How To Buy MTN Shares In Nigeria

Learn How To Buy MTN Shares In Nigeria by following the simple guidelines in this post.

Most of us have reached the point where certain complexities of the stock market appear incomprehensible. When it comes to stock exchange news, some individuals still get confused by terms like “bull,” “stockbroker,” “CHN, “brokerage company,” and the chart on our TV screen.

All of the complex terms and concepts seen on social media sites can be quite confusing to a layperson and may turn off a future investment, particularly for young individuals.

Everything you need to know about the stock market is right here. You get the best info on how to buy MTN Shares in Nigeria. We are prepared to guide you through the processes necessary to prevent you from missing out on MTN Nigeria’s ongoing public offering, the most successful corporation in Nigeria and the second-highest capitalized firm on the Nigeria Stock Exchange.

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About MTN Shares in Nigeria

MTN Company has announced the sale of 575 million shares in Nigeria. Since then, several young Nigerians who recognize the importance of MTN Nigeria’s offer have inquired as to how they might purchase a share in the telecom company.

The desire is reasonable; MTN is now Nigeria’s top telecoms operator, commanding the largest percentage of the mobile market’s sales volume, according to Nigerian Communication Commission market share statistics (NCC). It’s important that you bear this in mind before learning How To Buy MTN Shares In Nigeria.

With its present market value, MTN Nigeria is among Nigeria’s most influential corporations, and its future looks even brighter.

Apart from being Nigeria’s second-highest valued company, just after Dangote Cement, MTN Nigeria is providing the Nigerian people with 14 percent of its closely regulated shares.

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MTN Group owns around 79 percent of the entire MTN Nigeria share. However, the company is currently offering 14 percent of its stock to as many Nigerians as are willing, making it an interesting share offer to accept and buy.

If you’re searching for shares to invest in, MTN Nigeria ought to be on your list, and here’s how to take advantage of the opportunity before it ends. This article contains the necessary details on how to buy MTN shares In Nigeria

How To Buy MTN Shares In Nigeria

To purchase MTN shares in Nigeria, follow the steps outlined below.

  • You get the PrimaryOffer from the App Store ( for iOS users) or Google Play ( for Android users).
  • Enter your BVN and birth date to sign up and get started. Don’t worry; the app is perfectly secure, and your data is protected.

After you create your account, you’ll receive an email with a six-digit verification number. After you enter the code, your account is ready to trade.

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The PrimaryOffer mobile application by NGX, which is available on Apple and Android smartphones, is the ideal way to purchase the shares.

How to Buy MTN Shares Via an App

Follow the procedure to buy MTN shares In Nigeria using an App below:

  • The MTN Public Offer will be displayed on your dashboard by the application.
  • Click on the offer to learn more and make a purchase. Read and comply with the terms before proceeding with the purchase.
  • You will specify the number of units you wish to purchase.

The minimum purchase is 20 units. The application will immediately display the pricing for the units specified when you enter the number of units. For example, if you purchase 200 units of the MTN Public offer, the application will indicate the entire amount you should pay.

  • Agree to the purchase terms and move to payment.

You will be asked for your CSCS number. If you have not gotten any, the application will ask you to create one before proceeding.

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You will receive an email notification after completing your full application on the Primary Offer App. A record of the registration form and proof of payment will also be sent by the company.

Buying Mtn Shares Through Licensed Agents

MTN shares can also be purchased from licensed receiving agents, issuing houses, stockbrokers, and banks.

  • Go to any of the company offices, receive a registration form, complete the application form, and pay a receiving agent.
  • An acceptance copy of the Application Form will be sent when the receiving agent validates payment for the number of shares requested.

You must preserve a copy of the required documents as well as proof of payment for your archives and tracking.

After the offer closes, you’ll be assigned your shares, and you will become a shareholder in one of Nigeria’s most valuable corporations.


One advantage of purchasing MTN shares is that you can retain them as a long-term investment because MTN has no plans to leave Nigeria. The company intends to stay in Nigeria indefinitely, that’s why it announced a public share offer.

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With the detailed and comprehensive explanation in this article, I believe you have learned how to buy MTN Shares In Nigeria.

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