Samsung Galaxy A54 Review: Everything you need to know

With the rise of technology, the demand for smartphones is increasing day by day because it offers many specifications and features that make consumer life easier. Like many other brands, Samsung is a top-tier smartphone brand, established in 1969.

In Pakistan, Samsung has introduced stunning yet affordable prices for their smartphones with extraordinary efficiency, reliability, and specifications that no one has dreamed of. Samsung mobile phone prices are based on its series. The most expensive cell phones in Pakistan are the Note and S series smartphones. While on the other hand, M, J, and A series are mid-range phones that offer good balance and cost of performance. In addition, Samsung smartphones in Pakistan start from a price range of PKR 13,999 and go up to 300,000 and above. 

The most recent generation of the series includes the Samsung Galaxy A53, which launched in March 2022. Now one year later, Samsung will be launching Galaxy A54, the newest model of Samsung’s A series.

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So, here is all you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy A54.

Samsung Galaxy A54: Release Date

Although Samsung has not announced the release date of the Galaxy A54, it releases its midrange smartphones often in the spring. There are occasional variations in the release of smartphones for various markets. On January 18, 2023, an unknown A-series phone would be released, according to Samsung India. But, it would indicate a significantly earlier debut for the A54 as compared to its other A series smartphone.

As Samsung releases its A series smartphone in spring, so Galaxy A54 will therefore be more likely to be released in March or April 2023, if January 18 release date is a bust.

Samsung Galaxy A54: Price

The price of the Galaxy A54 is still unknown just like its release date. However, to see the potential cost, we can look at the prices of its A series smartphone. By comparing the price of Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A553, it is predicted that Samsung Galaxy A54 price in pakistan will be expected price of PKR 79,799.

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Samsung Galaxy A54: Design, Specs, and Features

The design of Samsung Galaxy A53 and A54 is the same. But for Galaxy A54, a Korean smartphone manufacturer could make a few design adjustments and draw ideas from its new Samsung Galaxy S23. According to the rumors, the front panel of the Galaxy A54 appears similar to other ‘A’ series smartphones. It has also been predicted that Galaxy A54 should have an IP67 rating, similar to the Galaxy A53.  

The back camera array may have three different sensors that protrude from the body, which is one of the most noticeable modifications apart from Galaxy A53. It has been also heard that the Galaxy A54 might differentiate itself from competitors in terms of design by using some fresh colors like purple and neon shades. 

The specifications of the Galaxy A54 have also been released. The forthcoming Galaxy A54 will have a few small internal upgrades, similar to A53. Although Samsung’s Galaxy A54 promotional teaser page indicates a 6.6-inch display, initial speculations claimed the smartphone will have a 6.4-inch 120Hz AMOLED screen. There are also rumors of 6/8GB RAM and 128 or 256 GB of memory.

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Samsung Galaxy A54: Camera

Samsung Galaxy A54’s camera configuration may differ significantly from the Galaxy A53. One major change that Samsung has done is that it may replace the 64-megapixel primary camera on A53 with a 50MP camera lens on A54. The new camera lens will offer considerable gains in low-light conditions and dynamic range. Samsung Galaxy A54 should have a 32-megapixel selfie camera on the front that can record 4K videos.

Samsung Galaxy A54: Battery

The battery life of Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones was exceptional but their charging time was not so good. Those smartphones have a maximum power limit of 25W, it would take approximately two hours to recharge a battery from drained to 100%. For Samsung Galaxy A54, there will be advancements in its recharging time, also, a reliable charger should be included in the box to facilitate the customers.

Last Words

Samsung smartphones have become extremely popular in Pakistan during the past few years. Having millions of happy customers all around the world, Samsung is one of the top manufacturers of mobile devices. Samsung cell phones are priced differently in Pakistan based on various models.

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To sum up, Samsung Galaxy A54 is expected to be a fantastic, affordable phone when it will be released later this year. It is expected to be released in Pakistan at a cost of 79,799.

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