the due date for Vodacom-Idea (vi) loan.

Almost Done…

You can simply go for Vodafone credit by sending a message to the Vodafone credit number. In essence, you need to type a message *199*3*5# and send it to 144.

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I believe I have been able to explain to you what a Vodafone data loan is, the criteria required, and the codes needed. Please kindly share this with your friends.

Co-Written with: Peter Okoroji

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