How to Buy Data from Zenith Bank 2024

You’ll learn how to buy data from Zenith Bank today.

Are you in search of how to purchase data from Zenith Bank, or perhaps the Zenith Bank data code for MTN, Glo, Airtel, and/or 9mobile (Etisalat)?

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Buying Data From Zenith Bank Nigeria

Data is essential, as it’s the lifeline of many internet activities. However, it can be frustrating when you have to purchase airtime first before buying data.

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Fortunately, Zenith Bank account holders can purchase data directly from their account using a USSD code, making life easier.

This post provides a comprehensive guide on how to buy data from Zenith Bank, including information on purchasing data through the Zenith Bank mobile app.

So, if you’re a Zenith Bank account holder and want to buy data without stress, read on for all the details.

How to Buy Data from Zenith Bank

Here are the steps to buying data from Zenith bank for any network’s line:

  1. Dial *966# using the phone number registered with your account.
  2. From the options that appear on the screen, select “Buy Data.”
  3. Follow the prompts and enter the necessary information, such as the phone number, data bundle, and network provider.
  4. Input your Zenith bank USSD code PIN to complete the purchase.

If you want to buy data from Zenith bank using the USSD code, you need to follow a few more steps to complete the transaction.

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USSD Code to Buy Data from Zenith Bank

  • The USSD code to buy data for yourself and other mobile numbers from Zenith bank is *966#.
  • Zenith bank’s USSD code *966# allows you to buy internet data ranging from the lowest bundle to the highest, for any network provider in Nigeria such as MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile.
  • While *966# is the official code for buying data from Zenith bank, it still requires additional steps to complete the purchase and transfer to the desired line, SIM card, or phone number.

That’s all it takes to buy data from your Zenith bank account using USSD code. If you prefer a different method, you can also buy data through the Zenith mobile app.

Buy Data Using Zenith Bank Mobile App

To buy internet data bundles from Zenith Bank if you have an account with them, you can use their mobile banking app.

You will need to download, install, and activate the Zenith bank app on your phone to do this.

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Once you have the app, you can follow these simple steps to buy data bundles of any network and amount:

  1. Open the Zenith bank mobile app and log in
  2. Select “Buy Data” on the home screen
  3. Follow the prompts and enter the required information, such as the network provider, data bundle, and phone number you want to credit with the data
  4. Enter your Zenith mobile banking PIN to complete the purchase

Once the purchase is successful, the phone number you entered will receive the data, and your account will be charged with the cost of the bundle.


What is the code for Zenith Bank to buy data?

The code for Zenith bank to buy data is *966#. You can dial *966*amount*mobile number# to recharge your phone and buy a data bundle afterward.

How do I buy data from my Zenith account?

To buy data from your Zenith bank account, simply dial *966# and follow the prompt.

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Now, you can buy airtime with *966*Amount# and purchase a data plan from your MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile line.

How can I buy data directly from any bank?

You can buy data directly from your bank through these means:

How can I buy MTN card from Zenith Bank?

To buy card from Zenith Bank, dial *966*Amount# and you’re good to go.

For example, if you have a Zenith Bank account and you want to buy 1000 naira worth of airtime for the mobile number associated with that account, you can do so by dialing *966*1000#.

This applies to MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile users in Nigeria.

Have You Bought Data Successfully?

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to purchase internet data bundles in Nigeria is through banks.

By leveraging this service, you can buy data for browsing on any network with ease. And, among the banks offering this service is Zenith Bank, a leading financial institution in Nigeria.

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Whether you are looking to purchase a small data bundle for basic browsing or a large data bundle for streaming or downloads, Zenith Bank offers an easy-to-use platform for purchasing data.

You can choose between two options: the USSD code or the Zenith Bank mobile banking app.

  • To use the USSD code, simply dial *966# on your registered phone number with the bank, and follow the prompts to select the option for “Airtime & Data,” then “Data.” From there, you can select the data bundle you wish to purchase and confirm the transaction with your 4-digit PIN.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer to use the Zenith Bank mobile banking app, you can download the app and log in to your account. From there, select “Data” from the list of available services and choose the network you want to purchase data for. You can then select the data bundle you want to purchase and confirm the transaction.
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In summary, by following these straightforward steps, you can easily purchase data for browsing from Zenith Bank without stress. Whether you are a regular internet user or a heavy data consumer, you can enjoy seamless browsing experiences with Zenith Bank’s data bundle service.

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